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Corruption exists in BVI and major crimes might be going undetected

Governor Augustus Jaspert has said the 2,300-kilo cocaine haul involving a local policeman proves that pockets of corruption not only exist in the territory but may be contributing to other major undetected illegal activities.

Governor Jaspert, who is responsible for the national security, made that statement during a media conference on Tuesday.

He said the major concerns regarding the security of the territory’s borders and its vulnerability to drug smuggling have now increased even more.

“My view and that of law enforcers is that this is not the work of a few criminals sneaking through the cracks on a one-off [occasion]. A seizure of this scale, especially when combined with other seizures made in recent months, is strong evidence of serious and organised criminality here in BVI,” the governor said.

He added: “The investigation is at an early stage, but regrettably, the involvement of a police officer indicates that there may be pockets of corruption facilitating this kind of illicit activity. It is important that we act fast to eliminate and prevent this corruption from growing further.”

Proof that institutions can be manipulated

The governor also said that three of the territory’s most recent major crimes, which included the broad-daylight murder of Everton McMaster Jr, the recovery of a stolen boat at sea where $99,000 was discovered, and this drug bust of $250 million worth of cocaine and two illegal guns, all painted a very concerning picture.

He said he believes something must be done to prevent such negative activities from becoming a norm in the BVI society.

“The fact that corruption has occurred is a sobering sign that our institutions can be manipulated. If we fail to tackle corruption now, there is a danger that it could spread throughout our institutions, businesses, and society. This must be a wake-up call. We cannot allow BVI to become a target for drug trafficking and criminality in the region,” he urged.

RVIPF commended 

In the meantime, Governor Jaspert also praised the officers involved in the historic seizure, especially considering their operations resulted in no casualties.

“It was a dangerous and complex operation, which required significant courage and professionalism. The significance of their bust is beyond anything the officers have seen in their lifetimes and will make our streets and others around the world a safer place,” he stated.

“It has shown drug smugglers that BVI will not tolerate their illicit activity. We can and will stop trafficking. Our officers who led the investigation and raid should be incredibly proud of their effort and I hope we all feel proud of what they have achieved. We all owe them a debt of gratitude,” he further said.

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  1. Belonger says:

    Hmmm. And some of us were saying we don’t need any outside help – we got this covered.
    Covered for real.

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  2. Up the chain to the top says:

    This little story will go all the way up the chain..let’s see how much will be revealed!

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    • Gopta says:

      Nope! When they had the chance they pick the lower fruits while those on the higher branches continue to flourish. They’re wiser, smarter more enamored than ever before.

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  3. Smh says:

    I guess he is looking stripes from the Queen on the backs of the BVI people. There is major, undetected crime of all sorta happening in the UK as well.

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    • Let's keep it relevant says:

      Let’s keep it relevant shall we… not sure why the governor of the BVI would talk about crime in the UK.

      And crime in the UK does not mean we should have crime here.

      Use your brain before you speak or type please.

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    • @ Smh says:

      Yellow news site spy get from here. Your article’s headline on the yellow news site on this matter shows the racist person you are…nasty attitude.

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    • I wonder says:

      Much to say about undetected crime. What about the fully exposed crime of slavery which is still a topic because only the slave owners were compensated. When he can fix that then he can fix something else. The distraction attempt is pathetic.

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  4. Way of life says:

    That’s a regular thing here in the BVI..
    .let’s not act like drug and gun smuggling isn’t a normal way of life for some here in the BVI.

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  5. Daffy Duck says:

    The Governor is l***g, we are Nature’s little secret, things nice here, no crime, no drugs, no whoremongering, nothing.
    We are the saint of the Caribbean, he just want to make us look bad.

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    • Pandora's Box says:

      I actually wasted about 18 seconds of my life trying to decide whether you were being sarcastic, in which case I was going to ‘like’ your post, or whether you were being sincere in which case I was going to hit ‘dislike’ – however, I really have no idea what it is you are trying to say! So gave up on hitting either button. Typical BVI productive morning (both trying to translate meaning behind certain blogs, and my time worthless (although sometimes amusing) by reading most of them)! Hahahahahaha!

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  6. Too late says:

    Mr governor you are very late. The institutions in the bvi not all has already been infiltrated by criminal activities. Even the real estate agents are covering up illegal activities so they can make there sale. Many of the these criminal organizations have been involved in buying up land and houses from the proceeds of drug smuggling and the real estate are fully aware.look at the 750 thousand dollars sale of the property in Josiahs bay. Who do you think purchase it and where do you think the cash came from to purchase same. It have men here who do not do anything for a living but for the last three years have purchase properties in excess of over five million dollars. But what they are doing is using others who have businesses to purchase same. Some have a few rental cars to cover for them saying i make my money from rental. Bull crap. Mr governor the law enforcement agencies in this territory cannot handle the criminal activities going on here. It is to much for them. Mr governor if you are head of security please do something anything would help right now. One Spanish guy in east end just purchase a piece of land in excess of one hundred thousand dollars cash payment and this guy hardly work. Are these purchases going undetected my the financial service investigating team??? Mr governor financial investigation should fall under security of this island. Mr commissioner most of the bars in east end have people within sell drugs i have seen it with my own eyes. Several of our institutions have already been manipulated thats what our leader knows so he would do all in his powers to stop the British intelligence from coming. According to one talk show host the third economic pillar of the bvi is drugs but we for yrs have been one of the main transshipment point in the Caribbean . For the people who going to criticize this comment check out the people who facilitated the purchasing of the property in Josiahs bay and the real estate that sold it. These are not make up stories these are hard facts. I am not jealous of anyone i was born right here and work hard for the little i have.

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    • well says:

      It seems like you know a lot I you went out of your way to mention you not jealous of anyone but just maybe your conscience is what’s bothering you. why is what someone buy is of so much interest to you .

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      • Real talk says:

        What that blogger said is the gospel truth it is people like you why the bvi is the way it is will sell you people for two pence no heart at all .

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      • @well says:

        Well it is because of the proceeds from criminal activities that buying these properties. And you should be concern to.this is our little island that drug runners mashing up without thinking sbout the consequences. If law enforcement cannot control the criminal activities here do you think that wee we would have a financial industry and a tourism industry??Do you think when criminals take over its good for any economy?? Would this continue to be the place you want your children and grandchildren to grow up?? Some of you just chat crap because you get some benefits from such activities. I work honestly gor the little that have to live from.

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    • Shem says:

      @too late: It sounds as though you have lots of useful information that could assist authorities.

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    • To FSC and FIA says:

      I hope that FSC as well as the Financial Investigation Agency are reading this and plan to do something about it.

      Anti-money Laundering is rampant in these local businesses, from real estate, gas stations, beauty and nail salons, rentals, to laundromats etc.

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    • @too late says:

      get real; we’re an inport/export hub….we should legalize it all like Oregon and the UK should go after the guns and human trafficing.

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    • From here says:

      You sounding like you vex the man purchase this property with his hard-earned money. That’s the thing with you people you’ll counting black people money and assuming things when people elevating. If he was white I bet you would not have had this comment. ayuh, locals do just fight down yuh own.

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  7. Heckler says:

    …and these cats pushing for independence and refusing UK help at a time like this. 1 plus 1 is always 2

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    • Mortar and Pestle says:

      There’s more in the Mortar than the Pestle. @To Late, thanks for mustering up the courage to share the information you have. Thanks also to the responder to @Well. The governor, like a good lawyer in making his summation regarding Corruption in the BVI is absolutely correct. And its not only in the area of Drugs and Smuggling; but also in the area of murder cases. Though the BVIs are 60 square miles, Tortola is a mere 23 square miles. How can murder cases, such as the murder of the young lawyer, Condoy Penn in East End still remain unsolved these many years?. The love of money is truly the root of all evil. All that glitter is not gold. These beautiful Virgin Islands that tourist from near and far come to enjoy will not continue to remain “Nature’s Little Secrets” for long. Considering the tiny size of these Virgin Islands, it is not possible that a thriving Tourism, Financial Services and Crime will coexist.

  8. Mansion says:

    Too many big mansion going up this is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, where are they getting the money from? And driving big ride never jealous anyone for what they have you don’t know how they come by it.

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    I believe we are about to see the arrest of a major BVI figure.
    Someone we all know is bent.

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  10. Patriotic bvi says:

    You are so right my brother.the whole vip government is *******ed.andrew fahie need to is skelton cline.

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  11. God bless the governor says:

    And this is the reason why the don’t want the governor here cause she knows too much
    Is just good the man will expose them before he leaves
    The doing there nasty illegal business and blaming the poor ppl
    The didn’t expect to get busted with that big drug bust
    If I’m not wrong apart from those three guys that get charge there are more higher ppl in it, y’all do the math

    God bless you mr governor
    You are a good governor
    Keep up the good work
    You would have done a better job in the bvi

    Vip & ndp is the most corrupt government
    Especially *****w & V******

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  12. Clearly says:

    The Governor is up to his usual games of trying to take over.

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  13. Wow says:

    This is serious. Tell us more. We will be waiting for an update..

  14. Yeah, whateva!! says:

    The Police Force should have been the focus; not who’s wanting KYC. So now, they’re both taking a big brush and painting us all, instead of introspection. Point fingers, but know they point back at you!

  15. While you at it says:

    Gov you been here a while. So tell us

    What have you done about our borders over the years.

    With the previous case against the Police officers in the High Court did you investigate the Police Force.

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  16. Gov says:

    In your quest to make these islands look oh so bad in the little time you have left remember there are many persons here who work hard and pay banks for what they have.

    Corruption is all over but stop lumping everything in one basket to further your agenda. That word corruption if used to loosely can have serious effects on us the citizens while you long gone and come back to vacation in your home or your friend’s home.

    You let a lot slide over the past years and we should ask why but don’t make moves that have wide effects when only a select few should suffer.

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  17. Where says:

    2 more years for Gov Jaspert.Who like or not the BVI is on a down spiral.Bring the ship we need protection on our borders.This Govt.promised transperancy every step of the way now look up to now not even peep.Murders, borders violation,drugs in record breaking.My heart cringes as to what my lovely BVI has become in record time.

  18. @well says:

    Well it is because of the proceeds from criminal activities that buying these properties. And you should be concern to.this is our little island that drug runners mashing up without thinking sbout the consequences. If law enforcement cannot control the criminal activities here do you think that wee we would have a financial industry and a tourism industry??Do you think when criminals take over its good for any economy?? Would this continue to be the place you want your children and grandchildren to grow up?? Some of you just chat crap because you get some benefits from such activities. I work honestly gor the little that have to live from.

  19. Sailor says:

    BVI = Jamaica

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  20. Watchers says:

    I hope them guys speak out and expose these pirates. Cause they are not only in the police force customs and immigration too. They too play a big role.

  21. Awww says:


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  22. Reform Magistrate Process says:

    The Police can not even write a ticket for a moving violation. It has to go through the Magistrate process where the violator is issued a summons. That then goes to the courts, the Magistrate then send out a person from the prosecution department to go locate the violator and issue an order to appear in court (this take MONTHS). Lots of places for a corrupt person to step and and make these things go away.
    These Small-Time Local Criminals are so used to getting away with crimes that they just creep up the crime spectrum until we end up here with record drug busts (think how many drugs went through the system before these guys got caught). These guys that were caught were pawns. There are fat cats in government at the top that are making this happen.
    Close the loop holes by changing the laws! Please Gov. Jasperts, step in and help us!

  23. Ha says:

    Scared money don’t make no money lol

  24. Loaded says:

    These are not meaningless or empty words…something is going on thats unsettling and disturbing the Governor..

  25. Rick says:

    Some of you sound so stupid there’s also alot of corruption in the UK too so it won’t make a difference

  26. MJ says:

    Many believe the system is corrupt. Show us
    The container details , where it came from, who did it come from, who loaded it, who sealed it, which vessel delivered it, when did it arrive, who at customs inspected it, what custom duties were paid and for what, and where was it delivered to and by whom?
    For Police tickets
    The number issued, the number taken to court, the number paid, and what happened to the balance?

    For Payroll, Social Sec and NHI
    Number of taxpayers, number paid up to date, amount of arrears owed by belongers, total of arrears?
    For land taxes, number of taxpayers, number paid up to date, amount owing?

    Once we have these details, we can decide whether the system is corrupt.

  27. gudiss says:

    follow the money-

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