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CSC calls for a VI gangster’s summit! Seeks ‘influencers’ to encourage halt in smuggling trade

Well-known pastor and talk show host, Claude Skelton Cline has an unusual request. He is calling for a gangster’s summit in the British Virgin Islands.

The clergyman’s request is in an effort to put a stop to the smuggling trade, at least for next few months.

These smuggling and human trafficking activities between the neighbouring US Virgin Islands and the BVI have been linked to the recent clusters of COVID-19 cases in the territory.

“This is one of the occasions where we cannot blame the expats for nothing. Not on this. Not in this particular component,” Skelton Cline said during his Honestly Speaking radio programme on Tuesday.

He continued: “I want to call a gangster summit with all the Virgin Islands gangsters. We need to have a summit. We need to have a sit-down behind closed doors, nobody gotta know who everybody is. We need to ask the people with the ‘street cred’ to have the other street cred man to stand down. You all gotta stand down on this thing! You all going to get everybody killed. And those who ain’t get killed, you are going to get the UK to walk up in here. That’s what you want?”

Skelton Cline said while there have been calls by government ministers for perpetrators to put a halt to the practice, he is going a bit further.

He said he believes it is necessary to involve “people in the street who have influence” to advocate for the halt.

“Tell those men, ‘meh son, ayo need to go sit down with this thing for a minute’. Let this thing rest for the rest of the year. We know money gotta be made but we can’t make it this way because everybody go end up dead. This is a small little place you can’t be out there behaving like this!”

Mothers do your part!

Skelton Cline also called on mothers to play their part in stamping out the illicit activity.

He said some mothers are well aware their sons are involved in smuggling. 

“You gotta call your son in. Say, ‘now listen, son … if you know you involved in this I need you to go sit down for your mother’s sake, for your sisters them sake, relax for a minute, stand down on this thing. Stay off the water. I don’t want to go Balsam Ghut, and I don’t want to have to go Johnson Ghut,” he stated.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Need to take a cut in contract so the people who desperately need food, medical attention and shelter can get their increments to care for their needs.

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  2. Phoenix says:

    “You are now entering….the Twilight Zone…”

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  3. Lmao says:

    I honestly can’t believe what I just read

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  4. Shorty says:

    Strups!! Claude since you seemingly find the time to ramble a load of crap the public have questions for you.
    1. Where the h**l is your report on the fake work you were given and money paid by tax payers?
    2. Since you associate with gangstas I will use your analogy being a gangsta and raiding the BVI treasury fraudulently and not producing one ounce of work.
    3. This entire gangsta summit nonsense is pure foolishness. Clearly if you associate with gangstas, you know they are gangstas have given a tip to law enforcement about your gangsta friends? If not shut the h**l up and return the money paid for not producing anything to the treasury.

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  5. Seen too many movies says:

    This man has seen too many movies. A gangster summit?

    Perhaps we can invite Coolio to sing the anthem of this meeting.

    BVI = Gangsta’s paradise.

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  6. I just can’t says:


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  7. Admission of the real issue says:

    I am pleased to see that someone is finally admitting the existence of an elaborate network of criminals and gangsters in the BVI.


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    This article is an URGENT CALL for immediate UK military intervention. It is clear that the BVI has a systemic issue with organised crime. Even the church and its pastors are involved in this!

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  9. I must have read wrong says:

    So he knows who these gangsters are and not reporting ensuring that these gangsters friends he calls them are not dealt with under law. If you see something say something Claude Skelton-Cline. The police need to take you in for questioning because it seems like you can truly help to put a STOP to the illegal activities in this territory. You even confessed to have criminal tendencies. Oh boy! You should have also used the platform to witness to these individuals and ask them to turn to God the great provide and deliverer But your advise to them is go sit down and leave this thing for a minute??

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  10. Rubber Duck says:

    Whatever he is smoking , I don’t want any.

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  11. joke says:

    this guy truly is a joke

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  12. Acting says:

    C***n seeking attention whats new

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  13. Cryptic message says:

    Just because you asked them to stop it means you’re being sincere. You used your radio show to send a message w—– them because you and your friends do not want UK presence here in the BVI.
    Frazer said it yesterday one of the Economic pillars of the BVI, Natures Little Big Secret.
    I want the Soldiers March right in and all the so called people responsible for this Chaos get what they deserve, their days in prison.My Message to the Governor Send them in………Cleanup!!!!CleanUP!!!
    Head to neck to tail……

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  14. Crazy says:

    Lol claude just make it a secretive meeting . No cell phones no tape recorders only come on scooters no lol

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  15. Ning says:

    If only I could do the ‘crying face’ emoji a hundred times – words do not express the absurdity of this person, or his statement. This country has taken ‘uniqueness’ to a whole new level!

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  16. wth says:

    wtf did i just read

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  17. Two says:

    Man walking around here with two last names like a woman and calling for gangsters summit.well you see the taxt payers free money you received,Bring Back It.

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  18. vip heckler says:

    but he is in the VIP

  19. Mestizo says:

    What two last name has to do with it?? many cultures uses the mother and father last name to distinguish their citizens, nothing wrong with it. he is just and burro!

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  20. LOL says:

    Seem like Claude know something the rest of us don’t know – or he see an opportunity to lead his expertise as a gangstor pastor.

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  21. Resident says:

    Perhaps the Gangsta Summit concept can be included in the next constitutional settlement? It could be a second revising chamber of the legislature. What must the UK think of us, when a Government Consultant comes out with this??

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  22. Pastor Cline says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    Military intervention are used to quell violent political and or military insurrections. How dare you impose a military invasion on a peaceful people CALL FOR THE UK MILITARY INTERVENTION? Of course we know the reasons for such idiotic statements.

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    Al military intervention based on deception.

    Therefore, what is the deceptive reason for wanting to invade the BVI with military intervention?

    It is reckoned that your motives are rooted in racism, imperialism, greed and power. But, such would go against all international standards, not to mention how illegal and imperialistic it would be or the UK to invade a peaceful overseas territory with military might just because it can.

    That would be a shift in the political paradigm that would have far reaching consequences.

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  25. lol says:

    I have a problem to call this man “PASTOR”. His name is K*********k.

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  26. LOL says:

    Wait, wait don’t tell me. . . Is it actually possible that, only now some people are realizing that it has always been the gangsters who run the BVI.

  27. Juan da Adventist says:

    The gangster summit takes place every House of Assembly. 13 people sticking us up without a mask and gun. And the biggest gangster summit is election time.

  28. down2earth says:

    From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. …By their fruits we shall know them!

  29. Doh says:

    Everybody relax

    US marines will be here soon to liberate you

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  30. @Juan da Adventist says:

    You hit the nail directly on the head to a T. The Gangsters Summit takes place up in THE HOUSE OF CARDS EVERY TIME THE ASSEMBLY IS IN SESSION.

  31. Island Boy says:

    Cline is one of the biggest “ undercover “ gangsters in the BVI. He needs to turn himself in.

  32. Is that so says:

    I really cant believe what I have just read. A Gangsters’ Summit? What really happening here in the BVI?

    A couple days ago, blame was directed to the Spanish community for the spread. Now its corrected and redirected?

    I can only imagine who these gangsters will be. I am guessing that he may very well be the chairman.

    BVI Gangsters’ Governing Body (who will it be):
    President – ?
    Vice President – ?
    Secretary – ?
    Treasurer – ?
    Public Relation Officer – ?
    Trustee (1) – ?
    Trustee (2) – ?
    Trustee (3) – ?

  33. Non Sense says:

    This good gentleman has too much free time on his hands. He is too idle and he is just calling down or country with this nonsense. This news is not just seen and being read here it is world wide. Can only imagine what people thinks of us. What are you implying Mr Skelton Cline? That our country is built on illegal activities? Stop your foolishness our parents and grand parents built this country by hard labour. Stop It Stop It

  34. C. Nedd says:

    I must confess that inspite of how difficult the year 2020 has been. It is really nice to read something and simply smile for awhile. Mr. Cline, thank you for diverting our attention from the depresssiing and difficult year we have had. Thank you. I am still smiling.

  35. Crazy Horse says:

    Somebody here was mentioning that this News would be read worldwide and he could only imagine what other people think of it. Well, i can assure you though probably not the entire World is reading this or interested, those that do, rightfully think this island is a joke and I’m sorry for the many good people having to deal with the nonsense of a few.

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