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COVID Alert! Isolate if you attended SCB funeral on Saturday

The following is an announcement from the Ministry of Health & Social Development:

The Ministry of Health is notifying the public that a person who tested positive for COVID-19 attended the funeral held on March 27th, 2021 at the Sea Cow’s Bay Methodist Church.

All persons who attended the funeral should isolate for 10 days and contact the Public Health Unit from Monday, 29th March, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to schedule your test

There is no payment associated with testing.

Persons who had their vaccine 4 weeks ago, will not be required to quarantine, so please give this information to the Public Health Officer, who will verify. 

The Ministry of Health strongly recommends that unvaccinated persons get their vaccine as soon as possible to prevent you from getting COVID-19 or seriously ill from COVID-19 if you are exposed to an infected person.

Please note that vaccination after recent exposure to the virus will not prevent disease from occurring but future COVID-19 infections.

Please continue to wear your mask, physical distance (>6ft) and practice good hand hygiene to reduce your chances of being exposed to the virus or spreading it to others.


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  1. Hmm says:

    Did the person attended the church only or visited other places. What about the person’s movement prior to attending the funeral? Was the person living here and get infected or did they just arrived in for the funeral?

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    • View says:

      Person would have been through family and friends- hopefully those persons wore their masks. Hugs probably occurred. This is a serious matter.

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    • Guess who says:

      It’s a Frazer so yuh know no charges there. Yep your government working for you.

    • Rubber Duck says:

      Look at the size of those huge green corona viruses in Town!
      My God, we are in such trouble. No wonder the world locked down.

  2. Hmmmmm says:

    Is this a part of his aggressive campaign…

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  3. Really!? says:


    “Persons who had their vaccine 4 weeks ago, will not be required to quarantine, so please give this information to the Public Health Officer, who will verify. ”

    Are you guys serious!? Even if you have the vaccine you can still get the virus, please read how vaccine works. Since if by any chance they carry the virus they can still spread them. The purpose of the vaccine is to prevent the person from dying(100%) and getting the worst symptoms.

    They should all be checked thoroughly.

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    • if I am wrong says:

      But the CDC guidance is only for FULLY vaccinated persons…not for persons who only got 1 dose…BVI people only had 1 dose. What the heck

      • Read the facts says:

        CDC conducted a survey of 4000+ health care workers who have been vaccinated. 90% effettive of NOT contracting or carrying Covid 2 weeks after the 2nd shot. That means there is a 90% chance you will not carry or expose others. If you happen to be in the 10% group there is a 100% chance you will not get sick enough to go into a hospital and 100% chance you won’t die from the virus.
        What is the BVI waiting for?

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      • Correct is right... says:

        Partially vaccinated (having had one dose 4 weeks ago) is NOT fully vaccinated, so to advise that those who had a dose 4 weeks ago don’t need to quarantine is not only dubious advice, but also runs the risk of having people think that the SECOND dose is unnecessary.

        Would STRONGLY advise Government to clarify their stance in light of evidence and post that advice officially on the government site to avoid confusion.

  4. Not So Fast says:

    Why is Government trying to make it look like getting vaccinated means you can’t become infected or spread the virus? All you Ministers who were at the funeral and were vaccinated need to quarantine as well.

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.

    Does Vaccination prevent infection and transmission?

    No substantive data are available related to impact of AZD1222 on transmission or viral shedding.

    In the meantime, we must maintain and strengthen public health measures that work: masking, physical distancing, handwashing, respiratory and cough hygiene, avoiding crowds, and ensuring good ventilation.

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  5. Island man says:

    Would love to know how an infected person ended up at the funeral.

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  6. Wat says:

    Covid exist only on the news

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    • Rrr says:

      @wat; grow t.f up and quit your crap. This thing is real and serious and your brand of nonsense helps it spread.
      Listen to the real experts and not your bs YouTube

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  7. Wow says:

    So sorry to hear that. Just follow what they are saying and you will be fine. People please don’t panic and start casting blame on anyone.

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  8. Make sure u stay home says:

    Y’all better keep your backsides at home!

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  9. GTFOH says:

    I appreciate the efforts that government has done so far to keep us safe despite what people with selfish agendas had to say but how can someone test positive for covid between Saturday and Sunday? That means that this person was tested days ago and before the results were confirmed the person was allowed to leave quarantine to attend the funeral. Many of the persons that went to the funeral have since went home, to the clubs, bars, church and other events this is BS. An investigation need to be held and someone held responsible for this breach of safety.

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  10. Borders Are Controlled says:

    Zero active cases — borders are controlled. How is this? Fear Mongering to get your Vax!

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  11. this is a plot says:

    they using this ploy to push the vaccine

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  13. Joshua says:

    Whenever there is a case there is an announcement. How come no such announcement from the minister saying there are one or more cases what about family and close circles. Would not those be more susceptible than those at the funeral. Best to do contact tracing. Unless this is another CSC ploy to get persons vaccinated. Those are are already vaccinated including MP’s knowing that this vaccination is suspect, will like others to go down with them if indeed it is less than forthcoming. How many deaths they had in the small island. One, if this vaccine causes 2 or 3 which I suspect it will according to average per vaccines. Which is worst. The small island been doing well. Other islands open up and doing ok.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    “Persons who had their vaccine 4 weeks ago, will not be required to quarantine, so please give this information to the Public Health Officer, who will verify.”

    Allyo take people fi idiat? What kind of game are you all playing with the people of this Territory? Especially we BVIslanders? You all already do your survey and said that only a small percentage of us taking the vaccine so now you all come up with this scheme to instil fear in God’s people? The blood of the risen Saviour is against you all!! No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper. The eternal God is our refuge an underneath us are His everlasting arms.

    Loud mouth CSC himself said on his weekly program that the vaccine is NOT a cure; it does not stop one from transmitting the virus to another. It only stops you from getting seriously ill and being hospitalised. It prevents you from having to quarantine. You see the danger in this false information? If you can still get the virus and transmit it to other persons even though you are vaccinated you should be quarantined because you can have it and transmit it.

    When you all get the real truth. Let us know. In the meantime STOP trying to force that suspicious vaccine on we BVIslanders. We are no fools!

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  15. Mufeng says:

    And come to think of it. Wasn’t the person who test position was singing by the funeral with no mask on? I have nothing more to say. I’m staying out of the public.

  16. Dr Magoo says:

    ‘Persons who had their vaccine 4 weeks ago, will not be required to quarantine, so please give this information to the Public Health Officer, who will verify.’

    Not make sense, even if you are ‘vaccinated’ with two ‘jabs’ you can still catch and spread the virus.

    Missed placed faith in your ‘vaccine’ you have…

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  17. National Disaster Police says:

    NDP out there spreading the virus ?

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  18. Ignorance says:

    Nar man don’t study them you all believe covid is a joke, Jouvert coming up go out and infect yourself. Yuh go learn!!!

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  19. Mazie says:

    So no quarantine if a BVI citizen has vaccine (1 of 2) but not for visitors with both vaccines which are the life blood of our country? Vaccine regardless should me no quarantine #stupid

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  20. Free test! says:

    Finally, now I don’t have to pay the $70 to exit the borders.


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  21. Anonymous says:

    Someone dies who has family in the USVI. Are we surprised? Did the Government think everyone attending the funeral would come via the airport and quarantine? I hope those who have tested positive have their passports checked

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  22. Yes says:

    Ploy to push vaccine, that is exactly what this is, just read between the ministers lines.

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      @ Yes

      Of course it is!

      How many persons have been fully vaccinated? Now if most of the persons vaccinated so far have only received one dose ) as they extended it to 12 weeks)why are they exempted from self isolation? Based on the expert guidance you can still get the full blown virus after one dose and it can still be infectious. Or they want to show the perks that come with taking the vaccine?

      For the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, things are a bit different. In a paper published in January, the authors explain that the vaccine offers protection of 64.1% after at least one standard dose. This compares to 70.4% if you’ve had two full doses, or – oddly – 90% in people who have had one half dose followed by one full dose”.

      These guys are so transparent it is no longer funny. Their approach will only cause people to distrust the system even more.

      Now Employers are mandating that Employees take the vaccine or be terminated. Wil Government step in ? No.

      I am an Employer and I will never make such a demand of my employees.

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  23. yessah says:

    this is part of the aggressive campaign the minister was speaking about

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  24. Time to get real says:

    The people of the BVI need to stop dicking around and get the shot. This place is so lucky to have not been hit by this bullet!
    And can you people stop whining about how everyone else is open. They open, and they all sick!
    Get the stupid shot! Many countries can not get any vaccine at all. We lucky we part of the UK. Otherwise you be drinking bush tea and burying you old relatives. We so lucky…and we so stupid!

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  25. Styles. says:

    Dear Mail Man, Big Guy

    You had very big words about fines for people breaking quarantine.

    Is this individual being fined or does he happen to be a friend of yours?

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  26. sunnyday says:

    The impression was given that the tracking device would prohibit anyone form breaking quarantine.


  27. Anonymous says:



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