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COVID vaccines will be ready for minors by September

Health Minister Carvin Malone has announced that COVID-19 vaccines will be available for persons under 18 during the fall of this year.

Fall (autumn) begins in September each year.

During an April 5 national broadcast, Minister Malone said although children will be prioritized later this year, they only make up 20 percent of the BVI’s population and have a smaller role to play in achieving herd immunity and revitalizing the economy.

“Adults make up 80 percent of our population and if possible, we need the entire 80 percent to get vaccinated so that we can begin to normalise our everyday activities and begin the process of revitalising our economy. Vaccinations for persons under 18 — children — will not be available until the fall. So it is really up to the adult population to do their part and get vaccinated now,” Minister Malone explained.

The minister revealed that as of April 5, some 8,246 persons have received their first AztraZeneca dose.

The bulk of that number is on Tortola with 6,971 persons, while 1,118 is on Virgin Gorda, 68 on Jost Van Dyke, and 89 on Anegada. 

“The monthly statistics reveal that 4,068 units were administered during the month of February; 3,790 during March and so far in April 388 units,” Minister Malone explained.

Four private facilities to administer vaccine

Last month, the government had announced that it would allow private healthcare facilities to administer vaccines free of cost to the public.

And Minister Malone last night announced that four businesses have applied to supply the jabs to the public.

“[The] Memorandum of Understanding with the local medical providers is ready for signature. So those persons who are intent on making sure that they visit their private practitioners; all four of the businesses that have applied would be given the opportunity to sign this Memorandum of Understanding, and we can begin having the extra assistance necessary to get the 17,000 plus persons vaccinated.

The Health Minister also reminded the public that the vaccine will help the BVI to reopen its economy and even relax some of the COVID-19 protocols.

He noted another British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar as a good example; explaining that the territory has vaccinated a substantial portion of its population and have thus made the decision to reduce mask-wearing.


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  1. Weird says:

    Why do we need minors vaccinated? There aren’t any mines here. Do they mean the guys at the quarry?

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  2. NOT MY MINOR says:

    Lord rebuke you!!!

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  3. Who vex let dem vex now. says:

    Not sure who’s willing to allow their children to take this but they’ll be some serious problems trying to do this with one of mine. The controversy surrounding this whole thing from very credible and reliable sources seem to be ignored by our officials. This will be a very ignorant and careless thing todo. Imagine we have new injectables on the market with no long term study. Let’s say 4 years down the road they say oops and we have 80 to 90% of a population with some autoimmune issue or worst. Putting all our trust into something that the manufacturer themselves can’t say how long protections will last and also against other strains. The American versions said 6 months protection and a booster every half year. Why should this be linked to opening an economy? We might have worst economic issues later on with sick persons already on a strained HEALTHCARE system. Make all the money now to spend it all later because of pure ignorance. All persons forcing others to take it with perfectly good immune system should be criminalized. Doctors that are also recommending patients that are already immune compromised should be ashamed of themselves because they know later on this means more business for them for the ones that does survive this global madness. Trials have not been done in minors, last time I checked they were seeking 300 participants. How long should trials last and we did the September date come in? Madness SMH.

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  4. Truth says:

    Not my picny

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  5. Hmm says:

    And will be schools be ready for minors?

  6. Hmmmm says:

    Why did it take four months to get the private medical providers involved? If they were engaged from the beginning we would’ve had the 70-80% done and moving on but this government cannot help but to make everything about politics. Here we are 4 months in and 20% vaccinated but you cannot tell them that they are not doing a hell of a job.

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  7. Say what says:

    Are these people mad? Why would they want to put this unstable uncertain vaccine in children. A family member of mine give their children some vaccine that the health care recently made mandatory for children and after the child had the vaccine she started losing patches of hair on her head, it took quite a while to recover. Another one that they want to introduce to teens is know to cause fertility problems. I don’t trust these vaccines period.

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  8. WOW says:

    GLOBALLY.. Exactly how many MINORS have died from Covid-19? The risk from taking the vaccine FAR out weigh the risk of children dying from Covid-19. Please BVI. Think. Read. Research.

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    • @wow says:

      Please educate yourself. GLOBALLY there are TRIALS for vaccines in minors. It’ still being tested that’s why you don’t have information on deaths. But we do know that there is a link between the Oxford/Astrazeneca and blood clots. Europe has still not restarted this vaccine in adults but we are here in BVI pushing it down people throats and calling them ignorant when they ask reasonable questions.

      Just yesterday UK news reported that the children and teenagers trials for the Oxford Astrazeneca were paused because they found blood clots. Now you say the children taking the vaccine far outweigh the risk of the dying from Covid. Say what!??? BVi is a small place. Tell me which parent will be willing to sacrifice their child for the greater good? Can you not die from blood clots also? Do you even have a child?
      If you do, let them take take it and if they get blood clots I guess it far outweighs the chances of them dying from COVID which by the way is a recoverable virus in healthy children
      All the pro vax people please gather your children let them take it first.

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  9. lol says:

    Seems like the vaccine have already turned some of the politicians retarded.

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  10. Hmmmm says:

    Don’t pay dam no mine is children melea

  11. heckler says:

    Soon you will hear that one has to be vaccinated first in order to run for office.

  12. Hmmm says:

    BREAKING NEWS Oxford/Astrazeneca halts trial for children and teenagers in UK due to issues with blood clots.

    Look it up. Google it. Don’t take my word for it.

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    • @ Hmmm says:

      Those hightailing to take a questionable vaccine while bashing others who prefer to be RESPONSIBLE by properly reviewing/assessing what they put in their and their children’s bodies need to examine how foolish they actually are in their haste.

  13. Vaccinated against WHAT? says:

    The vaccines have not been proven to be effective against the new strains of COVID-19? They are also not yet fully tested in the case of minors…and they European regulators are now willing to admit that there is some link between the vaccine and blood clots though rare…so who child you want to vaccinate??? Y’all is something else.

  14. Can we just open up says:

    Please can we just open up. I am done with all the people that know better. Why is the private sector taking a knee and being choked for a bunch of people who are happy to live in conspiracy land. If they or their children don’t want a vaccine – fine but I am more interested in earning money to feed, house and school mine. Open up!

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  15. Hi says:

    Why are we forcing vaccines on people for an illness that has ONLY a 1.4% death rate? So even though 98.6% of infected people recover fully, we still have to hold the world hostage? Yall can go F yourselves.

  16. 17873008338 says:

    187 ……

  17. lol says:

    Is Malone running his own trial?

  18. quiet person says:

    I am a very quiet person but ayo going really have to see another side of me if ayo come near my children with that.

    • Not under 30 says:

      The UK has announced that it will not be using the AstraZeneca vaccine on people under age 30. Instead the 18 – 30 year olds will take the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. So no way will the BVI be forcing the AstraZeneca vaccine on children.

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