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Curfews will continue until we learn to practice safe measures

Premier Andrew Fahie

Despite the absence of active COVID-19 cases in the BVI, Premier Andrew Fahie said territory-wide curfews continue because many people aren’t following the health and safety guidelines which help to prevent the spread of the virus.

The BVI has been placed under multiple curfews since March of this year when COVID-19 first began to spread in the community. The current curfew runs from 12 midnight to 5 am daily and will be in place until October 22.

Speaking with 284 Media last week, Premier Fahie said the curfews will stop once the authorities are convinced that the public is able to diligently practice health and safety measures.

“We want to get there before December 1st … so we have to police ourselves and do not have anyone else police us. Once we police ourselves with the social measures as individuals and businesses, we will see the curfew lifted altogether off the territory,” Premier Fahie stated, adding that the recent spike in cases happened because persons did not take the health guidelines seriously.

Though describing the recent spike in COVID-19 cases was tough, Premier Fahie said it had a positive effect as it has forced people to take safety measures seriously.

“This spike was very difficult for us … [But], now more persons and businesses understand that in order for us to have our economy moving to the next level in order for us to live and combat COVID-19, we have to stay steadfast in purpose and diligent in action by adhering to all the social protocols,” Premier Fahie explained.

The territory-wide curfews which limit the public’s movement mainly at night, have badly affected bars and nightclubs which thrive on nightlife.

Last week, the government gave approval for these businesses to reopen until 12 midnight provided that they get certification from Environment Health Officials.

However, sections of the media last week reported that some bars had reopened without approval and had to be ordered closed by the health officials.

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  1. More foolishness says:

    Does this make sense to anyone listening? So when the borders open on Dec 1 there will be a curfew in place still? How will that help the rebound of our economy? So until every single person in the BVI practices safe measures we will be on curfew? Isn’t this the height of nonsense?
    In no country in the world will every citizen follow the recommended protocols for covid. Yes we should all try to practice it but it is foolish thinking to expect everyone to follow it. That is why the governments have to step in with enforcement measures. Sounds to me like the Premier has no plans in place to deal with covid. Lock down and curfew seems to be the only game in town for them.

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    • To more foolishness says:

      You obviously have not read the article and just blog against Fahie as you are assigned to do daily. I listen to the interview on 284 and the Premier was clear. In addition when the midnight decision for curfew was made the BVI was not at no cases as that has recently happened. All of a sudden some of you want to go after the Government for everything rather than saying we as a people have to do much better than some of us are doing and play our part in keeping the BVI safe. Let’s plan to do that from posting foolishness all the time.

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    • @More foolishness says:

      The angle you have taken is exactly why we still have a curfew. You want the Government to do everything including step up enforcement. Not once did you say let us police ourselves so we can protect ourselves from the deadly virus. It seems to me that you are the one with no plans and nonsense.

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  2. YOUTH says:

    After reading the article I agree with the fact that we the people have to practice to always adhere to the social measures in order to live through Covid-19 and work through Covid-19.

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  3. Clearly says:

    We in the BVI have to do better in a lot of ways with how we are wearing our mask and other measures put in place by government for our saftey. Sometimes with or negative behaviour it is as if we either don’t care or just wilfull.

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  4. People says:

    I agree to gradually remove the curfew until it is no more. Removing the curfew one time makes these people in the BVI feel like all is back to normal when in fact around the world it is worse than ever.

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  5. WOW says:

    No one should blame the Government for this because we are the ones on the street and businesses who let our guards down as soon as we hear that there are little or no cases of coronavirus. People let’s get ourselves together and do what we know is right to best fight off this virus.

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  6. My take says:

    The headline of this article is different from the information in the article. What is in the article makes sense to me because it simply says follow the rules and no more curfew. I do not see anything wrong with that at all. Let’s all do all the social measures daily and everywhere we go and the BVI will be curfew free and covid-19 free.

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  7. Social Distancing Task Force Check Facebook Too says:

    All on social media you are seeing masks below nose or no mask at all, people sitting at tables on local radio/tv stations streaming on Facebook without masks in each other’s faces (there is also a church Little Dix that comes on Live on Sundays sitting around a conference table without masks) in each other’s faces without the required distancing.

    Social Distancing Task Force check Facebook for those in violation. They should be setting an example.

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    • HonestTruth says:

      Do you know what the nose and sinus is for? In case you don’t:

      The nose and sinus are there for filtering the air before we inhale the air into our lungs. It filters all types of pathogens including tiny 100 nanometer sized viruses like a coronavirus.

      Your mask is designed to filter particles no smaller than 300 nanometers.

      But you think people are crazy for preferring to breath through their noses? What you should be doing is asking why health professionals are knowingly accepting false science as fact, and you should ask the ministers why they are pushing measures based on false science.

      If you think the above is wrong, by all means show me the study that demonstrates how an N95 mask can filter a coronavirus.


      Show me the study proving that the sars-cov-2 virus is transmissible through the inhalation of bioaerosols.

      The last one requires proof, not an untested hypothesis.

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      • Follow Instructions says:

        Do you know what common sense is for? Use it.

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      • Government mistake. says:

        Fahie aint making sense, the government already screwed up, big mistake Jumping from 8 to 12…This Curfew should have been from 10…see how things progress, leave 12 for improvement,,, Or until borders open….Admit u all mistKe.

  8. Ok says:

    Fair enough. I agree . I heard a talk show host said last week. “ There are no active cases in the BVI, why do we need curfew?” At this point I realize that the talk show host in question is not working with a full … I mean wasn’t that the case a couple days/ weeks before we imported and had over 60 cases? The same thing can happen again and there they were not only speaking rubbish but encouraging and misleading the public . Not because there are no active cases means that we should stop wearing mask and not social distance. Just like last time it can be imported and spread like wild fire if we do not continue to social distance and wear mask. Curfew is a big part of social distancing.

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  9. Mr Pouty says:

    or …

    “Go to your room until I call you. Sit there and have a think about what you’ve done”

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  10. Duh says:

    There will never be 100% of people following the rules. To put that something like curfew is dependent on it is ridicoulous and a failure of Govt.
    The BVI Govt needs to stop running scared. They have already said that the type of Covid we have on island is very mild so they need to protect those that need it and then just let everyone else operate as normal. This is what all the top scientific minds are saying because the damage from lockdowns and curfews is far in excess of the damage by Covid. We need it to travel around the BVI so there is some form of immunity as currently we are setting ourselves up for failiure. Look for the Barrington project. This is true doctors and scientists, not quacks.

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    • Thoughtful sailor says:

      Read more about the Barrington Project! It has been thoroughly debunked by most scientists and, revealed that there was no background check on the “scientists” who supported it. In fact, names and credentials were fake. The three scientists who authored the Project were legit, and from famous institutions, but the Project was sponsored by a right wing group. Be careful of what you believe!

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      • SB says:

        The small handful of credentials that were fake out of hundreds of thousands of signatures, were based on a left wing troll attack by someone claiming to be a “journalist.” He could support his argument with logic so he had to resort to fraud.

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  11. Jjj says:

    This Man want yo be like Cuba presidente ditactor

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  12. Heckler says:

    This is a play right out of the Dictator’s Playbook

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  13. darm dictator says:

    kim jong foy

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  14. Wow says:

    More complete and utter nonsense from King Fahie! There are Caribbean Islands that NEVER shutdown and are now open receiving tourists, their economy is up and running, they have learned to co-exist with COVID rather than power tripping. These moves by the VIP are 100% about power and 0% about safety so I don’t know who they are trying to fool. The longest rope has an end so all I will say is keep it up.

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  15. BVI Resident says:

    communist island ,WTF

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  16. Yawn says:

    I don’t see why adults can’t follow simple guidelines like wearing a mask and social distancing.

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  17. Wow says:

    Just use common sense, Italy, Canada, USA, Germany
    They all have NOW the what they call the second wave. Everyone ( almost) have a mask, is it that hard to do, do your part and don’t think it’s over

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  18. Windy says:

    Yes sah master

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  19. @Wow says:

    It is no second save, it is the f***ing flue season that we get every single year since forever. Wake up and stop being a jacka**!

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  20. Testing Testing Testing says:

    How about if we do it in stage’s , let us say Just Van Dyke and Anegada, are no longer under the LAW. Put them on a week trial, then we do Virgin Gorda .

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  21. Facts says:

    I am going to make a factual statement here. The problem isn’t the fact that persons not following the protocol. The true problem is that the ministry of health isnt doing their job and to much favoritism happening. I speaking from knowledge first hand. You have a raid to take occupants of a building for testing yet the health officials does ensure all persons within the apartment building is rounded up and send to the testing facility (error 1) the ministry base on statements made are holding secrets (Error 2). What is happening though is you have some power hungry unprofessional police officers harrassing the public looking to give tickets for improper wearing of face mask when they guilty of the same thing. Then you have a government that try every chance they get to make money off covid 19, the principal remains the same in everything you do (its not what you do but how you do it). You want jon public to follow protocols then lead the fight. Nothing goes right in this place simply because the one task to implement are walking blind or just dont care. So dont blame the ppl solely Sir.

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  22. Secret Bear says:

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

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  23. 1st district says:

    Next, no more than 6 people to a house hold. We on a midnight to 5AM curfew and private garbage being picked up. When are we going to STOP squandering the pennies in the treasury? Look at the roads in the 1st district since the rain looks like one lane to me. So where is them xtra $$$each representative have to spend on the district?? Oh, that’s for Christmas from Santa!!

  24. Good Message..Bad messenger says:

    They want to be rulers over the people, They have this “Do as we say and shut up, we dont want to hear what you hsvr to say”…Also, Why this Premier always comes across like a dictator, Most time the message is good, its just how he deliver it in this bossy way…There is a better way, a more polite way to say serious things and be serious, also, they too have to listen to the people,,,it has to be a mutual relationship of respect between govt and the people…

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  25. Bvi says:

    I agree with this
    I was at a government place and a guy was in line behind me there is a line to stand but he chooses not to stand there instead he was right behind me so I turn around and said sir can you go back to the line the idiot said you move me.
    His accent sound like a …
    Plus he was coughing and had his mask by his neck
    There were no security around
    A few of us came out of the line and stand at the side
    Adults behaving like children when it come to social distances

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