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Curfew shortens to 10pm | All business now allowed to open

Starting Thursday, June 4, the current 7 pm to 5 am curfew will be shortened to now run from 10 pm to 5 in the morning.

In a statement Wednesday afternoon, Governor Augustus Jaspert also announced that all businesses will now be allowed to reopen, “subject to inspection by the Social Distancing & Monitoring Task Force and certification by the Environmental Health Division”.

“This means those remaining businesses, such as bars, can open once they have received approval,” Governor Jaspert said.

Unrestricted marine activity will be allowed

Governor Jaspert said in his statement that the movement of vessels within the territorial waters will be allowed, except in waters that are classified as an ‘exclusion zone’.

“This exclusion zone is necessary to ensure that our law enforcement and security agencies can effectively monitor and control our key marine borders to ensure that there is no unauthorised entry which could bring the risk of the virus in,” Jaspert explained.

He continued: “Unrestricted marine traffic and activity will be allowed only between 5 am and 5 pm, notwithstanding further curfew restrictions. This restriction to daylight hours only on the water is again to help our law enforcement ensure that they can keep our borders safe from unauthorised entry.

The governor further said unrestricted marine traffic and activity will be permitted east of 64.34300” W on the south side of Tortola and an area east of the dividing line between the westernmost tip of Jost Van Dyke and the westernmost tip of Tortola.

He said a map will be published showing the markings.

“Traffic through the exclusion zone and outside of the navigational limits is restricted and requires pre-clearance from the Multi-Agency Operational Command prior to transit,” Jaspert sated.

“Vessels fitted with Automatic Identification System technology will be required to use same while navigating within the territorial waters, especially in the exclusion zone to make them easily identifiable to law enforcement from a distance,” he added.

He further reminded residents and businesses to continue to take the anti-coronavirus precautions and proper hygiene protocols.

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  1. No Real Plan says:

    Did we endure the last 2 months to bend to the pressure?

    Are we not bringing in residents from overseas where Coronavirus is prevalent?

    Aren’t these persons staying with others in a household (supposedly in a separate room when we know some people don’t like to follow instructions then some of the same people who are in the home would come out an intermingle with the public)

    Why install a protective barrier to put a wrecking ball to it.

    Was the Economic Stimulus Plan really necessary after all?

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    • Tongue Fu says:

      Of course the stimulus plan was necessary but for me it was too little, too late. The economic damage done for the past 2-3 months will need more than 62.5 million dollars to fix. That is a bandaid solution. Not only that it came late as businesses and individuals alike had already piled up enormous debt and still had more debt present and future to deal with.

      It is about time that they open up the economy by relaxing the curfew and allowing all businesses to operate. They need to look at the borders and at least getting visitors ( Mariners and villa guests)in here by July with the proper pre checks and preventative measures in place. This can prepare us for November.

      The stimulus is clearly insufficient so we need more stimulus from overseas.Get people back to work.

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  2. Idlewanderer says:

    What happens after 10pm that is so risky?

    Is it really about the virus or more because these petty tyrants like to keep people under their thumb?

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  3. @ no real plan says:

    When the outbreak start you can blame the opposition c**man. Then he will feel high and mighty like an evil villain. A great mission accomplished only thing he will blame the Premier for it.

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  4. Nonesense says:

    Politics is a covered pot. Ye never know what is under lid until ye open it look in and taste. To partake thereof depends upon whether ye is family, politically affiliated or invited. The true nature of all politics,

  5. Learner Driver License - Written Test says:

    Please get the learner license written test started soon now!

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    • Father Time says:

      @Learner Driver

      DMV has a phone number. The commissioner is super accessible.I am pretty sure you can guess his email address. He is not going to acknowledge you here hun.

  6. Navigator says:

    That coordinate 64.343 w can’t be right

  7. Priest says:

    How did you come up with that figure?

  8. Longshanks says:

    So East of Oil Nut Bay is okay?

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