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Customs seize container of big bikes imported in the BVI

Not the exact container mentioned in the story

Her Majesty’s Customs has seized a container of illegal motorbikes that were imported into the territory recently.

Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Tashima Martin said the bikes had engine capacities that were more than 125 cubic centimetres (CC).

Currently, motorcycles with that are more than 125 CCs are restricted and not allowed to be imported or landed into the territory.

Martin, who has responsibility for Assurance and Compliance, said the illicit bikes were detected at the Trader Declaration Unit of Customs.

“That information was then forwarded to the various enforcement teams so that they can do their physical inspection. And upon the inspection, it was revealed that the vehicles/vessels that were being imported were actually restricted and were not allowed to be imported in the territory,” Martin said during a radio interview with ZBVI.

She said the bikes are now in the custody of Customs. The exact number of bikes seized is not clear. It is also unclear what will happen to the seized items.

Plans to increase bike engine capacity to 600cc | Not all bikers will be allowed to ride

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  1. whattt?????? says:

    THEY DIDNT change the law to 600cc?

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  2. Bunk says:

    That’s a shame. Our archaic motorcycle laws really need to be updated to allow for bigger, safer bikes.

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  3. Lol says:

    This ain’t the same woman who does to with that boy on illegal bikes doing stunts?

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  4. Free up the container! says:

    Same BS they did to the police bike. Had them sitting on the port for years…free up the container

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  5. Anonymous says:

    How about getting the noise pollution from the little scooters under control first! I shudder to think what the noise would be like from bigger bikes. We as God fearing residents have no recourse. We are disturbed and harassed by the inconsiderate, disrespectful youngsters who hide behind their parents. The parents know..the police know yet swept under the rug.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    They did raise the size of the bbikes

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  7. Police bike? says:

    I told ya jack, customs don’t like police, so illegal bikes come through the port.

  8. Police only says:

    The more powerful bikes should be used by law enforcement officers on active duty only.

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  9. time says:

    Time to eliminate all 2 and 3 wheel vehicles with motors in the BVI.

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  10. Drop News says:

    These thing have been happening for years. The COI now in the Territory all of a sudden. Things happening. Who are these people trying to fool. The name mentioned in this news article can be seen with these same company. Make things look good for the news and look at all these agencies from top to bottom. Their association and friends. Check all the other people who sell bikes close by eeh em mall. I guess because that’s one of tola big man dem nothing will happen. I know for sure I’ve been around the area and seen Customs man tek money to let things pass out containers.
    Think some of then driving around and sharp just so. But the world round all names need to call out. Seems right now from COP to bottom sorry TOP. wink wink. Say no mo. Da streets.

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  11. Rubber Duck says:

    Good. Crush them.

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  12. 1st district says:

    Present government misleading the people!

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  13. Steven says:

    Is 155cc big difference

  14. misleading headline... says:

    I hear only a handful of the bikes are 150cc and can hardly be called “BIG Bikes”. Bigger yes, but big…nah. All the other bikes in the shipment are 125cc and are legal, again…a misleading headline.

  15. Think says:

    What exactly does she mean by they don’t know the exact number of bikes in the container. Did the bikes come in dismembered parts? She must know how to count to have a top job in customs. Who are you guys fooling?

  16. Cut tire says:

    Don’t worry bikers. As always just go to C***y! You’ll know she’s going to get you’ll the toys. You’ll know that guys guys are her favorite type of people. Make noise and disobey the law type. Go C***y go you can do it!!!

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