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Cruise pier reopening in June!

The BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA) will be reopening its cruise port to ships in the next three months.

Government has approved the arrival of cruise vessels with fully vaccinated passengers and crew, the BVIPA announced on Friday, March 19.

“One of first expected passenger cruise calls to the territory will be the Celebrity Millennium of Royal Caribbean Celebrity Cruises starting June 2021 home-porting out of St Maarten. The regional itinerary includes stops to Tortola, St Lucia and Barbados,” the BVIPA stated.

Acting Managing Director of the Ports Authority Oleanvine Maynard said the BVIPA is excited to be part of this new regional itinerary.

She said although the cruise experience will be “different than it was pre-pandemic”, the BVIPA is committed to providing its cruise partners and their guests a safe and enjoyable cruise stop.

“The BVIPA and The Cyril B. Romney Tortola Pier Park (CBRTPP) teams will be working diligently with the Ministry of Health & Social Development, BVI Tourist Board, Local Cruise Agents, and the Cruise Lines desiring to call to ensure a healthy return to cruising for the territory,” the Ports Authority added. 

Cruise pier operations have have been halted for more than a year now because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Rizzo says:

    Amazing news! Refreshing news for a change.

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  2. Sooooo says:

    So let me understand this. People who come on island by plane and are vaccinated have to quarantine and have multiple tests. However, 3500 people that have mixed with populations on other islands are free to roam with no testing. This is just unbelievable. Just open please and be done with the nonsense. I guess for people staying and actually contributing to the economy they are penalized. Cruise ship passengers that might buy a bottle of water roam freely. Oh I forgot. The F** gets money to diddle in the Treasury

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    • Yup says:

      Just hilarious really…

      We close our borders for a year and throw them wide open to cruise ship passengers with nary a care. The virus laden, floating Petri dishes, usually carrying Americans who don’t even know what island they are on. Much less do they care at all about who lives there

      But sure let them in

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      • 2cents says:

        Which county do you prefer come? Iran, North Korea; Syria; or do you like other regimes better. . Always hating on Americans.

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    • Soooo says:

      So by all the thumbs down it appears that the testing and quarantine should remain and cruise ship passengers can roam freely without testing or quarantine. Sounds to me like the government employees all went on and put thumbs down Or BVINews is regulating. Who cares. Your all a bunch of uneducated morons. Have a nice day.

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    • Please says:

      Please line up all the thumbs down and have them hug and kiss all the arriving cruise ship people. Especially those under 18 with no vaccination. Thank you.

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  3. G. Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD says:

    Virologist formerly: Glaxo SmithKline, Novartis, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, GAVI Vaccine Alliance.

    Mass infection prevention and mass vaccination with leaky Covid-19 vaccines in the midst of the pandemic can only breed highly infectious variants.

    Immediate cancellation of all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns should now become THE most acute health emergency of international concern.

    So far, nobody has provided any kind of scientific evidence or rationale that massive human intervention (i.e., global implementation of infection prevention measures and mass vaccination) in the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to a decrease in mortality and morbidity rates in the human population. These large-scale human interventions have been imitated without paying any attention to the population dynamics of a natural pandemic as caused by acute (self-limiting) viral infections.

    These vaccines do not prevent infection. Do not use the wrong vaccine on millions of people. Of course when a virus get into a population, it immediately gets to the folks that have, you know, weak immunity. Are the current vaccines the right weapon for the kind of war that is going on right now? And there my answer is definitely no… because these are prophylactic vaccines and prophylactic vaccines should typically not be administered to people who are exposed to high infectious pressure.

    THE key question is: why does nobody seem to bother about viral immune escape? Every single time you have an immune response that is suboptimal in the presence of an infection, in the presence of a virus, that infected person, you are at risk for immune escape. So that means that the virus can escape the immune response… I mean; that wouldn’t matter if you can eradicate a virus, if you can prevent infection, but these vaccines don’t prevent infection, only the symptoms of the disease are reduced, transmission of the virus is not prevented.

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    • Keep to pets says:

      Apparently the PhD after your name stands for Piled Higher and Deeper. I hope you can figure this out with that pile of verbal regurgitation that you managed to post.

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      • Bossman says:

        Dr Vanden Bossche is one of the most highly regarded vaccine experts in the world.

        Glaxo SmithKline:
        – Senior Project Leader for Adolescent Vaccine Projects.
        – New Biotech Vaccine Development & QC-QA Manager.
        – Head of Adjuvant Technologies & Alternative Deliveries, Research & Development.

        Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics:
        – Director, Research Program Leader & Head of Adjuvants.

        Solvay Biologicals:
        – Global Project Director Influenza Vaccines.

        Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:
        – Senior Program Officer, Global Health, Vaccine Discovery.

        Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunisation (GAVI):
        – Program Manager

        – Chief Innovation & Scientific Officer.

        German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF):
        – Head of the Vaccine Development Office.

        – Managing Director.

        He is talking about Viral Immune Escape which will ultimately (potentially very quickly) lead to severe decease cases, the quicker you vaccinate a population the worse this will get, in short catastrophe, potentially mass deaths.

        Yeah Piled Higher and Deeper, although I’m sure he knows more about vaccines than you, me or anyone around here…

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    • Yup says:

      What a f**king loser.

      Everyone knows the vaccine works. It just makes you want to eat kitty litter.

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    • El Capitain says:

      There’s one born every day. I guess you haven’t heard about smallpox elimination, measles almost eliminated, polio gone, Tuberculosis dramatically improved…. I can go on and on, but hey, you know it all, right?

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    • what? says:

      I guess you are a medical Dr or pharmacist who would call the dog a bad name just to hang it. The drug industry must be protected at all cost including human life

  4. 2cents says:

    Believe it when you see it

  5. WOW says:

    This is worth a try.

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  6. Winston says:

    And still no word about yachting . The biggest and safest part of tourism continues to be ignored by this Government,

    It has become clear that this Government is finding a way to get rid of the entire yachting community so they can start over.

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    • Dave says:

      It really is astonishing that this industry is being ignored – it’s hard to fathom that charters, which are floating isolation platforms are being neglected by the elected officials that need tourism so that their constituents can put food in their mouths..

  7. Trust says:

    The BVIPA is the same authority that advertised the reopening of the BVI’s sea borders on 8 Dec. 2020 then 15 Jan. 2021 then 1 March 2021 then 15 April 2021. So why would anyone even trust this BVIPA announcement that cruise ships will arrive in the BVI at the TPP in June 2021?

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    • 2cents says:

      Waiting for the headline in June. “Cruise Passengers in BVI Port told the can’t disembark because BVI can’t get it’s sh$t together. Says come back in 4 weeks”.

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  8. Confused says:

    Before we celebrate, can someone from the BVIPA please explain the line in the article that says, “the cruise experience will be “different than it was pre-pandemic.” Because if the ships are going to come and the passengers will not be allowed to get off, go on excursions, it really does not make sense. So please BVIPA, explain.

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    • 2cents says:

      You are correct. It will turn out to be some half baked plan that will flop like the other plans. Plus now they have only 90 days to implement. Need at least 90 months to get the plan in place. This so called newspaper just regurgitates the press releases. They don’t dare ask any questions. They might be accused of being journalists.

      • Just watch says:

        It will be carefully curated excursions to only certain locations by certain vendors. Just wait and see. Don’t even need to guess who the main purveyor of all things cruise will be.

  9. Vaccinations says:

    Please be advised that not everyone on the ships will be fully vaccinated. Vaccinations do not apply to all passengers under the age of 18. That could be up to 25% of the passengers. Everyone should be fully vaccinated. Think twice before you allow these unvaccinated ships into the BVI.

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  10. Be positive. says:

    Needed. We will be ok.

  11. Janet says:

    This is another announcement that has no plan to go with it.

  12. What about the other ports says:

    Great.. but when can people who have been vaccinated come in through the airport or the seaports? Has to surely be one rule for all?

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