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COVID vaccines to arrive late January

The British Virgin Islands is likely to receive its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines in late January 2021 into early February.

Health Minister Carvin Malone gave that indication while speaking as a guest on the Honestly Speaking radio programme recently.

He said the territory will be receiving the vaccine from two sources. The first is a donation from the United Kingdom while the second will be procured by the government of the Virgin Islands from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) in Trinidad & Tobago.

“The fact is that the UK has graciously made an offer through the Governor’s Office for us to have our set of vaccines; Pfizer – the one that requires the sub-zero and the particular temperature controls … As you may have heard announcements in Anguilla, they’re ready to roll it out in January in Caymans; we were a bit tardy in terms of getting the notice out. We have assurance that our supply would be flown in,” the minister said.

“We have another supply through CARPHA and through the regional body so we have two sources of vaccinations that we’ve already paid for. The UK is basically donating to us or allotting to us the first set that we talked about. We’ve actually looked in terms of between 75,000 to 100,000 units of the other kit coming from WHO,” he added.

Malone willing to take vaccine to set example

To assist with reducing the fear that presently exists in the territory regarding taking the vaccine, Malone said he will lead by example and get vaccinated.

He said: “Yes, by the time it reaches in late January we’ll have some examples of it. I have no problems taking it because we have to lead by example. It will be a choice that persons have whether or not they take it, so if we have to lead by example, yes, I’ll take it.”

Malone further said that while there is a fear surrounding getting COVID-19 vaccines, vaccinations have always been required for other diseases long before this present pandemic.

“Vaccination is something that has been troubled in terms of a number of persons. From the time a mother gives birth, there’s actually vaccination — a whole slew of vaccinations that are taking place for smallpox, chickenpox, measles, mumps and so forth,” the minister said.

He added: “We know that all of those [diseases] you have to have on your vaccination card. There are some places you can’t travel unless you’re vaccinated for certain diseases.”

The territory presently has a total of nine active COVID-19 cases; all of which are imported.

COVID vaccine to be made available to residents in February

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  1. idk says:

    nah F that

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  2. hm hm says:

    Just like the ports were opening on the 8th… and the updates were gonna start at 8:00 or 10:00… or that the fancy bracelets were the most effective option… or that we would only be lockdown for few weeks… or maybe how we would have seen the receipts for the security guards the Premier had… or how we would know how much the Esteemed cost the taxpayers in lawyers fees… yea, i trust that this is true

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  3. Uneducated says:

    The minister don’t know much about vaccines. Smallpox vaccine not been given in decades and had a lot of bad side effects. Yes newborns are given a vaccine here but why? Do we have an epidemic of Hepatitis B here? (Spread thru sex and iv drug use-why are we giving it to newborns? – because we copy the US who is owned by Pharma. Can’t we think for ourselves? We eliminated the BCG vaccine finally. At least the children’s arms are now spared from the oozing wound of that controversial vaccine. How many parents even look into the Ingredients, necessity and listed possible adverse reactions before they roll up them babies sleeves? While Pharma profits.

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  4. non political statement says:

    I think the health leader should be the first volunteer because I for one will not be the lab rat

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    • Solution says:

      That’s great. You will be dead then there will be one less window licker and the rest of the population will be safer..

  5. Chosen says:

    Nop i hope its that false prophet that Will be first in line like he said the first shall be last and the last shall be first in the last days.

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  6. Doses says:

    The BVI is getting 100,000 doses? Since these require 2 doses per person, that’s enough for 50,000 people. We don’t have near that many people in the BVI, do we???

    • Anonymous says:

      But they have to allow for all the stuff ups that will happen with the vaccine role out… that’s like 60% contingency to cover risk!

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  7. Vi says:

    All the locals (bvi islanders) and the belongers should get it first
    Expats should be the last sets of ppl to take it
    After all,,, this is there island and the don’t like ppl from other countries
    By now everyone can see that this vaccine is problems
    And theses ppl will well want to try it on the expats first

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  8. Justice says:

    Ask the Minister to clarify what does Bill Gates mean by saying “Once we introduce our new healthcare measures and ramp up our distribution of new Vaccines, we should be able to cut down the worlds population by 15%, by the year 2030 if we start now, and Blacks and native americans should be given it first?

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    • @justice - says:

      misquoted – try to educate yourself

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      • @@justice says:

        It is not a mis quote.

        Those are the words, ideas and philanthropic actions of an entitled few who think that when Jesus died, he gave them the right to dominate the world and enslave and kill off people of African descent.

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        • Why says:

          What is it that has resulted in such batshit crazy people coming out of the woodwork complaining about vaccines? They made ridiculous comments and ignore reality. It’s one of the downsides of the web that nutters get an audience, I suppose.

  9. Chosen says:

    VI i agree with you a 100%

  10. PC says:

    Priority important. Should be the same as the rest of the world.

    The most vulnerable first regardless of nationality, race, religion and family name.

    Nurses, doctors, care home staff and the aged. Don’t forget immigration, customs and boat crews who make close contact with anyone incoming.

    Then work through the rest.

    If you’re anti-vaccine then that’s your right. But like the “NO MASK NO SERVICE” be prepared for “NO VACCINE NO SERVICE”.

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  11. @pc says:

    Unfortunately, he who rules and dominates the world makes the rules. So, if he wants to kill, he makes a rule to ensure the that is accomplished.

    Again, when it comes to vaccines and Black people, they do not and should not trust them. The history of vaccines and white people against Black people is awfully inhumane.

    No Black person knowing this history should be quick to take one, especially when rich famous people have said and has already tried to decrease the Black population through vaccines, and deadly diseases and drugs that destroys a woman’s ability to reproduce.

    Indeed, those drugs have been distributed only in Africa and have devastated millions of young African girls and women who can now no longer reproduce/make children.

    They intentionally and secretly made those drugs, bribed the governments of Africa and put them in clinics there. Their intention, to make the women barren, and they accomplished that evil.

    That is the work of the devil, and the people who are engaged in such inhuman acts are devils.

    Trust cannot be manufactured. Trust will be difficult for this one and going forward. Of course they will use propaganda and media to sell their evil by paying a Black high profile person to show them taking the vac., so as to encourage the others to follow.

    It will be an impossible battle to fight, especially if they pay governments to make it mandatory to live, do business, travel etc..

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  12. Concerned says:

    Why has it changed for the 95 % successful Pfizer Vaccine to the less potent Oxford Vaccine now?????? Why take the risk of side effects for that one?

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