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Creque proposing to reduce cost to build, transform construction into economic pillar

Henry Creque

The post-hurricanes hive of activity that began in the local construction industry might continue long after residents have rebuilt their homes and businesses if a building programme being proposed by the National Democratic Party (NDP) materialises.

Territorial At-Large NDP candidate Henry Creque said the aim of the proposed programme is to make the cost of construction cheaper for new property owners.

“I see the struggles that many of you face finding jobs, building your careers, and owning your own homes. The challenge is that the cost of land and construction in the territory are very high … Our new NDP government will make this possible by finding ways to reduce the cost of construction in this territory,” Creque said at a recent political rally on Tortola.

The NDP candidate said the initiative would make housing affordable for persons at all income levels, particularly young locals and civil servants.

He, however, did not outline how the party plans to achieve this if they are to be elected in office for a third consecutive term.

Creque, in the meantime, argues that such a programme would transform the construction industry into a sustainable economic pillar for the territory since a reduction in the cost of construction would encourage more locals to build.

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On another note, Creque — the recently resigned Deputy General Manager at the BVI Electricity Corporation — is also promising that, if elected, he will help facilitate the process of the BVI transitioning to renewable energy.

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  1. King Kunta says:

    I years ago where a young local architect made a presentation at Rotary while I was visiting, with a proposal for low cost housing, using shipping containers as an option. Your mother objected vehemently to the proposal calling the idea silly and the design ugly, and said that as long as she had any influence in this country, this would never take root in the BVI.

    I do not recall you rising to object to mommy’s comment, nor do I recall you standing in support of the local architect’s idea. We can only speculate that if you are elected, there will be some maternal influence. How can you convince us that these are not empty promises that will be thwarted by the power behind the throne?

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    • tola gyal says:

      but those type homes are not of which he speaks

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    • Crap says:

      The idea was silly then and it is silly now! Irma would have had a field day with those containers! It’s easy to jump on Lorna but I’m sure she was referring to the fact that if you let one person bring a container for a house then everyone would be doing it and we do such a good job of enforcing laws around here? Look at the food van situation around the Territory and you can see why she would have objected to the container homes idea. What would have happened to such homes during Irma and Maria?

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    • ??? says:

      I was at that meeting as well.
      Why is Henry being judged on the actions of his mother???

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      • ??? says:

        a) do you know his mother? 🙂
        b) what low cost housing construction option did he present

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        • ??? says:

          Whether he presented something or not, why is he being judged on the actions of his mother???

          • ??? says:

            We are all influenced in some way or another by those we respect and, in some instances, those we are closely related too. It has long been rumored that Lorna was the power behind the throne in relation to Dr Smith, that my friend is no secret. Can we not ask whether similar influence could be the case with Henry?

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    • Citizen says:

      Shipping container type of House is a bit primitive for our environment. I don’t think your your option were well studied. I would have supported prefab houses over your suggestion.

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    • Trailer Park says:

      Well I will have to Agree. The BVI ain’t need no Container Park. I sure all those people in that meeting thought the same thing. Foolishness!!!!!!
      Come with another Beef with the guy. Go Sit Dung!

  2. Tesla says:

    One of our greatest problems today is our poor electricity services. Power outages are a daily occurance. Power surges frequently damage expensive household items. Our lack of reliable power discourages businesses from moving here. Reliable power is a core component to our future.

    If Mr. Creque was indeed responsible for managing these services as he claims then he should not run for public office But rather issue a public apology for providing third world services to us for the past decade.

    His plan to lower construction costs failed to identify how he will do this. Will he lower the wages of all construction workers? Will he give away all of our jobs to lower wage earners from other islands? On one hand he says that the construction industry will flourish if he is elected. On the other hand he says the costs will be lower. You can’t have it both ways unless you intend to reintroduce a plantation economy with free or low cost labor.

    After apologizing Mr Creque, please do explain your plan.

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    • roxy says:

      You should ask the VIP government why did they buy those cheap generators that are so difficult to maintain.

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    • electrics says:

      Oh, he that complains greatly.
      Yes the electricity has gone off, more than one would like as of late. But for the most part, electricity has been reliable.

      Electrical systems are complex beasts, with many interrelated parts. There are several reasons why the power goes off, many of them outside of the control of the EC.

      Why not give appreciation to the many workers at the EC who do everything, above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that we have power.

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      • Edison says:

        No – I think Tesla has made a couple of good points.

        Our electricity is certainly of third world standards at best. It is not reliable and it often damages our appliances. Yes, we are indeed owed an apology for such terrible service. Sure – there are many hard workers – but the senior managers should be held accountable and certainly don’t deserve our votes. LMAO

        Second, does he really want to lower people’s wages that are involved in construction? Sure the owners of large construction companies may benefit from cheeper labor but what about the workers? How out of touch with the people.

        Remember, Walwyn said he was going to expand enrollment in the trade schools. And now Creque says all of the trade school graduates are going to work for lower wages.

        Man, give us a break.

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  3. Concerned says:

    So he and Fahie promising cheap properties and cheap construction but none of them has any answer to how. Anything to get a vote in this country.

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  4. Joke! says:

    Of all the at-large candidates you have been the most disappointing Henry. You come across as rambling in your speeches and give the impression you have been pushed on stage. My suggestion to you is to come up with your own plans, speak them with conviction, remove the perception you are a puppet on strings, and start to present as an independent thinker.
    What you propose will do nothing for our economy, make nothing cheaper, and is just another hollow idea that will do little (if anything) to help lower housing costs.

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    • Longshanks says:

      Henry is a nice guy, but can’t help feeling that this is something he is being pushed into…

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    • Cheese Stands Alone says:

      And the Cheese Stands Alone!!!! Most of these posts on this article seem to be inside jobs from within his own company he has been rolling with for this election and People Know Exactly WHO! That is why people keep saying Good Guy, Bad Company.
      His ideas and plans are what we need to see a change in this country. Most of them are the things he has been championing for years. Renewable Energy, he has fought the fight. Check the records. This guy has been raising money from young for college scholarships, for YEP and so many other worthwhile projects. So instead of here writing what someone dictates to you to take Creque down maybe you should go Check out his website and go do your government work that we the tax payers are paying you for!!!
      He is not a follower or a croonie for anyone and for this he may suffer greatly under those he is now sadly associated with but the good thing is he won’t be voted in by the NDP alone. The final say on Feb 25th is in the hands of the Entire BVI!!!!

  5. ndp heckler says:

    He is just reinforcement for the vanterpool dynasty

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  6. Rumba says:

    Momma’s boy oh please. All you running a family business. Move you ram.

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  7. Political Observer (PO) says:

    True, there was/is a beehive of construction activity after Irmaria. The increasing demand for a good or service drives the cost up, especially when there is a scarcity, ie, land. Construction is no different. Further, there is a shortage of skilled labour; this shortage is due to poor leadership and lack of foresight. How does Henry intend to lower the cost? Voters must demand answers to all the promises, ie, how will all the promises be paid for.

    There may be a construction boom in the short-term but the territory is small and construction is definitely not a sustainable economic pillar. Ask our neighbor to the west—-STT. Agree that strong and resilient construction practices are needed. The BVI lie along hurricane alley so it is not if but when another major storm will hit.

    By the way, in regards to transitioning to renewable energy, was Henry the immediate Deputy Director of the BVIEC?

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    • @ Political Observer says:

      You need somebody to nominate you for Office!!! You consistently read mind, day after day!!!

      All these promises with nobody giving details on how!

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      • PO says:

        Candidates over promising and under delivering is occuring frequently in politics every where, ie, locally, regionally and internationally. They do it because voters enable it. Politicians know that few voters will remember all the promises they didn’t deliver and there is no penalty. Secondly, if one make loads promises, they stand a better chance of getting elected than if they don’t. The reality is candidates cannot wave a magic wand and voila the promises happened; it takes money. And since rarely is there money to do everything, something will not get done. The voters must demand from politicians how they are going to pay for all the promises. We should not be fooled by the flowery language. How things are going to be paid for should be the second question, behind what you are going to do.

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        • Oops says:

          While it is nice reading these long blogs am feeling some negative vibes towards candidates. It is nice that some seem to have all the solutions, know who is qualified, can predict tomorrow it seems and in the end have laid nothing on the table. Smh.

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          • PO says:

            @Oops, hope you will agree that politicians should just place an empty plate on the table with no silverware and more importantly no meat or even veggies. The candidates standing for election has the responsibility to outline what they are proposing to do and how they will pay for it. Voters jobs are to ask questions, get answers and vote their conscience. It is not voters job to fleshout plans for politicians.

    • Economist says:

      Construction is already an economic pillar, even before the hurricanes.
      $200m national income, $100m foreign exchange earnings and supports over 2,000 jobs.

  8. Ausar says:

    “King Kunta”, I remember that discussion also. And I specifically remember the condescending tone of opposition from Mrs. Smith.

    Will you, Henry Creque, be in a position to truly govern without your parents’ influence.

    One can certainly surmise the difficulties in resisting familial influence from a leadership such as this!

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  9. Say what? says:

    Did he get some of our 7.2?

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Dude you failed at BVIEC why will you be successful now? No more piggybacking on Myron.

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  11. waylox says:

    myron always boasting that he is the one who gets anyone elected, let me see him get this one elected now.

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  12. Who To Blame says:

    Well don’t blame him, everyone must find some nonsense to say. I have never in my life time listened to more rubbish called promises. This is really talking season and April isn’t here yet. They are trying to see who can outdo themselves with empty, shallow promises but WE, the Voters aint buying it.

    • Concerned says:

      So far I have not heard one Promise from any of the candidates which addresses the issues we are facing and a plan how to pay for it and implement it. So there is really nobody to vote for right now.

      • Gtv says:

        @ Concerned, I couldn’t agree with you more. It is really a dad state of affairs and troubling when we are at such a critical juncture in our history.

  13. National distribution source says:

    One part is materials, the other is labor. To reduce the cost of materials a national distribution center should be open for contractors of good standing to buy materials at wholesale cost. Whereas currently materials are bought at super retail cost i.e. BVI prices.

  14. Longshanks says:

    Not sure how making Percy and a small group of owners richer turns into a genuine pillar.

  15. Not2Sure says:

    Let’s talk about renewable energy.

    Government passes regulations to allow people to generate their own solar power, and then imposes a licence fee which is so high that nobody can afford it.

    I would like to hear in more detail what Mr Creque would do to correct that. Even better if he can set out some concrete deadlines as to a date by which a new NDP Government would commit to resolving that issue.

    • Not3Sure says:

      Creque – one question. Will you support the whistleblower law? Are you trying to protect your parents by not supporting it?

  16. Weir D. Playne says:

    This is your legacy Mr Creque. Thanks for the good work. A fire drill at the Pockwood Pond Power Station today, January 24, 2019 went wrong, resulting in an ongoing territory-wide power outage. Minister of Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool explained that at about 02:20 pm, a test was being conducted on the fire detection system. This resulted in the fire protection system activating the master emergency shutdown, which caused all the units to trip simultaneously “It wasn’t intentional,” he stated. This is the 10th different explanation for why power failed in the last 4 years.

  17. Think to talk says:

    I quite do not understand is henry the general manager of electricty. He was never the head it is leroy Abraham who is and still is. He was next in line. Who brought them disfuctional generators in the first place for electricity to use aint the said VIP. Give me a break. Henry worked hard to help restore power to these island and through such experience he want us to now be energy effient.

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  18. Gratitude says:

    Henry, we have recognized your hard work and contributions to the BVI and we will show our appreci

  19. Gratitude says:

    Well say, I guess the order of the day is negativity.

    Imagine, this young man worked around the clock after the hurricanes, stuck with his team and they got power back to the territory in record time. We all celebrated! Now, because he has decided to exercise one of his right as a BVIslander, that’s seeking elected office; look how some of us trying to tear him down.

    I can speak confidently on this young man’s ability to get things done. In fact, most present and former BVIEC employees can speak to this and to his good character. Henry cares for people and their welbeing and has demonstrated this through his management of the BVIEC and through his many community initiatives. This is not someone just coming out of the blue asking for votes. Unlike some of these candidates who have never done anything to help anyone but self, Henry has been there for young and old. Real talk.

    Henry, you have my vote as I believe we need to elect people that have demonstrated a willingness to help people (not just cooking up some fancy election speech). How they plan to represent the people when they don’t even talk to the regular man?

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    • I agree....kinda says:

      Being nice, hardworking considerate and helpful are all admirable qualities. They do necessarily ensure that you will be a good politician – one need not look any further than his dad – Dr Smith. The nicest of men, but not a hugely effective leader by any stretch. I commend Henry for running and wish him the best.

  20. Deep State says:

    Can’t help but feel that this is a public lynching from deep within. It has been customary for the ones he is rolling with.
    However, “Rambling” or not, Creque is one of the best candidates on the at-large slate. Based on his track record he gets things done!!! Go to his website…See what he is about then come back and talk!! Stop being nasty just because he does not fit your “Mole”. No pun intended.

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