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Crime worsening! You could be caught in the crossfire


Eighth District Representative Marlon Penn has condemned the crime situation in the territory. Penn suggested that gun crime in the territory has become so bad that residents are likely to end up being unwittingly caught in the crossfire.

“It’s a very difficult time for all of us in this territory,” Penn commented on the Talking Points show recently. “I mean, this is the first time I really feel unsafe and even just to be social in the territory. You find persons, you go out with a friend just to have a social evening and you could be caught in the crossfire of flying bullets.”

Penn pointed out that there have been as many as seven murders in his community over the past year, with some murders happening at or near very popular social establishments.

He also disclosed that the situation hit very close to home for him, with one murder happening directly in front of a relative’s home that he visits frequently.

“One [murder happened] right in front of my grandparents’ home, where I go regularly every day. I go there at least two or three times a week and spend some time with my aunts and my cousins and so forth in that community. So, for me, it’s very disheartening and a very concerning situation.

Penn said he previously asked for all lawmakers to come together in the House of Assembly to discuss the crime issue and revealed that lawmakers had a conversation with the Police Commissioner over the issue.

But the Eighth District Representative said the issue needs to be part of an ongoing conversation and dialogue.

“Crime is not just a national security issue. It’s an issue for all of us as leaders of this country. So all of us need to be part of this discussion and this discourse and what the plan is moving forward to address the issue of crime,” Penn stated.

Penn’s comments and concerns come more than a year after police Commissioner Mark Collins came under severe criticism for suggesting in a leaked and since-aborted police recruitment video that the territory can quickly move from paradise to ‘muck and bullets’. Many persons called for the top cop’s resignation at the time and insisted that he apologise for his ill-timed comments.


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  1. shout it out loud says:

    Compliments of the vip government

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    • @Shout it out loud says:

      You mean compliments of the BVI government. Neither VIP nor NDP governments have doe much for education, or the youth, for four or more decades.

  2. Inexperienced residents says:

    in the BVI are getting a taste of life in a gun crime country like the USVI and PR. To avoid the inevitable crossfire:

    1) Stay home from sunset to sunrise.
    2) Between sunrise and sunset do whatever you need to do then go home.
    3) Avoid all the areas on Tortola where persons have been murdered with guns this year.

    Island life during a gun pandemic is similar to life during the Covid pandemic.

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  3. Gone and forgotten says:

    The government obviously doesn’t not care about the crime situation in the BVI. The law needs to be more harsh with criminals rather than giving them little slaps on the wrist when they go to court. How often do we hear the names of victims by our government representatives? The police used to post the unsolved cases once a year on the anniversary of a victim’s death, but slowly they stopped doing that. I pray that all victims will get justice.

  4. TurtleDove says:

    What happen to that mandatory law passed for guns and ammunition some time ago. Is it being enforced? we dont want to send our own to jail…..or am I being an A**.

  5. Island full of talkers says:

    When the UK and some of the police officers try to do their job the country cries racist colonialism
    When police do their job cry island people
    Residents know what is happening mouths zip
    What do you all want
    Policies in olave it gives ploice too much power
    The leaders can help to clean up this mess . We cannot clean the mess we made

  6. Ye reap what ye sew says:

    No vision for 30+ years, plus endemic corruption and ineptitude – what else would you expect?

  7. Feebble Buch says:

    Stop spreading fear dude.

    Secondly, start creating jobs and watch the crime drop like hot potatoe.

    You all politicians are not doing anything for the people, youths, departments employees, relative to money they done wrk for, but bust talking piss in medi, travelling, eating, drinking and livinh high, while everybody is suffering. Then you got the nerves to be on media crying wolf.

    What a feeble bunch we gor for leaders bouy!!

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  8. Remember? says:

    When you guys use to say these things only happens in America and other places as if you were immune or living in a protective bubble? Well now the protective bubble has burst and crime has reached your doorstep. No one is no longer safe. It is a hard and sad thing to say but innocent people is going to get caught in the mess. You have to pay attention to your surroundings at all times wherever you go. When you enter anywhere look for exit signs in the event you have to get out. The gunmen is brazen and they will start popping off if they spot their target be it in a crowd, place of business or anywhere else. They don’t care who is around. Always be vigilant and always pay attention to your surroundings at all times.

  9. hello says:

    It start when them shot up a Smith dude baughers bay and Aloe Vera say ain’t no gang in the bwi/she district.

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