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Customer Service Touch Terminals to be launched throughout the BVI

A Customer Service Touch Terminals. (GIS Photo)

Government has revealed plans to launch Customer Service Touch Terminals throughout the British Virgin Islands.

This initiative is to promote a culture of exceptional customer service in the Public Service.

An October 4 media release from the Office of the Deputy Governor said that the terminals will allow clients and visitors to receive quick feedback about their customer service experience.

Deputy Governor David Archer, Jr met with stakeholder from key agencies across the public service and statutory agencies and said the initiative will pave a positive path in how customers are treated in the BVI.

“Good customer service begins with us. The implementation of the touch terminals is an effort to improve the culture of how we serve customers and provides a way for us to work together to provide exceptional standards of service in the territory,” Archer stated.

Meanwhile, Private Secretary to the Deputy Governor and Business Change Manager for Improved Customer Service, Kedimone Rubaine, the terminals will be placed in all ports of entry into the BVI.

“A significant feature of the touch terminals is that data captured will provide a detailed overview which will aid in promoting a culture of excellence, collection of quick feedback from clients in high traffic areas [all ports of entry], and help us to better understand how the service is impacted,” Rubaine stated.

She also said that public officers at the TB Lettsome International Airport and the Road Town Jetty will be getting their terminals fitted in the arrival areas. They are expected to undergo orientation by the Public Service Transformation Team in the coming weeks.

How these terminals work

All feedback provided is uploaded in real-time to a central online dashboard for analysis, which allows the various government agencies to understand how various factors affect their service levels.

This information will be accessible by all government departments to enable them to generate reports and find ways of improving their customer service.

The terminals are expected to provide a source of transparency and consistency in customer service as part of the government’s goal to transform the public service into an internationally acclaimed one.

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  1. LOL says:

    Have seen these in the UK. So easy to manipulate. Whenever a staff member walked past i witness them pushing the positive buttons. This is not money well spent sadly.

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    • Waste says:

      What a waste of money. All it’s going to show is that visitors are extremely happy which is not the case. Good hospitality starts at the top. Thus, the Belonger needs to change their attitude toward expats and visitors. Instead of stupid machines spend the money on hospitality classes. Learn from the other islands.

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      • Be honest says:

        The belonger has always embraced the expat for many years. That’s why so many have come here and remained for several years and even married BVIslanders. Some of you are so bias and full of hate that you give the impression that everyone hates expats.

        Of course like everywhere else in the world there are those who hate but those are the minority in the BVI and not the majority.

        I would say the expat should change their attitude to the Belongers. Most can’t even say why they hate Belongers. They just do. They have one bad experience with a belonger and they brand all the same. Some have no bad experiences but go off what they hear from their fellow expats. Others reading the one blogger who’s constantly blogging and spewing hate and then put all belongers in the same basket.

        Then of course you have those insecurities that will always make you hate the belonger.

        Kudos to those who truly want to and try to give the Belongers the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately its mostly easier to just jump on the band wagon than find out the true picture for yourself.

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      • Anonymous says:

        more expats here than belongers so maybe you have mistaken an expat service for a belonger just saying

    • Ritee way Ms.Os Burn says:

      Some business owners need some of these especially for the cashiers by Pasea, some are definitely lacking customer service. Sometimes you greet them and they wouldn’t even answer

  2. LCS says:

    No machine in the Universe will help if the mentality does not change. This is a waste of money, IMHO. There were some monitors around looking damaged, seen in Water n Sewage Dept. with similar concept. Do you see any improvement in the Customer Service? None.. 🙁

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  3. Pockets. Full says:

    I wonder whose Grand idea this is? Are they b Int bought from Chiina?

  4. Ausar says:

    “LCS”, while you have made a valid observation, you must realize that there must be protocols in place that enhances stringent quality controls!

    As it now stands, these are not standardized anywhere, so expect mediocrity, in lieu of consummate customer services!

  5. say i say so says:

    We will always be in the red

  6. Wow says:

    Put it by customs
    Hope it will change some people attitude

    • Customs says:

      I agree. Put it outside and let the visitors respond. Only problem is immigration and customs will post somebody there to watch what people push and intimidate. The fact is nothing is going to change the nasty persona of those people. It’s in their genes and since they are all Belongers there is no reason to change. They hate all people coming to the Territory. They only love their money.

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      • @customs says:

        Anytime you people have to abide by the law and is not allowed to manipulate the system you cry foul. You want to be allowed into the country without the correct documentation and be allowed to bring in items without paying duty. We wrlcome everyone but abide by the law every country have laws.

  7. idk says:

    customer service here is non-existent.

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  8. CW says:

    This IS them trying to change the mentality. This IS them making things more transparent. This IS NOT a waste of money.

    From these comments the only people needing an attitude adjustment or change in mentality holding the BVI back are STRUPES WITH NEGATIVE COMMENTS WHO DO NOTHING TO HELP AND ONLY COMPLAIN. You are the problem. Only negative, and never with any ideas- only hate

  9. St says:

    Look at road conditions schools and a lot more better things to do with that money ,

  10. No says:

    This is a very poor investment, anybody can spam the buttons. Aside from that, no guest wants to leave the concrete jungle full of machines tp come here for the same BS. If i was a guest id hit the bad button just for having it there. We need our ppl to start thinkin local.

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  11. onoss says:

    “…terminals fitted in the arrival areas.” Would it not be better if the terminals were placed near departure areas so visitors could comment on their level of service AFTER their visit?

  12. Dman says:

    Nothing constructive will come out of this initiative. Better to ask people to pick up one piece of garbage a day and put it in a can to make a difference.

  13. Sky says:

    Past student I completed the customer service course at uwi for 6 weeks I attained grade A 4.0 and every day I use my skills at work.

  14. To Be Honest says:

    Well said. Wish I can like this a million times

  15. @customs says:

    Anytime you people have to abide by the law and is not allowed to manipulate the system you cry foul. You want to be allowed into the country without the correct documentation and be allowed to bring in items without paying duty. We welcome everyone but abide by the law every country have laws.

  16. Jane says:

    i suspect these will very quickly have a “out of order” sign put on them permanently. The red angry face button will wear out immediately.

  17. LW says:

    The BVI and customer service please? Don’t make me laugh. I have never experience so many rude people on a tidy island in my life that that place

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