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Cops on a roll: Another illegal gun recovered, Hispanic man held

Road Town Police Station

Police recovered another illegal gun in East End/Long Look on Saturday — making this at least the fifth firearm discovery in the last few weeks alone.

A Spanish-speaking man is now custody in relation to the discovery.

Members of the police Armed Response Unit apprehended the suspect who reportedly had the gun on his person at the time, BVI News understands.

It is said that police became aware of the suspect after receiving an anonymous tip.

The man, who is believed to be a native of the Dominican Republic, has been charged with keeping an unlicensed firearm.

He is scheduled to make an appearance in the Magistrate’s Court this week.

In the last few weeks, police reportedly recovered one firearm from Dion Thomas of Hannah’s Estate, one from Brandon Riley of Virgin Gorda, another from Jamori Hart of Parham Town, and one between accused abduction suspects Alanah Chalwell and Nyall Giovanni George.

Dillion Thomas is another man accused of a firearm offence in connection to a recent daylight shooting on Virgin Gorda. But, police are yet to recover that weapon.

Authorities suspect Thomas dumped the gun at sea or discarded in some other way.

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  1. Gunz says:

    I will stress on the fact that the law is too slack with individuals found with guns and ammo. When you look at how many people were murdered with guns and still every Tom,Dick and Harry still have guns….You can tell they are not afraid of the police and the law

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  2. Hiphop says:

    When will something be done with these Hispanic people, they are becoming a real menace to the territory!

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    • Hodgie says:

      I fear my own local people in this sense

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    • WTF! says:

      Ah shush, there are local menaces as much as any other group!

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    • LIT says:

      Really? Is only Spanish people doing ting here in the BVI? We own people running it to the ground…. How much local persons they get gun from? Read the headline, is local persons they find gun on before this Spanish man get hold. Just cause this one Spanish you talking crap…. Is it better a Tola man have a gun then a Spanish man? GUN DONT KILL PEOPLE YOU KNOW, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!!!!!! Them Street Legends going let it happen so be you local or from overseas, it will happen.

    • duck1951 says:

      this a racist and bigoted comment which has no place here . all races commit crimes !

    • waoooo says:

      @hip-hop. I dont understand why we always have to get the prejudice speech every time we comment. I dont think is a matter of being Spanish or not partner. tell me was it some one Spanish who shot the boys at the Althea scattlife primary school. was it some one Spanish who tried to rob and abduct does people in East end. most guns that was found was locals, so just because they found one and a Spanish guy you want to say we are becoming a menace. and in case you ask yes i am full blown Dominican.

  3. Unequal law enforcement says:

    All legal, constitutional and human rights should be suspended, without public notification, for at least a given period, from ten at night to six in the morning,for the execution of house to house surprise searches for illegal weapons, if there is really any seriousness about getting rid of illegal firearms..

    Such should be executed in both local and white expat communities simultaneously.

    But of course, such will never occur unless and until the first “white” expat is shot. That’s the way the rulers operate, unfortunately.

    How many firearms did enter the territory since the confiscation of that one piece?

    How many illegal arms are there in the white communities versus the Local ones?

    Why are never any searches or arrest there? Of course having immunity from and being segregated from the law and the rest of society would explain those truths.

    Who thinks both camps are not equally armed?

    Who amongst us are not aware of and see one sided law enforcement, for one community only, the local one, on a daily basis.

    When will the silence be broken?

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    • Schups says:

      Boss go brush your teeth and say your prayers from talking s**t. The white people buying house and land while you here wasting time typing f—.

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      • Yes Massa, No Massa says:

        And soon you will have neither house, home or land.

        And once you sell yours to white people it will never again be owned by Black people, never! No matter how much money they may have.

        Boos, go read lots of true history and expand your mind beyond the house ni–er mentality.

  4. Gumption.Official says:

    Don’t waste our taxes feeding him. Use used $267.00 of our money and put him on a plane to Mingo.

  5. Brad Boynes says:

    All others are na medical except Spanish foreigner. Sup with that?

  6. Brad Boynes says:

    All others are named.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How many white people are out in the streets shooting people? Your a racist pig and it’s people like you that cause the whites to arm themselves. House to house search!! Really!! Is the Territory turning into Cuba?, Russia? Syria, Somalia? You should be ashamed of yourself and look at who is breaking the law. Your relatives!!!!

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    • To the Chief of Police says:

      Please take due note:

      ” Anonymous
      September 18, 2018 at 11:52 AM”

      “How many white people are out in the streets shooting people? Your a racist pig and it’s people like you that cause the whites to arm themselves. House to house search!! Really!! Is the Territory turning into Cuba?, Russia? Syria, Somalia? You should be ashamed of yourself and look at who is breaking the law. Your relatives!!!!”

      Should Black people, locals begin arming themselves? Yes, they must!!!!

      Why, many are now doing just that, because some racist whites are publicly threatening us Black people on a daily basis solely on the basis of the color of our skin.

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  8. What!! says:

    Well done the person who gave the tip to get him caught.Throw the book at him everyone walking around with a gun does not need the minimum sentence.

  9. duck1951 says:

    The only way to curtail these type of crimes is to have hearings quickly and punishment swift .

  10. vision says:

    out siders inspired all this. They like to say if this was in there country.

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