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Customs officer to spend 2 months in prison for failure to pay fine

Senior Customs officer, Delvin Green will have to spend a couple of months at Her Majesty’s Prison after failing to pay a fine which he received for common assault.

He was found guilty on September 14, 2020, for an incident which took place back in August 2015.

He was ordered to pay a fine of $1,000 by October 15, 2020.

Since there is no record of him paying the fine by the deadline, Green was to appear before the court on Monday to explain why the sum was not paid.

He was a no-show.

Due to Green’s absence, Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin issued a warrant for his arrest. This will result in the Great Mountain resident spending a mandatory default sentence of two months at the Balsam Ghut facility for failing to pay.

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  1. And then says:

    He should lose his job !

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    • Mandingo says:

      Stop wishing bad on others. It may just come back to haunt you. Use your brain and think. Too much negativity on these sites man!!! . It could well be that the man has a valid excuse for not showing up to court. Maybe he was sick… think… tired think for ayo… and when he does show up to court maybe he has a valid reason why he did not pay… think… think…. think…. smh. Be positive for once

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      • @Mandingo says:

        I am not wishing bad on anyone….
        Or being negative….

        He obviously broke the law which is why he was fined!

        If I knew I was due back in court and could not make it I would call , or get someone else to contact the courts to explain my absence..

        Not the actions of someone who is employed to an law enforcement officer of the Territory…

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    • yes says:

      He cannot hold a customs job after this and should be fired with loss of pension and benefits , its a joke he hasn’t paid $1000

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      • Someone with sense says:

        Obviously your broke so you want him turn out to be like you ? why so much hate towards one person ?

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        • yes says:

          He is in charge of the borders of the BVI. He broke the law and has had years to pay $1000.

          I am not broke own my house(not the bank) own my own business and have zero debt to anyone and still have enough cash for another year of this s**t.

          Enjoy yourself

    • Deh Watcha says:

      Man found with old gun got back their job.

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  2. That says:

    Was silly – pay the fine

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  3. Lg says:

    Why is it that in the bvi you can work in government with criminal record?
    Lots of upstanding citezens to choose from for jobs

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    • Captain BVI says:

      A criminal record is considered a job qualification to work in BVI government! Get caught stealing, they just move you to another department. Do it again, move you again. Last Names Matter!

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  4. Mimi says:

    Pay the damn money and walk away free.

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  5. @ says:

    this n****r is very stupid as h**l.

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  6. ignorant a long time says:

    He must be want to spend time up there for some strange reason….Hope its not what i am thinking

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  7. Home Boy says:

    I don’t think he took the MAGRISTRATE serious and the outcome of this whole serious matter. He could pay the fine with his eyes close, pure ignorance. He will now pay for it, this guy is something else if you ask me.

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  8. Belle Uve says:

    Lawd they could have give him a second chance even I do not know why he did not pay the 15th just pass thet do favours for who they want to do thing for . well at least he should have tried to pay somethingbut what is for you is for you i hope that after spending his two months they do not ask hin to pay the money, sorry to hear that he did not pay but sometimes you have to take yourself out of trouble hope you learn a lesson

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  9. Simple says:

    Probably felt entitled not to pay as is customary for govt employees in the land of no consequence.

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  10. Unknown says:

    All ayu could really do in these comments is hate sah. Wow. The devil finds time for idle hands to talk bs boy. To the persons who said he should loose his job and pension, remember this man has a family to feed, ESPECIALLY with him being a single father after the lost of his wife. To the person who called him a n****r, may the Lord shine all his blessings on you. Please refrain from calling someone out of their name simply because you may not like them. Get to know the facts before you start talking a bunch of bs. For all you may know you might be the one in his shoes next. Blessings.

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  11. lawyer says:

    I know he could be stubborn, but I am sure it must be a valid reason for his absence from court. Maybe he is off island and could return on time. Or he just didn’t received the court appearance date.

  12. From says:

    HM Customs to HM Prison. Come on, lets work this out. Now is not the time for this. Let him pay the fine and lets live in peace in this land as Virgin Islanders.

  13. Razzy1 says:

    C’mon dude, don’t be stupid!

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