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Court case thrown out after cop overlaps travel plans with trial dates

The criminal matter against Alina Sprauve was dismissed at the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday after the investigating officer in her case was found to have overlapped his travel plans with the trial dates on more than one occasion.

Sprauve was charged with ‘assisting offenders’ when her son, Khori Prince, reportedly escaped from lawful custody on January 18 this year.

Allegations are that she was communicating with him and failed to alert the authorities while he was a fugitive.

She had pleaded not guilty during a previous court appearance and the matter was listed for a court trial.

However, when the matter was called before Magistrate Samuel Jack Husbands on Thursday, the Investigating Officer was not present. The court was informed that he was set to travel outside of the jurisdiction on the same day.

Defense Attorney Reynela Rawlins argued that her client, Sprauve — who was also absent — was being prejudiced by the continuous adjournments.

Magistrate Husbands then noted that the matter has been before the court since March 24 for trial. It was subsequently adjourned to May 15, then to July 11 and then to yesterday, October 24. 

“I have no choice but to dismiss the matter for want of prosecution,” the magistrate said while noting that the case was already on what is known as a ‘final adjournment’.

Objecting to the dismissal, the Crown made an unsuccessful appeal to have the matter remain active, arguing that it was a serious offence.

However, Magistrate Husbands said the police appeared to be disinterested in pursuing the matter, and unless the court “takes a stand as the court”, the practice will continue.

The magistrate further argued that the said investigating officer did not bother to submit any kind of statement that that would warrant him being away from the territory.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jack husbands the magistrates is out of control in the court. He’s doing a set of foolishness. too much friends. He needs to be sent on a long vacation

  2. disgusting says:

    unless it was for life-threatening treatment, can you confirm that officer has been fired, or even charged with perverting the course of justice?

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  3. Eagle eye says:

    I have a right to communicate with anyone i feel like,that’s my right.its the police job to find the person not minds because i ain’t getting paid for that but they are.slavery is on still.

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  4. @ Eagle Eye says:

    I agree with you… So much money is being pumped into the police and not a crime is being solved.
    They all sitting and getting a fat check from taxpayers money and all they do is seeking the public assistance to solve crime.

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  5. LOL says:

    Some police recently went to guyana on a course and not one passed the tests they were given….NOT ONE!!!!

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  6. Blah says:

    Totally unacceptable. Waste of time and public funds.

  7. Windy says:

    Fire the policeman. If an xpat deport him

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  8. Curious says:

    Listen if this case was with either two lady worships this matter would be drag out probably for years just like other cases. ?? Count your blessings sweethear. ??

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  9. be fair says:

    Defense Attorney Reynela Rawlins argued that her client, Sprauve — who was also absent — was being prejudiced by the continuous adjournments.

  10. CW says:


    What kind of STRUPE doesn’t support the law enforcement and then wonders why they don’t help you? Are you serious? Grow up and respect the professionals around you. Everybody could make improvements- for example your hateful attitudes you display constantly- bit you don’t have to he mean spirited towards people with families… asking to deport people. Shame on you. I always call out STRUPES- and I post positive when there’s good news. Bit bashing the police THAT YOU WOULD RUN TO FOR HELP is the height of bad behavior. And you wonder why your STRUPE CHILDREN always in trouble.


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  11. see says:

    Agree about respecting police but they must act in a manner thay EARNS that respect also . Too many are simply unprofessional. If the testing stories are true those officers should be reassigned . The visiting police departments after Irma without exception simply rolled their eyes when asked about the BVI force . That is a sad non commentary .

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  12. Bad boy says:

    The officer need to be charged for contempt of court duties

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