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Cruise tourists prefer to interact with vaccinated persons

Pre-pandemic photo of visitors aboard a cruise ship docked in the BVI. (BVI News photo)

As the BVI gets ready to start welcoming cruise passengers in June, Premier Andrew Fahie is warning residents that cruise passengers are already stating that they would prefer to interact with persons who’ve taken COVID-19 vaccines.

“It’s going to be difficult for the cruise ships with fully vaccinated passengers and crews (except for those under 18) to go into stores and taxis with staff who are not vaccinated. They have asked already that they would strongly prefer to only go to those stores where the employees are vaccinated. And they have also stated that they will strongly be leaning towards taxi operators who are vaccinated,” Premier Fahie explained during a public forum to discuss the BVI’s trade legislation yesterday.

He added: “We’re talking about passengers who are registering who are stating their criteria for going on a cruise to maximise their safety. So I must put a plug in to say that the sooner we can move towards having a majority or all of our population vaccinated, the more we can open our economy.”

The Premier said this is a “significant opportunity” for local vendors, taxi operators and other persons working in the tourism.

While reiterating that taking the vaccine is not mandatory, Premier Fahie said the residents and businesses must ready themselves, “especially in the area of being vaccinated”.

More than 21 per cent of the BVI’s population has received the AstraZeneca jab so far. And although the government and other public figures continue to encourage persons to take the shots, some persons remain adamant that they don’t wish to be vaccinated.

Premier Fahie has stated that his government hopes to have 70 per cent of the population vaccinated within the next two months.

So far, the BVI has received 20,000 COVID-19 vaccines from the United Kingdom.

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  1. Bull says:

    Tourist don’t give a crap they just want to travel. Majority of them aren’t even going to be vaccinated themselves lmaooooooooooooooooo ???????. Stop with your sheeple ish

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    • @bull says:

      This is specifically about cruise tourists and they are required to have the vaccine to go on the cruise. Maybe read the article? Or at least the headline?

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      • Dr says:

        Everyone is going to get real sick from the Jab…It’s not a vaccine please watch a real Dr.

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        • Captain Flint says:

          I had my first covid jab in February and I am not sick. Have my second one in April as its the way to go. You need to watch a video of people seriously suffering from covid 19 it may change your mind. I was told its worse for overweight or fat people so I have lost 30lbs in 3 months and am trying to healthy. If the majority of people in these virgin islands do not have the vaccine we will not get herd immunity and will all be vulnerable to catch covid. So the Premier is saying we will should get it to allow the cruise ships back in but its possible they will bring in covid as well as money.

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    • Jane says:

      The cruise ships are only permitting vaccinated guests. Only children are exempt.

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    • Grew says:

      The adults will have to be vaccinated to get on the ship.
      Far bigger problem is all the people under 18 that could bring
      Covid here and nobody will know. In the us, thousands of people under 18 have been spreading Covid. In fact, as the older folk get vaccinated, it is the younger ones that will increasingly get infected as the disease looks for new hosts once the dead wood is used up.

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      • Simples says:

        Though if our adult population is vaccinated, we don’t need to worry nearly as much about them “bringing it here”

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    • MANIPULATION says:

      So wait the Premier is now trying to coerce people to get vaccinated because cruise ship passengers prefer to be around people who are???????


      AH BEG YO’ STOP IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!

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    • Styler says:

      Hey Bull the cruise ships are not taking no one without vaccinated and they must have there vaccinated passports…. so you’re so wrong

    • Bev says:

      The tourists won’t be allowed to enter the territory on a cruise ship unless they are vaccinated. (Crew and passengers.).

  2. LOL says:

    If the tourists are vaxxinated then why should they care who they deal with anywhere in the world? Home or on a ship or in the BVI? They are vaxxed, right and can’t get Covid19, RIGHT?

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    • Education is key says:

      Vaccinated people can still get Covid. Vaccine does not prevent infection; just lessens likelihood of severe disease. Also Vaccinated persons can spread to other vaccinated persons and to those who have never been vaccinated. Follow protocols. This is our only hope … Politicians need to lead by example. Wear your masks in public and stop undermining the work of the task force that you put in place to enforce laws. people will not study them when you all are over the place not social distancing, not sanitizing hands and masks not affixed to your faces.

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      • Bev says:

        Very unlikely a vaccinated person with positive antibodies can spread Covid to others. Where is the data? There is none.

    • @ LOL says:

      We see your sarcasm.

      People need to read this, which was published yesterday


      Throughout this day, we are reporting on a surprise about a new COVID vaccine. Yesterday, AstraZeneca reported positive outcomes for thousands of people who had received its vaccine. Then early this morning, we learned that a government affiliated oversight board has expressed concern. The board questions the way the company is describing its test results. This is an evolving story. And NPR science correspondent Joe Palca has been talking with us throughout the morning. Joe, welcome back.

      JOE PALCA, BYLINE: Thank you, glad to be here.

      INSKEEP: So remind us, what originally were we told about the AstraZeneca vaccine and its tests here in the United States?

      PALCA: Right. Well, these are the results from a study of 30,000 or 32,000 people, some of whom got the vaccine, some of whom got the placebo. And there’s a committee that oversees the results of the study called the DSMB. We love acronyms here in Washington. Or at least…

      INSKEEP: Apparently.

      PALCA: Yeah. So DSMB watches the study. And, in fact, they’re the only ones from the get-go who know who got what because everybody else is what they call blinded. They don’t get told. But the DSMB…

      INSKEEP: Oh, you don’t get told if it’s a placebo or which vaccine or anything?

      PALCA: That’s right. You don’t want to influence the results one way or the other by knowing what you’re getting or by the researcher knowing. So DSMB is the only one that knows. They looked at the data. And they have certain rules for stopping when the efficacy reaches a certain measurement. And they said, yes, we see a sign of efficacy here. You may stop. And they handed the data – or they handed the key to the data to the company. The company looked at the data and said, whoa, this is good. We have a 79% efficacy that our vaccine is protecting people from COVID.

      The trouble is that the DSMB said, whoa, hold on a second. That’s not what we saw. And they put out a statement, or at least the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease put out a statement quoting the DSMB as saying, we express concern that AstraZeneca may have included outdated information from that trial, which may have provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data. And we urge the company to work with the DSMB – that’s us – to review the efficacy data and ensure the most accurate, up-to-date efficacy data can be made public as quickly as possible. So…

      INSKEEP: Those are such long sentences that I feel we need to translate a little bit here. So we were told yesterday 79% efficacy, which is pretty good for a vaccine. So that sounds good. But then there is this concern expressed, suggesting that maybe if you look at the test results a different way, you don’t see 79%.

      PALCA: Exactly.

      INSKEEP: What is AstraZeneca saying in response to that?

      PALCA: Well, that’s exactly right. So they’re – so the DSMB is saying, look at all the data. Look at the newest data. And the company just put out a release that said the numbers published yesterday were based on a prespecified interim analysis with a data cutoff of February 17. So they’re looking back at data that was collected as of February 17. And the DSMB seems to be saying that between then and now, we have more data, which makes your efficacy numbers not look as good. That seems to be what’s happening here. And…

      INSKEEP: I think we can interpret that as well. That would mean, does it not, that a few more people in this study got sick, got COVID, and so the 79% rate didn’t quite hold up?

      PALCA: Right. They got sick. And they got sick in the vaccine arm of the study, not the placebo arm of the study. That’s why the numbers don’t look as good.

      INSKEEP: OK. So we still think this is a pretty good vaccine, but maybe not 79%. What are the implications for actually getting this approved in the United States?

      PALCA: Exactly. It’s still a good vaccine. It may be not quite as good. And this is just a strange turn. And it’ll be up to the FDA to analyze the data themselves and come up – or itself – and come up with a decision about granting an emergency use authorization. That may happen in a month or so.

      INSKEEP: I guess that means we’ll be coming back to you again for more updates. Joe, thanks.

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    • @LOL says:

      Vaccinations aren’t a 100% guarantee. You need to read more.

  3. SMH says:

    Are they the Tourists fully vaccinated? Why go visiting a Place where the People don’t believe in the vaccine. To Me this is a ploy to force People into taking the vaccine. Let him who have ears to hear!

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Where people don’t believe in the vaccine. Where idiots live you mean, self appointed medical experts and wild eyed, drooling, ignoramuses. They probably won’t want to go there anyway.

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  4. Yeah says:

    But no one got mask on ….

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  5. Stop lie says:

    Their are not the one opposing that wen there to were force to vaccine just to get away from that stress environment.. andrew we know u sellout look after gus u lost that fire u now on ice for Rankin…shame but u pushing self determination …u all ain’t ready for the lead pure politics u about deceiving the people for u all own gain …which any person that already chance there health with a vaccine that not a help at all going be so concerned about corvid and their not even appealing to no six feet or mask safety rules to say of any concern…andrew stop let these forces lead u up as a poppy show and be a leader as u can

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  6. .. says:

    Vaccinated persons can still get and transmit COVID19. Children under 18 are not vaccinated. Even if we adults are vaccinated, our children can still get COVID and die. I think Mr. Premier needs to hold off cruise ships for now.

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    • Science update says:

      yes – children can and do get Covid, yes they may even die. Odds of that happening though is very low – even lower than their potential of dying from a “normal flu” season. There are many, many, many things that can kill you but they ususally dont.

      Given your logic you should be on lock down because driving can kill you, maybe walk, oh no , maybe you get hit by a car, oh no!!sky is falling.

      As of today in the BVI, you are more likely to get murdered than actually dying from Covid.

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      • Captain Flint says:

        8 murders or deaths in 6 months, 1 death from covid which could have been avoided if the hospital had not turn her away. And 40000 deaths per month in the USA from Obesity – yes obesity.

  7. Hodgie says:

    I’m collecting my monthly salary from my government job every (2) weeks. Why the rush to get tourists back in this place. Hold them off for at least a next year. Thanks .

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    • @Hodgie says:

      Stop pretending to be a Civil Servant. You are not.

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      • Greta Bumburn says:

        Of course he’s pretending! Are you seriously so robotic that you can’t understand sarcasm? Surely you can see that.
        No? Jesus wept.

    • We've met says:

      Pretty sure you’re one of those snarling, lazy, inconvenienced with work immigration “officers” that does little more that extract cash from tourists as the government tax.

  8. Quarantine says:

    The cruise ships should just anchor offshore for the 4 day quarantine period, test all the vaccinated passengers and crew then berth at the TTP. Only the negative test and vaccinated passengers and crew are allowed off the ship for 8 to 10 hours on Tortola only. No boat trips to other islands.

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    • @Quarantine says:

      Yes, that’s what cruising tourists are going to pay for. You’re delusional if you think that they’d even consider that when so many of our neighbors are welcoming them with open arms.

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  9. Joshua says:

    Hon Premier, you need to stop. We are not as dumb as you think. You really disappoint me. Do you think that we really believe this rhetoric. Can you please share where you got your data from. We want to check it ourselves. If you are correct and you say to me in future that the earth is flat I will believe you. Stop it sir, you are the Premier. We want to believe in you we just can’t take the childishness and the lies. I also did a survey and the tourist said they not taking vaccine. When you produce yours I will produce mine.

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  10. Joshua says:

    Mr Premier since that you dont want to be honest with the people, let me help you out. I know you really don’t want to cause a stir but let me tell the people the facts. Doctors that have been vaccinated 8%, health care providers 31%, police 29%, immigration 18%, customs 26% mainly from DVD percentage wise, listen to this members of parliament and this include the speaker 8 as of the last 72 hours. The people who matters most running far and fast, why should we.

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  11. PT9 says:

    @Hodgie, You are a very self-centered person who don’t care about other people.

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  12. @Hodgie says:

    Stop pretending to be a Civil Servant. You are not.

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  13. The NATION says:

    Y’all funny…y’all trying all kinds of thing to pressure people into getting this vaccine.

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  14. Outcasts says:

    Why are the officials placing all this pressure on persons to be vaccinated. There are so many persons with other factors to consider when taking the vaccine. Persons who have allergies, nursing and pregnant women, people with religious beliefs. Have some respect for those persons and stop making it seem like if someone choose not to get vaccinated they are an outcast. People have other issues dealing with other than having to simply choose to get vaccinated. Get a heart! So much for saying you believe in Christ

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  15. Oh yes says:

    Lamo, so we know that there will be a requirement for persons in hospitality to get vaccinated. This is rich lol, why? Because it is the ppl in the hospitality industry who really pushing this talk of fake virus and “plandemic” lol. Soooooo now we opening up, will you take the “tracking chip” so you can interact with the tourist you have been begging the government to let in??? Let’s see them now.

  16. Oh boy says:

    Some of you people are impossible. The Premier is being asked to open the economy and when he does then you all fussing and don’t want to vaccinate. You all are hard to please.

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    • @Oh Boy says:

      The Premier is using this as an excuse for his i****ness. We should not be where we are currently and that’s the bottom line, COVID or not.

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  17. heckler says:

    I will take my vaccine after the members for the 5th and 7th take theirs

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  18. nick says:

    personally, I don’t give a dam about the cruise ships. I work for a charter company and we have zero business since one year now. Cruise ships bring cheap tourists, pollution and traffic jam.

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    • Preach it says:

      I’ve got a >$15k charter schedule with Moorings in July, we’ve decided to cancel and go elsewhere. Putting it off as far as we can hoping the quarantine mandate will be removed but we need reassurances now.

      No way I’m sitting on the boat for four days only to have to get all the way back and retest on day 4. No Baths, no Saba, no Bight, no Indians, no Cooper, No JVD for majority of trip? No thanks.

      I feel sorry for you guys, it’s so unnecessary.

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    • Nick is a small minded fool says:

      Cruise Ships bring in Port Fees which prevent the BVI Port Authority from raising fees on small businesses which pass those fees on to the consumer.

      We know only your guests you want in the BVI. The elitist attitude and arrogance of people like you in the Charter Industry who care nothing about other people’s livelihoods is why y’all efforts gained no traction in the community

  19. Crying Wolf says:

    Globally world leaders has said its not mandatory, yet the continued fear mongering to force one into taking these injectables.
    Recently AstraZeneca is not being transparent with their data and the silent war for Vaccine Supremacy is on-going. Should people globally continue to play this politic game with their lives and livelihoods. There official websites showing the death, adverse reaction and yet you are being called a conspiracy theorist when there are hard facts. The new normal and the typical catch phrase of the”Benefits outweigh the risk”, or for the Greater Good. These are war terms if you didn’t know and we are in one right now. Our freedoms are at stake and they continue to play games. We didn’t sign up to be a part of this war or a game of Simon says.News flash Recently news fully vaccinated persons still caught covid. Your natural immune stated on the cdc websites shows from age 0-19 99.9, age 20+ 98% or more and 65 and up 94% that’s without a vaccine.
    The tourist that came before didn’t make an issue coming in all now still not an issue. Why would our leader come on the public forum without any evidence to show these are actual, factual statements from tourist.
    News please check into this…..

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  20. JJ says:

    I do not trust this. I sense community spread and deaths in the making.

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  21. Bull s**t says:

    100% bulls**t…for the sheep

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  22. I wish says:

    Had some sample of that really deadly disease ebola..all u crying wolf ..u get wolf…but wait…keep wishing

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  23. Shocked says:

    I’m not one to agree with Fahie, but here he’s got a point. I’m traveling there again this May, and I would much prefer to use a taxi driver that’s vaccinated and shop/eat at establishments where the staff is vaccinated as well. I was there in December, and while EVERYONE was good about using hand sanitizer, that wasn’t the case with masks. And the silly barrier in our taxi had collapsed, which didn’t make it very effective.

    Everyone coming on my trip will be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before our arrival by the way.

    Can’t wait to be back. Stay well.

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    • @Shocked says:

      So wait? Nobody is supposed to get sick anymore? What the f**k is wrong with you people? It’s as if you can have Cancer, Aids and everything else as long as you don’t have COVID, all is well. SMFH!

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      • @ @Shocked says:

        They so brainwashed and manipulated and don’t realise it. SMH

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      • @@shocked says:

        Being vaccinated doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to catch or transmit COVID. But it does make it VERY MUCH less likely, which I prefer. For a moment, close your eyes and imagine that there’s colors between black and white. Then recognize there’s shades between risky and immune. Those vaccinated are closer to the immune side (even if not all the way there) than those who chose to forego modern medicine. By all means, follow your gut. May the chips fall where they will. But when I’m there, spending thousands of dollars, I’d rather spend it with your more intelligent countrymen (and the more intelligent tourists for that matter).

        I respect your dissent and offer you the chance to say which establishment you own/work at, so we can all vote with our money, and you can decide for yourself if you’ve made the right choice.

  24. Nonsense says:

    Why this man don’t stop l**ng
    Andrew Fahie is the worst and w***ed premier
    If the don’t want to interact with ppl who did not take the vaccine why the h**l them don’t stay at them country
    Andrew Fahie looking all round to f***e ppl to take the vaccine
    He keep l**ng to protect another l**
    Let him bring at least five tourist who say the won’t be around ppl who are not vaccinated then ppl will believe
    Tourist don’t care about take the vaccine
    Andrew need to go back to school and learn “sense”
    He is not taking to mad ppl
    Why the h**l them forcing ppl to take a vaccine that the UK ban

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  25. @shocked says:

    What are you talking about? United States children are not in school for 1 year and you are a Traveling Man? And you feel you can demand all who you may come near has taken the Mark Of The Beast, DNA altering, vaccine built around the cells of an aborted girl nearly 50 years ago. You choose to poison yourself with Transhumanism faux vaccine, and you want to force the BVI to get the Mark of The Beast so you can come here? BLACK MAIL? you are vaxxed so why you worry if your vax works. HMMMMMMM oh wait, your vax doesnt work? who says Astra Zenica vax being forced on us in the BVI WORKS?? HMMMMMM no vax works.

    2,600 babies are murdered in their mother’s tummies and you think I must have a vax, when only 1,085 out of 360 MILLION people in the USA died today of Covid19 according to Worldometer. BVI is COVID19 free sir.

    Vasxxine shaming is not going to work in the BVI, we are smart intelligent people.

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  26. Big show says:


  27. To @shocked says:

    I didn’t say you should get vaccinated. I said, I’d rather be around those who have. I don’t know how many American babies are killed in their mother’s tummies on an annual basis, and I don’t get why that’s relevant.

    I could as easily have said I’d rather be around non-racists while I’m there too. That’s just not what this article was about. I’m shocked to hear that people feel pressured to get vaccinated. In my world, people couldn’t wait to get their turn. I welcomed everyone who said no. All the sooner I got my own shot. I’m sure there are those in the BVI who can’t wait either. I hope they get their turn soon.

    A friend regardless.

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  28. Concerned says:

    If you are vaccinated you should be safe y worry about those who are not

  29. Captain Flint says:

    Anyone else think that allowing the cruise ships back is a bad idea? Whats going to happen when the covid cases increase? The hospital wont cope. I know a lot of people dont want the vaccine as they dont trust it. Lets hope the cost of letting in the tourists and the cruise ships is not an increase of new covid cases.

  30. Lamb's bread says:

    Opening to cruises in the middle of a pandemic? Curious to see the outcome.

  31. Wrong road says:

    I vaccinated, awaiting 2nd shot. I believe it was the best decision for me.

    “Do this or else” is the approach my parents took long ago and I did quite the opposite. It did not work.

    Scare tacticts was Hitler’s MO, along with many other dictators.

    Hon. Premier, find another way to encourage vaccination.

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