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Crime linked to vehicles, more traffic enforcement needed

Minister of Transportation, Works, & Utilities Kye Rymer.

Transportation Minister Kye Rymer has renewed calls for more enforcement from the police traffic unit as he said most crimes are linked to transportation in one way or another.

He made that statement as the territory continues to reel from the shooting death of Catherine Pickering, who was killed during an armed robbery outside her home on Sunday.

“A lot of the crimes are linked to some sort of transportation. And under my portfolio, I’ve been speaking out about enforcement. I know during the last Standing Finance [Committee meetings] that there were only a few members in the police traffic unit. That needs to be revamped because in the absence of CCTV cameras, I think police patrol is necessary,” Rymer explained.

Rymer said because of little activity from the police traffic unit, many drivers have little regard for the law and get away with many vehicular breaches daily.

“There’s a restriction on tint, but there are a number of vehicles where you can’t even see in the vehicles. I know at some point the police would be out there doing their checks making sure that the front glass is 35 percent and the rear glass would be 20 percent. We have motorcycles traversing the roadway that are not legal. But we need to address these concerns that are linked to crime,” Rymer said in the House of Assembly.

He said he hopes these traffic concerns will improve with the newly appointed Police Commissioner and Governor.

The minister further said the government may have to consider harsh vehicular restrictions to get the desired results the government and public are seeking.

“I remember last year when this government put a restriction on the movement of motorcycles after a certain time — that created a stir in the community. But people understood after a time why we did that. But it seems they are asking for us to do the same thing because these vehicles — whether scooters or vehicles that are not legal for the roadway — we need to have a handle on that,” Rymer stated.

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  1. Pandora's Box says:

    Ooohhhh, I love this, care to explain the total black out tint on your vehicle Sir? Can’t believe you actually said that!

    I do not think the ‘public’ is asking for ‘harsher vehicle restrictions’, they are just asking that the current traffic laws are enforced, which should not be that complicated for this Government and the police to handle. My God, your group just loves to to twist words to create drama.

    You do not have to chase the scooter boys to catch them – just about everyone knows their hot spots and you can set up traps randomly – East, West, Town, the hills, ect. Beef Island is a classic example – every weekend they are spinning and racing up and own the road. All you need is one police vehicle parked by the bridge and they’re going to have to come back sooner or later, or catch a ride, or walk home. There’s only one way in or out.

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  2. Blablabla says:

    Is all we here day in day out from this government. No enforcement, no accounting, no vision, please get out.

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  3. heckler says:

    I’ve noticed that he dropped that bigger motorcycle talk

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  4. wow says:

    Andrew took most of this dude portfolios and left him useless >>> BVI LOVE

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  5. Hawaii 5-0 says:

    Care to explain where there are so many rental vehicles with tinted windshields?

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  6. Fact remains says:

    If there legal and straight u expect to put curfew on them for there got that same rogrhs as any transportation couple year back the ban on them was on the table it never came through why u think u can just up and put curfew on them .this the practice of communism law and are not no communist country the only thing u can do mr minister is enforce the law ..all this hype talk it not necessary yes the police need to just enforce it helmets registration..and put in place reckless riding like as driving and we need a certain age to be able to ride and have a license to ..and yes them being insured as well..if it not in the criteror… a simple problem regulation and enforcement…both police and government

  7. Doh says:



    Police don’t do their job of basic enforcement. We see it every day. If they would only enforce the law and maybe get out of the station, out of their vehicles, and even talk to the public, then maybe, we might be able to fight crime.

  8. Statistics says:

    The island where I come from, an area of 45 square miles, has about 300 police officers and a population of 120,000 people. How many police in BVIs? Surely there’s enough of them to actually enforce the traffic laws currently in place? You don’t need dedicated traffic cops for that. There’s only a few major roadways to patrol. Unfortunately the police presence appears to be non-existent here and, as long as the BVI continues to leave crime undetected, it can claim that crime rates are low.

  9. No says:

    No the f….. Place AND crime Will stop

  10. lol says:

    “A lot of the crimes are linked to some sort of transportation” – I just cannot anymore….

    The solution is obvious – transportation should be banned to stop crimes. Only home based crimes will then be possible. Money laundering , wife beating and phone scams. You can still rob a bank but you’ll have to run away on foot after.

    Also there will be an enforcement fee of $172 for non belongers and other white devils.

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  11. Hmm says:

    Give them police all those big bikes that was recently seized. Let them make full use of them and catch these bandits etc etc.

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  12. Kasander says:

    Give the police bicycles and foot patrol and you will see the difference.

  13. 123 says:

    REALLY, JUST REALLY…It is really coming from a Minister!
    “he said most crimes are linked to transportation in one way or another.”
    Well, yea, you don’t hear of too many robbers or murders escaping on foot or donkey!

  14. BuzzBvi says:

    It would take only one year from today to remove all illegally tinted cars from the road. Just need the DMV to fail the car/trucks until it removed. Police then lock anyone up with tint on a car registered after April 2021. Hey presto, one year later no tint.

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