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Copycat looter gets 26 months imprisonment for stealing TV

Convicted post-hurricane looter, Shamoii Dagou (centre) being escorted by police.

Belle Vue resident Shamoii Dagou, who reportedly looted a flat-screen television because he saw others looting, was sentenced to 26 months at Her Majesty’s Prison on Wednesday.

The former government employee attached to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) was also ordered to repay Infinite Solutions $286.76 — the value of the television.

 He was ordered to pay that sum by January 31, 2020, or serve an additional six months in prison.

In handing down her sentence, Justice Ann-Marie Smith said the timing of the offence — which occurred following a natural disaster – aggravated the crime.

She also pointed to the fact that the offender worked as a messenger for the RVIPF at the time of the offence.

“This defendant must go to prison … a custodial sentence is warranted,” Justice Smith said.

I will never do it again

In court, Dagou apologized for his actions.

“I realized that I was wrong. I promise the court that I will never do it again. My action was completely out of character to my upbringing. I am a good person, and I would like a second chance,” he said.

He also apologized to Infinite Solutions for looting their establishment.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that on September 8, 2017, Dagou along with others looted the Road Town-based store.

The court further heard that the store had only sustained damage to its backdoor during the disaster when the looters came and made off with electronic items valued at over $55,000.

The matter was subsequently reported to the police who, acting on intelligence, arrested Dagou while he was on a passenger bus.

“Boss, I see man taking these things, and I take one,” Dagou reportedly said in a subsequent police interview.

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  1. get them all says:

    everyone of them need locking up and repaying. This was a despicable act and put people out of work at a time when work was already going to be hard enough to find

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    • Really says:

      Justice Smith full of horse manure. 90 %bof the country was looting…even the politicians were looting the aid that was sent. Give him a fine…but two years…you don’t need to be on the bench. You are a disgrace.

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      • Captain hook says:

        So you are saying that just because everyone else was doing it, he should not suffer a heavy penalty? The punishment associated with the crime should still be set, whether or not everyone else was doing it. That’s the law.

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      • BuzzBvi says:

        I month off for each of the other looters you identify down to 6 months.

  2. LIT says:

    Half of tola would be in jail if they were caught for looting…… While its wrong, I dont blame those who looted for food and toiletries, items they would have needed after Irma. A TV? Really Big Man? Wa u was going do with the TV if you aint had power for a few months? I see people robbing TV, Chain Cell Phones etc…… Betcha after theifing those things, you still had to figure out wha you gonna eat right? If ya gonna loot after a storm, at least make it worth your wild buddeh!

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    • :) says:

      Before every hurricane most people usually stock up goods for at least 1 week. Why would there be a need for anyone to loot a few hours after the storm. What did they need so urgently? The looters were just opportunistic thieves that would have stolen whether a storm came or not once they felt that they could get away with it and not be seen.

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      • . says:

        WHAT HAPPEN TO THOSE WHO LOST EVERYTHING?? Think before you type Ms

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        • :) says:

          GTFOH, You lose everything but chose to steal a TV instead of food and water??? Most of the looters stole electronic items that are just luxuries. There were not many reports of looters being arrested for stealing medicine and food and if they were they have my support and sympathy. Immediately after such a devastating hurricane good people’s first thoughts should be on checking on their loved ones and friends not storming Said and I-Smart looking for gadgets that they couldn’t use right away.

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          • ... says:

            The person you are arguing with is arguing the same thing that you are. Loot valuable thing like food not a tv. The only difference to your arguments are they are saying that some people lost everything and needed to loot right after while you’re saying they stocked up before and shouldn’t have the need to loot right after. They were just explaining why some would need to loot right after the storm.

  3. Reader says:

    For What this guy did he definitely deserve punishment. I happen to know him from growing up and he hasn’t been a trouble maker or a menace to society. Someone like him shouldn’t have been given time in jail. I think he should have gotten a few years of community service and probation.

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  4. Confused says:

    Why did some get community service and some jail time…I am not condoning his actions but for a first time offender I find the punishment very harsh

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  5. Hmmmm says:

    This is nonsense. First time offender gets 26 months in jail for stealing a $300 TV? Fine him $5K, make him repay the company he stole from, 5 years probation and 1000 hours community service.

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    • So sad says:

      I Truly feel this one. This punishment seems excessive. I hope this does not break him. I pray that this will pass quickly. You are going to be ok, don’t lose hope.

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  6. son of the soil says:

    See what they did to the local?

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    • FreeSham says:

      Big facts !!!

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    • Hmm says:

      They should have highlighted where he’s from just like how the like to put foreign nationality big and bold when they commit crimes here

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      • madman says:

        you need to be quiet because all of those who aint from here stole TV’s didn’t get no jail time but because he is from here he has to be the example. If you aint have nothing to say be quiet.

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    • Captain Hook says:

      What did they do exactly ? Follow the law? Didn’t he break it? Should he have gotten a free pass because he’s a local?

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  7. well sah says:


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  8. OMG says:


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    • wrong one to play with. says:

      Learn to mind your business. Worry about your own family and continue waiting for your bad deeds to catch up on you!

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    • Why?? says:

      Unnecessary, malicious statement… your stupidity is obvious.

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      • LOL says:

        Your stupidity is WAY MORE OBVIOUS! Stop running your mouth on things you don’t know brudda.. I promise you it really doesn’t hurt to MIND THE BUSINESS THAT PAYS YOU MF! Y’all be focused on the wrong things TOO MUCH! with that being said, now have a great day!

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  9. Hmm says:

    So what about the others who were charged when are they going to be sentenced..

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  10. Hanna says:

    seems like looting carries a heavier penalty than manslaughter

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  11. Saynomore says:

    Trying use the man as an Example I bet them would never give a police officer so much time for a TV.

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  12. f**c you Ann Marie says:

    yo ms should ****

  13. What?!! says:

    He get 2 years and 2 months in prison for stealing a TV from Pastor Cline and Starcy Huggins gets no jail time for tipping off crime suspects. WOW

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  14. wize up says:

    what happens to the active duty members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force

  15. What?!! #2 says:

    The most this man should get was 3 months in jail. That sentence is disproportionate.

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  16. APPEAL says:

    He need to appeal this sentence. 2 years!!!! That’s nonsense.

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    • Agree says:

      This is a harsh sentence. It’s like a personal one. Why not keep the sentence consistent with the others who were in this situation.

  17. Lol says:

    Darker the skin the more time they get

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  18. Police says:

    What happen to the police mans that get caught looting.i guess that get sweep under the rug.

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  19. To the Judge says:

    Lady this is not the answer….you cannot just put away all the our young men when the Vincy man who murdered his whether provoked or not gets basically less time that looting a TV that was valued at $300. This young man has never been before the courts. He has made a mistake! Give him a probationary sentence, community hours, etc. I don’t know what is your problem is lady but this is totally unacceptable!!!

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  20. Nikita says:

    What about me nikita ? I’m waiting for my case to be called so long. It is scary now. It seems the judge ain’t play. Mehson I can’t afford to go jail with my momm. Anyway I am waiting.

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  21. So sorry says:

    Come on judge, let go the man, he’s obviously remorseful. So many looters and you can’t find half of them. He’s going to pay for the tv so why punish him more. Some are murderers and you say they are remorseful and you lessen their sentence why give this man so many times for a tv. I don’t know him and I feel sorry for him because we are human and sometimes very weak. Give the man a second chance. Donkey say the world nuh level.

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  22. Nonsense says:

    2 years!! Really!! This youth is a good youth. He does not need to be in jail for a petty offense like that. WTH!! This needs to be reviewed on the highest level and be judged by someone with sense because it’s obvious that this judge is out for the locals.. You just gave a man 7 years for gutting his wife like a sheep. IDC how much she aggregated him.. Then you now going to turn around and give a local first time PETTY offender 2 years in jail. Where they does really find these people to put on our post! ??? this is not justice it’s a over and that judge needs to reviewed and charged for making nonsensical decisions like this.

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  23. RS says:

    This is EXCESSIVE! The punishment does not suit the crime! The justice system has failed the BVI here. This young man is not a bad apple not a trouble maker. Others looted and got far lesser punishments. Yes he deserves to be punished but not 2 years in jail for a $200 TV. Infinite was insured. They lost nothing as a result. No one was personally injured or harmed. Fine this man $6,000 and put on probation to keep the peace for 2 years or spend 6 months in jail. But a 2 year custodial sentence is unwarranted. This Judge needs to be investigated. Now you have fully ruined this young man’s life unnecessarily.

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  24. Murph says:


  25. Warning says:

    To all locals do not follow the expats when they are committing crimes because the expats get off with a slap on the wrist while the locals get charge heavy.

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  26. Joke says:

    This has to be an error.I think its 6 months they meant to type.

  27. Ok Then says:

    That’s to show you all no sin is greater than none.Stealing,Killing,lying etc…they should start locking up people for lying too.Some of us too much now man.Irma came to teach us a lesson but it come through one way leave the same.We gone back right to square 1.We need Jesus in this place all of us no exemptions.

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  28. Proportions says:

    While I agree with this sentence I can’t help but compare it to the murderer of that mother. So her life is worth the same as 3 flat screen TVs? Someone in the Bvi legal system need to work on their sense of proportion. Her murderer’s sentence was too short by a long shot.

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  29. :) says:

    3 looters that burglarized BVI Communications plead guilty and had the option of doing 300 hrs of community service or paying a $3000 fine. The Ports Authority worker that looted from his place of employment received a suspended sentence of 1 year and had to repay the $4,867 worth of goods that were stolen. Too many sentences seem like the judges are playing eeny meeny miney mo or the scales of justice is broken. Some people got over fives years for gun possession, some only a $2000 fine. Some life for murder, some 7 years. I would assume that this judge would be tougher on crime … The value of a TV outweighs the value of life.

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  30. Judge says:

    I wouldn’t pay that money and just spend the 6 months more. It’s ridiculous, I don’t understand I feel like cry for you my boy.That is just crazy. Maybe the judge was tired so she didn’t really think about what she was doing. Maybe when she sleep and wake she will look into the matter so please appeal

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  31. from Here says:

    this lady need to get from here why would you put a man in jail for looting a tv what about the vency man that murder is wife and only get 61/2 years and the guy whwho she sentence for 10years and the boy never die she need to get from here

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  32. green horn says:

    his backside need jail time but not so much
    3 months 6 months the most

  33. Hmm says:

    What about Tara how much will she get.

  34. from Here says:

    i think ms smiths from vency cause she give the man wah kill is wife 6 yrs and this local man just loot a TV and she give him 2yrs for what smh we need this lady out of here

  35. Jill says:

    That sentence is excessive for a first time offender. I hope all those who werebon social media selling goods they looted receive the same sentence. Imagine, a man held a woman and slit her throat in the presence of children and got 7 years. That judge is very unreasonable.

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  36. Jane says:

    So cutting your wife’s throat in front of her own children is only 3.25 times worse than stealing a $250 dollar TV?

    Good to know the value of a person’s life in Tortola in 2019.

  37. Unfair says:

    There were other government workers who looted and they were given community hours. But this young man got jail time. I don’t understand…I clearly missed something here.

  38. Just a question says:

    So if he’s jailed for 26 months, that means he wouldn’t be working. How is he to repay the monies to the business. Ah mean 300.00 isn’t really anything but he if he doesn’t have it, or a family member can’t pay it for him, so that’s extra time, because he’ll be in jail in January 2020.
    Just asking a question because I saw the same thing for a next local that was sentenced.

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