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Cuban medical team to arrive in a month’s time — Premier

Premier Andrew Fahie

The team of Cuban medical practitioners who government said will be lending support to the territory will be arriving in the British Virgin Islands in “a month’s time”.

Premier Andrew Fahie gave that timeline while speaking with BVI News on Monday, May 25.

He said: “The Government of the Virgin Islands is still in the process of ensuring the arrival of the Cuban medical brigade coming to the BVI to assist us in the COVID-19 fight.”

The Premier added that “more information on this endeavour will be made available shortly”.

Thirty to arrive

In a March 28 statement, Premier Fahie had announced that 30 medical personnel from that Spanish-speaking country was scheduled to travel to the territory at an undisclosed date.

When the team arrives, they will be quarantined for 14 days.

In the meantime, the territory recorded its eighth case of COVID-19 case on May 14. Patient number-eight is currently the only active case in the BVI.

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  1. What!!! says:

    Why is a Cuban medical team coming to the Territory if there are no Covid cases. What is the nonsense this Foy been handing out. How can this government be trusted with anything that is said. We need to hear from the Govenorvas to what the true facts are.

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    • :) says:

      I am real anxious to hear what Govenorvas has to say. We have heard from the Queen, Premier and the Governor so far but it is a travesty that we have not heard a single word from the world renowned covid19 specialist Govenorvas.

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    • Sadly says:

      The WHO you all like a harp! Wake up people! – new machine for test – more testing more cases – more doctors – second wave – second lockdown – solution gates of hell vaccine!!!

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  2. Doh says:

    Better late than never I guess.

    Once they’re here and through quarantine, they’ll be ready for the second surge of infections as the borders are opened.

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  3. #@@ says:

    @Doh…dislike in error.

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  4. Concern says:

    Don’t be stupid. Keep your borders closed for the foreseeable future.

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  5. #@@ says:

    Better 2 have them & not need them.

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  6. Hmmmmmm says:

    THIRTY (30)?

    Fahie, it is the people’s tax money paying for this, no? If yes, why the need for so many Cuban docs at that time especially given a good percentage of the current BVI population is unemployed and will need Government assistance in the upcoming months?

    The information we are receiving is not adding up. Where are the plan details for the next 6 months to end of November – the hurricane season?

    Boy oh Boy … only Fahie went school. Lollll

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    • tola says:

      Let them come. They will only be getting $50.00 a month. We can afford them. that’s about what they make in Cuba.

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  7. Yoyo says:

    Premier Fahie is a visionary, he knows there wI’ll be more cases when them IBH come here

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  8. Right On Time says:

    I am so happy that we are being proactive, as there are so many deviations from the regulations put in place to fight Covid-19 that it is not funny.

    Too many persons are ignoring the curfew that it leaves one to wonder if it is still in effect. The guidelines regarding how businesses are to operate are, for the most part, not being enforced. As a matter of fact, some places do not even have safe distance markers, etc., leaving one to wonder how they even got licensed to operate.

    People bathing dogs at the beaches; people not wearing masks (some even saying that as long as an N95 mask is being worn there is no need to practice safe distancing); persons not of the same household continuing to walk together before and after the curfew, motor cyclists blasting and non-essential vehicles driving about long after curfew begins. Not to mention the boys having their nightly chats, and the rum shops operating.

    Who is enforcing the laws?

    I say all of this to say that it is back to business as usual for too many persons, so when all hell breaks loose, the Cuban medical professionals will be here in time to assist.

    There is too, too much resistance to what has been put in place for OUR own safety. Who don’t hear does feel.

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  9. Hone boy says:

    Used virgin gordan clinic,little Dixie,multipurpose complex ,hurricane shelters and road town police headquarters not been in used Do an inspection on these see if they feasible.

  10. GTFOH says:

    Y’all bash the hospital all the time then act surprised that we need 30 doctors from Cuba to assist. We are a small territory with a small population so realistically you cant expect us to have qualified doctors that specializes in every medical field of science so now and then we will have to bring in a few temporarily.

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  11. A man says:

    Good move, sounds like borders opening up.

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  12. Bree says:

    You all forget we just opened a new clinic in VG that has needs for medical workers. They can work there to fill in the gaps.

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  13. lawyer says:

    St.Vincent never closed their borders. Airport open. They taking all the cruise ships other countries refusing. They using the island airport to fly home all their crew. Gonsalves even make them pay the hotels for two weeks to quarantine the people. Money for their economy. They managed their coronavirus cases without any shock to their economy.
    BVI keep the face mask, hygiene practice and the social distancing, but remove the curfew and open the borders.

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  14. Daffy Duck says:

    Dr Ralph Gonsalves is one of if not the brightest men in the entire Caribbean.
    SVG has election later this year, you think Gonsalves are his school fee? Never his best subject in school was lunch, if $100 is passed under the table he takes $40 and leaves $60 in the Treasury, the man ain’t no dunce, that is why SVG and SKN has the fastest growing economy in the Caribbean right now.

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  15. Dancing in The Sunshine says:

    This is a very good news. We need the Cubans here to assist us.If they work at ten doctors per shift that is fine. The problem is that some doctors will not be to exploit the patients because the government medical institutions will have enough staff.

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