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COVID cases climb to 18

Another five persons have tested positive for COVID-19 in the British Virgin Islands.

This now brings the total number of active cases in the territory to 18.

Statistics from the Ministry of Health indicate that the majority of the active cases are from the main island of Tortola, which has 14.

Three other COVID patients are isolated on vessels in BVI waters while the final active case is on Anegada.

One of the patients is currently hospitalised.

Amid the report of increased cases locally, Health Minister Carvin Malone said in a late-night WhatsApp announcement on Sunday that “a number of events were being tracked for a safe BVI weekend”.

“It cannot be said enough — COVID is fighting it’s last battle. We’re almost there! Do your part. Don’t hesitate — vaccinate,” Malone urged.

The government is planning to roll out a mass testing exercise this week following news that a COVID-19 patient had attended a relatively well-attended funeral two Saturdays ago.

At least four legislators including the Premier and the Opposition Leader have been in isolation because of that event.

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  1. It’s okay because says:


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    • Hottie says:

      Despite the false rumours being circulated in the comments on another news blog, 100% of the current cases are in persons who had not had the vaccine. No persons who have taken the vaccine have tested positive.

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  2. Ah says:

    Closure coming again.

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  3. Stay Alert says:

    14 cases are related to travel testing while 4 are community.

    The person in the hospital is not admitted due to Covid related issues though positive for Covid…check the asterisk in the poster.

  4. Smh says:

    Published Today:

    “Doctors are worried that coronavirus may end up being like influenza, which requires a new vaccine every year both because the circulating strains mutate fast and because immunity from the vaccine wears off quickly.”

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    • Bull shit says:

      The game just keep playing that all ..outdated scheme …a immunity of a vaccine hmmm though there say it never really had any…the world is sick of too much lies

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  5. Look says:

    Open up the place and no more lock downs. We have to learn to live with this thing. Anybody who is not vaccinated will not place themselves in danger’s way and guess what those vaccinated have to still do what the unvaccinated has to do which is follow the protocols. No one wants to contract Covid.

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    • Really? says:

      “Anybody who is not vaccinated will not place themselves in danger’s way”.
      Nobody seriously believes that to be true.

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  6. Pandora's Box says:

    And amazingly all asymptomatic. Imagine the odds of that. 😉

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    • @ Pandora's box says:

      How statistically like is that?
      Does this align with we are seeing worldwide?

    • rrr says:

      So you know each of the 18 personally? And the person in hospital – they are asymptomatic too? Quit your foolish talk.

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    • @Pandora’s Box says:


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    • Yup says:

      Just like the flu. Feel icky for a bit then all better.

      Stay closed BVI. USVI is rocking it hard. Been a record year so far. Thanks for that!

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  7. Concerned says:

    What I don’t understand is why wait 10 days to test the people who were at the funeral?
    Couldn’t they have been tested right away, and their status verified within a day or two?
    This would cut down on the possibility of transmission and also reduce anxiety.
    A few months ago I entered the territory. Had a negative test before coming. One day after I landed I was called and told that I tested negative.
    I asked how that was possible and I had a negative test just 3 days before plus the people I was with just before coming all tested negative.
    I was told, I may have picked up the virus on the plane or at the airport.
    I asked if that were the case, if the test would have been able to pick it so quickly and I was told yes.
    So I’m basically saying if the test can pick up the virus so quickly, why wait 10 days to start testing people who may have been exposed?

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  8. Tongue Fu says:

    Yes they are all asymptomatic which hints at false positives as it is very unlikely that 100% can be asymptomatic.

    Another question is how many of these persons were vaccinated? Why are those facts not revealed?


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    • Mad Max says:

      Except if they were symptomatic, they probably would not have travelled to start with so the statistics can not be relied upon.

  9. I dont understand says:

    Why push to be vaccined if once vaccinated one can still catch Covid and spread it to people? Why mass vaccine for a flu virus with 99% self recovery rate? Someone make it make sense to me please.

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    • try to think.... says:

      @I dont understand; please stop reading such complete nonsense. It is not flu. You can’t spread it if you are vaccinated. There is not a 99% self recovery rate (whatever that is supposed to mean). The vaccine protects you, stops you spreading it and protects the vulnerable who can’t be vaccinated for real, medical reasons. If this territory is ever going to open up, we need to get vaccinated. Stop being selfish, read the science (and not some BS you tube anti vaxxcer c***) let people get back to work and let people be safe.

  10. U all says:

    Ain’t got better s**t to bring to the public attention…than lies after lies .gos dam

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  11. WELL says:

    I thought the government said they were all not showing symptoms???

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  12. From says:

    Just get vaccinated and stop worrying…

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  13. Drop News says:

    Persons that took the vaccine are being totally ignorant and overlooking any other source of credible information. They seem to not know that you can still catch, get sick. The American versions people are now showing up in numbers who have been fully vaccinated. Message for vaccinated you might be in a more compromising position since they keep flip flopping with their data. Different variants and they took one dose and yet misleading info on the vaccinated not needing quarantine. Well take off your mask and walk freely. Nothing makes sense anymore and anyone with a brain can determine somethings just don’t mek sense.

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