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COVID-19 Survey targets residents | Aims to reduce community spread of virus

Photo by Andre ‘Shadow’ Dawson

Health officials in the British Virgin Islands are targeting residents, via an online survey, to determine their level of understanding as it relates to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

A government-commissioned media release said the results of this survey would then be used to curb local community spread of the highly-contagious virus.

“All persons residing in the Virgin Islands are encouraged to participate in the territory’s COVID-19 survey which is available online at” the release stated.

The questionnaire is also anonymous and confidential, the release added. 

Chief Epidemiologist, Harmony Brewley-Massiah, who designed the survey, said the questionnaire is “a knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) study to capture what is known, what is thought, [and] what is done in relation to a specific topic, in this case, the coronavirus.”

She continued: “Once we identify where the gaps are when it comes to what people have learned so far about COVID-19 and what preventative actions they’re practising in their daily lives, we can effectively tailor our efforts to prevent it from spreading in our community.” 

After the completion of the survey, the Ministry of Health & Social Development will analyze and publicise the findings, the release stated.

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  1. Nonsense survey says:

    What a nonsense survey. Was this written by a professional or by a failing high school student?

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    • Stop being a fool says:

      Its meant to be simple and to the point. Either you going to answer the questions or not. Stop the stupidity

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      • Simple and to the point? says:

        IF you want meaningful answers you have to ask meaningful questions.

        Meaningful questions can be to the point, but these questions are just stupid.

  2. observer says:

    Sorry to say but a large amount of persons not taking this virus seriously ,persons with vehicles with two or more without mask some government workers like PWD not wearing mask at all , persons in supermarkets as they get inside pull the mask from over their nose ,whats the purpose if some trying to protect themselves and other just ignorance with their understanding about the unseen some of people need to read and follow up about this virus ,we get a chance to get out to make a living from lock down but from what i personally seeing if we have cases here with person not showing symptoms we will be soon heading back into lock down just because we cant adhere to instructions.Government did its best and just for us to do our part its hard. We doom.

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  3. Harmony says:

    Asking for a friend. Who designed the survey.

  4. Missing question says:

    The survey should have also had a question about your response relative to the threat level. Currently the risk is pretty minimal on island and people’s responses have reduced with it but if we had more known cases of community spread and a high risk of catching it then people would be more particular about cleaning masks and washing door knobs. For any kind of community program to be successful it can not always be a stick approach. Whilst people can institute good practice they can’t stay at high alert when it’s not needed.
    Lastly another useful question would be do you think you have already had Covid 19. If 10,000 people came back and said yes it would be worth antibody testing to see what immunity there actually is in Island.

  5. Mar says:

    Just answer the dang questions!

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  6. Incorrect link? says:

    “We can’t find the page you’re looking for”.
    Link shared in this article no longer works.

  7. WTF says:

    Question #40 – How racist are you feeling today?

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  8. Island girl says:

    Yes got to love the xenophobia of question number 40 – what happened to oneBVI??

  9. Nothing says:

    It says “we’re sorry! we can’t find the page you’re looking for’ Error 404

  10. Facts says:

    This pandemic is taken too likely, how can ppl understand what the experts dont understand. Tell me. Who wanna go take this survey be mindful. It’s only an attempt to gather your personal information think about it. The experts dont understand the virus cause if they did a cure would have been made not a survey. And to explain what I mean by they trying to gather your information is if and when the cure becomes available they want to make sure they can find each and everyone to pump their poison in your vein so they will track you using your info laptops cellphone. It’s a control method. Bunch of jokers. Giving you a survey for a virus they dont understand themselves that’s crazy.

    • Strange says:

      I have to agree here, it was very invasive, what district, you in, which area of the district, then where you work and earning….it didn’t look like anything that would truly be helpful as in why did it not seek to cover whether people’s employment situation had changed their mental state etc…yes they stated the purpose about what people know about the disease but how the questions were worded…it was really weird. Plus how you going ask people questions about what they know about a disease that you don’t even know about? What should be happening is information being pushed out about the disease, that’s not being done. We only being told to wash our hands. People who following the global news are able to see some evolution, but it’s obvious that even those in the throws of this disease are grappling to understand it so how you expect me to answer questions regarding whether or not I understand it…yes it was weird. Then the questions were loaded, particularly Q40 so it didn’t seek to gather people’s perception but confirm a conclusion that was already made. They need to wheel and come again…

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