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Cyber amendments | Possible penalties for sharing videos of minors fighting, misbehaving

Persons might soon be penalised for sharing videos of students or minors participating in mischief such as fighting.

Premier Andrew Fahie gave that indication as he announced that amendments will be made to the territory’s existing cyber laws.

“What we want to do now is to prevent this ‘amen’ (negative videos of minors that circulate on social media locally) from being there and put in legislation that would start to discourage persons from sharing those kinds of videos with our young people and otherwise,” said Premier Fahie, who noted that those videos are immortalised once they are uploaded to the internet.

He added: “People will become more accountable for their actions and know to leave certain things alone.”

While speaking on public radio this week, Premier Fahie said these amendments to the territory’s cyber laws will not only be in relation to malicious video-sharers.

Fahie said the amendments are also to “beef up” the existing law so that “certain crimes which are being committed cybercrime-wise can be detected much faster”.

Education Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley was the first in the VIP administration to address the issue of improving local cyber laws — particularly as it relates to sharing videos of student fights and other forms of misconduct among minors.

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  1. Lily Ann says:

    What About WhatsApp ??

  2. lol says:

    them mussy buy these

  3. Please says:

    But who is controlling this man. I am really disappointed in this government.

    Is this a communist country? These kids go around fighting and swearing inside people businesses.

    Why dont you pass amendments that hold their parents and them accountable for their behavior instead of a slap on the wrist.

    You see all sought of things in other countries such as the US on MSN stories about teachers and students.

    Andrew what is wrong with you.Deal with the problem at hand the kids are too rude and lawless.We never knew you were so controlling.

    It is scary not meeting with opposition or the people privately to discuss issues just doing what you want.

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  4. Just Curious says:

    I am looking forward to those amendments and I am also hoping that there will be a clause in the law which will hold persons accountable who stand by and video the “action” instead of parting or rendering aome assistance to defuse the issue. I am not saying that the person must put their lives in danger but the time they take to video a fight they could use the same timw to call the police or anybody who can help. Hope the fines/ prison sentence us a stiff one to enaure that persons comply.

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    • Natural order says:

      Yea you go part fight and catch elbows!

      If people dont video how will there be any reliable evidence?

  5. yolo says:

    sharing is caring >>> on that note…. band cell phone in the school you won’t have all the recording of the kids sharing . i grew up without cell phone at school….Now a days parent >>>>” Oh i need to check up on my child make sure them call me for and emergency” well buy them a cheap no camera Phone they still exist..The school system change…. before it was the teachers running the show now it the student running the show… my time if you disrupt the class you was send to the principal office or get out of the class if you don’t want to learn that’s on you……the parent aint strick enough children running the parents house… acting at school same way.

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    • Real says:

      Cell phones was already banned, didnt change anything and the kids would still bring their phone. How i know because i graduated last year and saw more than enough. Making everyone suffer for something someone else did isnt a great option

  6. Just my 2 cents says:

    I do support legislation enacted to protect the rights of citizens and our minors from exploitation. However, not all desires or personal feelings / views / convictions should be into law. If so, soon and very soon, our criminal and civil legal system will become overwhelmed/saturated. Its mindful to note that not all actions or behaviours should be criminalized.

    There are ethical and moral codes that governs behaviour in addition to laws. Legislators should seriously focus on pressing matters that violates and creates an unjust modus operandi. Legislate against politician abusing our public trust…reaping off the treasury…entering into shaddy dealings, unfair trading practices and consumer protection, etc.

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  7. Eagle eye says:

    Videos are a good thing.they provide evidence of the event so that it wouldn’t have to spread by world of mouth.unless y’all trying to cover up something.I can understand the xxx ones but not fighting.

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    • Correction says:

      It is only evidence if the whole story captured from start to end. People edit
      People lie
      People are exactly what you and I both know
      So stop with this rifhteous show


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  8. John says:

    Hope this is not to cover up what they are doing

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  9. What? says:

    What is in this to be disappointed in him for? He was a very active and motivating teacher and probably knows more about what your children are up to than you do. Parents had enough time to do something about this so now I agree that the law should step in. What good of an adult can come from a deviant child.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    From September to June, in some courses, many students come to many courses each day, every week, for an entire school year without the required course work study book, a workbook or pencil.

    However, there is not one single student within the school system who does not own an expensive phone and takes it school daily.

    Yet, the indifference to education and learning is mind boggling.

    The proiorities of advancing the mind starts at home, not at school. School fills in the details, if and where there is a susceptible mind.

    Parents need to announced, take a few out from the job, come on over, sit doen and observe, the gross indifference and lack of care, concern or appreciation most childre today have for education.

    Frankly, the Ministers need to do the same. They may ultimately create legislation to affect where it is more urgently needed, in the home.

    Because, today, government is spending more on less, and is reaping less.

    I treuly fear for these Virgin Islands in the future. Often wonder if it’s not by design.

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  11. strupes says:

    ayo better try and get the telecom providers to give us better service first. Faster internet without buffering and no drop calls

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  12. vip heckler says:

    Will this include the stupidness that the politicians are doing too?

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  13. A Cyber Tech says says:

    This is an unenforceable law. What law enforcement department will be monitoring and tracking video that is shared in the new news agency we all know and love called WhatsApp? This is an encrypted medium and therefore the source of the almost weekly school children’s street fights cannot be traced. This legal effort is better spent on people who block up parking lots and fines for those who run red lights.

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  14. oh boy says:

    Sweeping things under the rug

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  15. Well says:

    I hope you all don’t run foul of the constitution!

  16. WTF says:

    Address the problem, not the symptom. Stop the kids fighting. Stop worrying about controlling the internet… it’s a losing battle.

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