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Cuban doctors invited to help BVI in COVID-19 fight — Premier

The British Virgin Islands might soon benefit from the expertise of more than two dozen Cuban doctors to assist in the territory’s fight against the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).

Premier Andrew Fahie said the territory, through the Ministry of Health and the International Affairs Secretariat of the Premier’s Office, solicited the help of 30 doctors through talks with the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) as well as the Government of Cuba.

“I am pleased to say that the team is ready to come to the BVI,” Fahie said in a statement on March 28.

The Premier further said his administration is now awaiting the United Kingdom to ‘support’ the territory’s request for this ‘invaluable assistance’ from the Government of Cuba.

He did not specify whether this support would come in the form of financial assistance or otherwise.

Meanwhile, the moved to invite Cuba’s assistance comes at a time when the BVI has confirmed its first two cases of COVID-19 and while it awaits the test results of nine other suspected cases.

Cuba helping other countries

The Cuban government has deployed doctors and other medical staff to Italy, Dominica, Belize, Antigua & Barbuda, St Vincent & the Grenadines, and Jamaica to assist those nations in their battle against COVID-19.

Cuba has been widely known as a mecca for some of the best doctors in the world and has lent medical assistance during serval previous disasters around the world.

The Cuban medical brigade has assisted countries in the past with the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in 2014 in West Africa, which was the largest ever recorded in history according to the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention.

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  1. Diaspora says:

    We cannot let the politics of the perfect be enemy of the good. We cannot and should not slaughter the medical needs of the territory during this pandemic on the altar of political correctness. Cuba despite US embargo of several decades has made great strides in its literacy rate and medical training, ie, doctors and health professionals. Cubans have shared their medical wealth around the global during emergencies and to the chagrin of the US.

    And the Cubans are willing to provide medical assistance to the V.I. so what is the down side to accepting the help. The VI has a small and limited health system and needs to surge its capacity and capability, avoiding overwhelming the health system. The first order of business is preventing contracting the infection. Nonetheless, if some residents are infected, the capacity and capability must be in place to take care of them.

    Every effort must be taken not to overwhelmed the health system. An overwhelmed health system spells disaster and creates a second crisis. The UK has its hands full responding to this crisis, due to a slow start out of the gate. Let’s get this thing done. Cubanos, beinvenidos!

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    • Mad says:

      Commissioner did the curfew end last night because i swear it’s a normal day hear in east end almost every one is out and about.Cars bikes and there is no patrol going on either come on its day 3 why when the station is just a couple ft away.these guys turn the one way by the community center into the main road. Get out on the road popo

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    • Global Reset! says:

      I’m considering this pandemic a “Global Reset”. A lot of the BS taken place will fall by the wayside. What’s the problem with 30 neighboring medical professionals being invited into our seriously understaffed, under monetized medical department. ProsP Lives might be spared: CONS: Lives might be lost.
      The premier calls himself an Unconventional leader, leading an Unconventional government. What does Unconventional mean anyway?…a different way of thinking and doing things; not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed. There you have it; Cubans are Unconventional in the sphere of politics.
      Anyway, I recall the Hon Rieal George, during his term in VIP administration traveling to Cuba on at least two occasions seeking out knowledge on investing in and raising small stock as a way to create entrepreneurship and improve/subsidise food supply.
      Bienvenedos los Cubanos

  2. open eye says:

    open eyes to down island people the premier know why he look out for every body from here and down island people. God Bless Premier Hon Andrew Fahie
    Together we as one forever together.

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  3. Laughing says:

    Yup go ahead and enjoy your Cuban doctors. Some of the best in the world? No. Some of the best in the third world? Yes. What happened with the brilliant black minds and those providing excellent care in the Territory now? Are they substandard because they attended substandard teaching facilities. You see just because you are a Belonger and have money doesn’t mean you are entitled to become a Doctor. First and utmost is brain matter, which is clearly lacking in the BVI

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  4. Wow says:

    Cubans coming? You all hate the Spanish. Well I guess when you are in your knees dying you’ll beg anyone including your former enslavers

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    • Gail says:

      i hope you are nor dying. Stupid fool!

    • first of all says:

      They are not spanish… Spanish people are from Spain people !! you people and these spanish speaking countries always claiming people to be or to be spanish.They are Cubans. When you get sick just stay home.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If we we need help and assistance from anywhere or anyone, we ask for it.

    Why does that request and subsequent approval have to be approved b yanyone other than the authorities accepting the request and fulfilling it?

    You don’t no approval of support from no colonial entity when your very existence is on the line.

    If your country is being invaded, you by fighting off the invader. You don’tgo asking permission to do so.

    Where the hell are we in the 21st? Still subservients obviously, to system not by us or for us.

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    • BvIslander, Maryland says:

      We are officially going on lock down 8:00 P.M. can only leave the house to go to the supermarket. Only essential workers is allowed to be out side.

    • Online Now says:

      I expect the support he has requested was financial support

      • LCS says:

        Well the country is supposedly broke without Federation of Russia’s help of 8 millions a day. Money is not coming from Cuba. What are the 30 doctors gonna do if they come to facilities w not enough supplies, trained personell, working equipment, etc.? Cubans are not bringing these with them. Their country’s situation is so dire that they are willing to get out any way they can. Visited Dec 2018. Conditions are really bad?

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  6. Anonymous says:

    So what is wrong asking for help. You see wetolan we will die. Look Jamaica , 100 and add of them went to JA…..we have to much pride.

  7. Pp says:

    So what is wrong asking for help. You see wetolan we will die. Look Jamaica , 100 and add of them went to JA…..we have to much pride.

  8. Sad says:

    Cuba has 80 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and climbing and here we bring doctors from Cuba to assist with COVID-19. Doctors from China and Italy who looked after patients with the disease died because they got infected. We do not want infected doctors here. Hon Premier please rethink this. Thank you.

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    • Curly says:

      I am sure they will be tested before they arrive, they are not just going to invite them in. It is time for all medical professions to come together and share their experience and wisdom, no matter which country they are from. We would be foolish not to accept this if done correctly.

  9. Quiet Warrior says:

    The frontline or forward edge of battle area (FEBA)in this war against the Novel Coronavirus (Civid-19) is the medical professionals, ie, nurses, technicians, doctors…….etc. The health system needs the surge capacity and capability to prevent the system from being overwhelmed. Furthermore, an overwhelmed health system may mean rationing of care for those that may have the best likelihood of long-term survival. All our effort must be geared to avoid this scenario.

    Moreover, in order for health professionals to function at a high level, they must have adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). The health system must also surge beds, ventilators, nurses, nurses assistants, physician assistants, laboratory technicians……..etc. The 30 Cuban medical professionals will be a welcome addition to surge staffing. Governor Augustus Jaspert lets get ah dun! Cubanos bienvenidos!

    • Wounded Warrior says:

      @Quiet Warrior, Covid-19 is a pandemic,not a war, but the casualties are mounting as in war. President Trump say he is a war time president and knows more than the generals and if so he needs to do everything to take it to the enemy. In war, troops are protected from the air, under the sea and on the ground. . On land, troops are protected on the frontline, in the rear, on the left flank and on the right flank. Generals or Admirals don’t take troops into battle without the proper plan of action, ammo……etc. . For example, he needs to fully implement the Defense Production Act to provide medical professionals with the proper personal protective equipment and proper medical facilities and equipment for the care of those wounded in battle.

      On the battlefield, there are soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen/women, and coast guard men/women and on the Covid-19 battle field there gallant/valiant medical professionals. This war should not be politicized. Premier Fahie let’s provide the bold leadership and give our gallant medical professionals the ammo needed to fight the war to win.

      Comrade in Arms

  10. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    Importation of the Cuban Doctors to assist with our fight agains the spread of the Corona virus is a great idea.

    The Cuban health care system is one of the World’s best. They have experience in dealing with epidemics as they have for a long time assisted many countries with man – power and equipment in dealing with epidemics like Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia, then corona virus in Italy, China and recently our neighbors St. Kitts and Nevis. This is what we need and no disrespect to our health care officials but their experience in epidemics is limited if at all and the last thing we want is placing inexperience at the front line as this could be a recipe for disaster that can lead to medical care personnel contracting the virus. Also takes the burden off some of the local health care workers as it allows for them to focus on other patients and then others could work along side the Cuban doctors to gain the requisite experience for future epidemics.

    Question is at what cost does this come? Are they working for free? What do the Cubans want in return? All these details will have to be agreed upon.

    Hopefully the United Kingdom will allow the request as this is a matter of urgent public health.

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  11. We now need says:

    30 Indian policemen with big sticks

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