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CSC’s contract with gov’t extended! Says 2 major projects underway

Owner of Grace Consultants and Chairman of the Cruise Tourism Committee, Claude Skelton Cline.

Pastor Claude Skelton Cline has said he is still under contract as a government consultant for the governing Andrew Fahie administration and is working on two major projects that will be announced soon.

This news comes one month after the official expiration date of Cline’s $144,000 contract which was scheduled to run from September 18, 2019 to August 17, 2020, as stated by Cabinet.

While no recent publications by Cabinet suggest an extension of Skelton Cline’s contract, he confirmed still being a government consultant in a recent video interview with 284 Media.

“It’s going well. I am enjoying the journey. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing,” said Skelton Cline who is an open supporter of the Virgin Islands Party government.

“Though I cannot report with any specificity on what we are working on, I can say that there are two major projects that’s in tow right now and so it’s not to preempt the government’s position and they being able to come to the public, which will be their rightful position,” he added.

Twofold contractual relations with government

Skelton Cline said there were two “salient points” of his current contractual agreement with the government.

“One, I do as the contract states: whatever the Premier/Minister of Finance asks of me. There’s always that line in the contract that [also] says, ‘and anything else that he may ask’. Then the other salient point is I’m responsible for identifying new developments, new revenue streams in terms of bringing new job opportunities, new entrepreneur opportunities to the country,” he stated.

Feels singled out

Skelton Cline who is the owner of Grace Consulting — the company under which the contract was awarded — said he believe he is constantly singled out by residents, unlike other persons who are in regular business with the government.

“I always think that don’t matter in spite what people say about my contracts. There are a myriad of contracts that’s issued in these Virgin Islands and seldom do you hear anything about any of them. But when it comes to Claude Skelton Cline, I understand that I can be a lightning rod given who I am and the voice that I lend to this country,” the clergyman stated.

Prior to receiving the $144,000 one-year contract, Skelton Cline said he previously received a six-month contract valued $98,000.

The tender process was waived for both contracts. This effectively means they were not open for bid to other companies. 

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  1. Shameless says:

    Claude Cline has no shame whatsoever.

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    • Disgrace says:

      The Overspend is a disgrace – there is no justification for him being paid $16,666.67 per month whilst he spends his time talking n——— to anybody that will listen.

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    • vow says:


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      • Local says:

        Vip one term government Andrew Fahie this is wrong you are not better than the NDP enjoy your ride next election you going back on the other side we give you a change and i must say besides Lavity Stoutt you speak quite good for a leader but your action speaks differently of you save the ship while there is time.

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        • He Speak Good??? says:

          You have to be joking! Every time this Premier speaks, I am embarrassed for our little country. He was an educator, teaching our children and the man cannot use proper grammar? Someone hand him a dictionary and thesaurus before his next speaking opportunity, please. I can’t bear the thought of him sitting at a CARICOM conference, or worse addressing another group of world leaders outside of the Caribbean. How are we to be taken seriously?

    • VIP = C------n says:

      The VIP government is openly demonstrating their gross financial negligence as well as c——- business practices to provide kick— to friends and family.

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    • BVIslander says:

      We the people are the problem, not Claude, he is simply an op********t the blame should be with the elected government who keep wasting our tax money, and making poor decisions, same VIP from 10 years ago. no change whatsoever

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Show me one dollar this loudmouthed sh1t stirrer has ever brought into the country.

  2. Kilpatrick says:

    While people don’t have food to eat, Claude made 240k for 18 months of no work with nothing to show. Now he is saying that he is completing 2 projects? People can’t pay rent. People houses mashed up since Irma. Businesses are closing down people don’t have work and this political grasshopper just goes on ZBVI radio and runs his mouth and gets a fat check at the end of each month. He was a l***h to the NDP and now he is one to the ViP.

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  3. God should fire him says:

    This guys is a d—— to the church and god. He is also a unnecessary burden of the government finances. I wonder why Andrew trump keeps him on the payroll!!!

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  4. Conner says:

    I can’t even find words to describe Claude Cline. Oh yes! I found one. He is an artist. Figure out what t—- letter word goes before the word artist. It begins with a –

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  5. Tricks says:

    Easy money ?

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  6. From afar says:

    The Pastor is the head s—- that is causing the drama in the BVI. He is the one that was doing the under— moves behind the Governor’s back. To the out going Governor, wishing you and your Family the best, you were one of the best Governor the BVI had. You never miss the WATER UNTILL THE WELL RUNS DRY. One of the first things the new Governor should do is ban all scooters in the BVI. In Bermuda, only tourist is allowed to ride scooters not locals. WARNING, THE NEW GOVERNOR IS NOT A PUSH OVER NOR CAN HE BE BULLIED OR MANIPULATED. Good Luck suckers, you are going to need it. YOU WILL SEE WHAT IT IS TO BE BULLIED AND REMAIN STUCK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CRAB BARREL. What goes around will circle back around.

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    • law says:

      In Bermuda everybody has scooter, dont know where you got that information about only tourist allow to ride scooter, thats a lie, lie lie lie.

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  7. Shameful says:

    $13,444 per month

    $(98k + 144k)/(6m + 12m) = $242k/18 months

    AMAZING – costs expended but $0 in revenue. As a business man, this means a loss of $242k over an 18 month period for the Government and especially more so because no future revenue will be generated to classify the cost as a capital cost or investment by the Government!

    The Governments wasting money. Only God knows if there aren’t kick backs.

    Wicked set of people in this world. But that is their reward. Better everlasting days ahead for the righteous.

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  8. Ha says:

    Skelton Cline who is an open supporter of the Virgin Islands Party government.
    Open supporter to any party once the —— right. Remember when he was running for politics under the NDP banner a few years ago

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  9. styles. says:

    “I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing” he says.

    And then when you continue to read what he is actually supposed to do it is so vague that he gets away with doing n——-.


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  10. vip heckler says:

    This culprit made millions off foy so far. Besides lashing out at the governor he seems to be busy frustrating our caribbean brothers and sisters

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  11. gravy trainnnnnnnnnnnn says:

    Isn’t this the same guy who negotiated the deal with the 3 barges? Makes me wonder whats next!

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  12. Disgrace says:

    No bid contract for 240k to be the mouth organ on ZBVI. He spends all day on the beach Cane Garden Bay and collects over 16k per month while we civil servants can’t get our increment.
    Claude has no concscience! If he had any he would hide himself from people but instead he up in your face.

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  13. USA says:

    Stop letting this pastor run the BVI! He is only in it for the money.

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  14. If this guy isn't a g*****r says:

    Somebody, anybody, even Pastor Claude Skelton Cline. Please come to the blog and tell us the good works moving the BVI forward which have been accomplished.

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  15. Windy says:

    The d***l with a collar.

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  16. Like Duh says:

    Two major projects? Like what? Badmouthing the governor and talking nonsense about independence?

    Can’t think of anything else except running up his mouth and speaking loudly. But I guess that is part of the job description, along with acting as a mouthpiece for some unknown person.

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  17. Forward ever Backward never says:

    All CSK does is run his f** mouth but nothing comes out but sh*t. Fahie you will be at the polls for this and all other abuses of your power. You will see. God don’t sleep. And everything that comes out of your mouth is God this and God that. You are a HYPOCRITE. ?

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  18. Interested says:

    Don’t worry,His day will come.Detroit

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  19. Jane says:

    Maybe stop dressing like a p**p if you want to be taken seriously?

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  20. Gravy Train continues says:

    Here we have it guys! This is how it goes in this place. Not one minister or member of HoA gave up any of their salaries our allowances to help those in need. So you see why he’s pushing for independence and self determination? So people like him will continue to r**e the treasury in the name of consultancy. Some of us don’t even qualify for a box of kraft dinner because of this and that, but ohhh here we go again. 99 cents is harder to get than $99K. Then youall wonder why God vex. I must go sit down in chuch to listen to him? God a God still

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  21. Nonsense says:

    Another debacle that Governor Jasper sat and allowed? This man contract for a year can pay 3 or 4 persons who came from college or 8-10 who came out of highschool.

    Even marks debacle rant and accusations outside of House of assembly was not address. Like the investigations it must just go away in the minds of the people like it never happened.

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  22. honestly says:

    As a man of god and taking so much licks why not donate a large portion of that money to those in need.

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  23. honest says:

    WHAT THE H**L IS GOING ON CSC HAS THE GOVERMEBT IN A HOLE PEOPLE CANNOT get a decent salary help from social security and he is getting more money this is not good there are other persons who can do a better consulanting job cline boy continue to use the government some thin is wrrrong between andrew and cline the cover up phase

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  24. Seasalt says:

    So I have a question. When we see the backs of those in office right now what is CSC goin to do. He is a re***t of ndp and when his party goes out(thats a must) next election what is the next option. You only talk for your money, who and what else? Keep blowing hot air brother, you are well paid for that.

    Your reports is public interest since you are being paid from the publics purse so can we have them published so we can see what you have done for us for every cent paid.

    What fools this gov has taken us for, feeling sick of them to the bone. Election must come back, my fingers are itching to vote. Hope you enjoy the support while it last. I wonder how many votes this one persn who is paid $244K can give you to keep you with the power that you so enjoy. Patience is virtue. Waiting patiently VIP.

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  25. vip heckler says:

    This guy is the highest paid man in the BVI because he is paid to do n****ng

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  26. ayo blind? says:

    This culprit from the pulpit is laughing at us…Hope he dont end up in the bottomless pit

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    • A matter of time says:

      Don’t worry. He will meet it ultimately and he wouldn’t be able o run. Evil will never win no matter how lucky he might think he is. It’s a disgrace that at a time so many people are suffering. Why not take this same money and give to people who really need it. I know a local guy who is has been living in his care long before covid. And yes he’s a local with no plane to catch. Let’s try to fix some of these social ills instead of just handing this man and others all this money for n**+++g.

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  27. Jokes says:

    Claude is not losing an ounce of sleep over these stupid comments. The reality is stimulus for businesses are soon being paid and the Territory will reopen in a few weeks. By Christmas everyone will forget this and go back to their nasty ways. By next elections Fahie and VIP will dole out contracts left and right and be re-elected as Government. Talk is cheap, most of the comments on here have all to do with bashing and nothing to do with genuine love of country. Fahie and his crew know exactly the kind of people they’re dealing with and that’s why they do the things they do.

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    • Wow says:

      Of course he isn’t losing an ounce of sleep … You would be sleeping soundly too! We are yet to hear what this man has done to add value to the recovery and development of these islands over the first two terms of his consultancy to justify an extension of his contact. What has he done to show that it has been money well spent? … We are too docile in this place. Demand accountability before he gets any additional extension… demand accountability and transparency for the people’s money… Especially at this critical time when resources are scarce and govt revenues have taken such a huge hit. Ridiculous! If he can’t show how he is adding value then there should be no contract. Simple as that.

  28. Crazy says:

    When the white man from the RDA was getting $350,000 a year I didnt see quarter of these negative comments. You all stop player hating and pocket watching and get up and try to get your own.

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  29. Dictionary says:

    Picture of this guy under h*******e.

  30. What!! says:

    Government contract extended, at what price??

  31. well meh boi says:

    fr*** is the only person that wont be needing a stimulus

  32. We didn’t forget says:

    Don’t forget the neighborhood project where Claude and our Premier still have some accounting for.


    got to fund that dandy lifestyle. but the question is, does h— bowl the other way.

  34. Tongue Fu says:

    Whose keeping count:

    571K under VIP Min of ED – Neighborhood partnership project that never got off the ground.

    96k with NDP consultancy contract after his failed bid for a seat.
    Then he got the MD of the BVIPA Ports job. He would later oversee the TPP project which saw an overrun of 32 million.

    Now the under the VIP 98K/ 144K and now a 2 year contract.

    He did say he had G—- proclivities. Is really true real Gangsters don’t need a gun. Is the Gangster Summit on his list of projects?

  35. Claude is.. says:

    …time for the new governor to start checking bank accounts!

  36. Louisville KY. says:

    This man has not realized and he most likely will never learn that his arms are too short to box with god!