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D3 debates cancelled | Fraser still undecided, Thompson ‘disappointed’

From left: Third District candidates Fraser, Smith Thompson, Parillon

Third District Electoral Debates have been cancelled.

Organisers cancelled the event, which was slated for Friday, considering that only one candidate accepted the invitation to participate.

National Democratic Party candidate Aaron Parillon outrightly declined to debate. His party’s seeming position on political debates is that they should happen between party leaders and not necessarily that of its candidates. Meanwhile, Progressives United leader Julian Fraser has still not made a decision, debate organisers told BVI News on Wednesday, January 30. Efforts to reach Fraser for comment continues to be unsuccessful.

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The only person who accepted the invitation to debate, Arlene Smith Thompson of the Virgin Islands Party, said she is “extremely disappointed by the cancellation”.

“I welcomed this opportunity with open arms as it is always heartwarming to witness so many of our young people interested in the well being of our territory,” Smith Thompson said.

“Debates are healthy, as they strengthen our democracy and sharpen one’s research skills. Debates also give an opportunity to hear from the individuals we seek to represent, as together we will always achieve more,” she added.

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  1. Hmm says:

    A Debate proves nothing.

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    • so right says:

      Actions speak so much louder than a set of words.. you can win a debate based on fluency and knowledge in certain topics..and i am not saying that its not a plus.. but why should i judge you and cast my x your way based on a debate ..

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    • Votes says:

      Exactly! They are seeking momentum leading up to her launch which is the day after the proposed debate. Tell the voters what your plans are and let them decide who to vote for on the 25th day of February.

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    • Really says:

      Don’t we all want the whistleblower law to end corruption? This is the question that they are afraid of answering.

      Let’s put an end to corruption and not vote for anyone who won’t promise to put whistleblower law in place with Financial Reward for those that turn in the crooks!

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      • ... says:

        Ask the question even outside of a debate. For sure Fraser will support any policy that promotes democracy and we believe any candidate would say this too. If you know they are afraid of it why not make it a campaign point against them? And how would you know they’re afraid of a question like that? Sounds like you know that it would be asked..that’s may be why they’re declining or holding off. Let her launch and then we will see where we stand.

    • @hmm says:

      u got to ba an @ss

    • Agreed says:

      I to agree with that!! It proves nothing it means nothing !!

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  2. TYPICAL NDP says:

    Feel them too big

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  3. Truth says:

    Myron knows that MOST of his NDP team members are not the sharpest knife in the draw so he has come up with a new scheme to try to prevent their ignorance & lack of depth from being exposed.

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    • @Truth says:

      Compare NDP’s slate to VIP’s slate and come back. I am sure on 25 Feb the voters will disagree with that statement and the results will tell the tale. The VIP has Fahie, Arlene and Sowande that can hold their own, that’s it!

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    • Nonsense says:

      Ignorance on your path for such a statement. Debating means nothing

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  4. WOW says:

    I agree don’t keep none with them bias people who hosting it she still not going to win.

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  5. fish says:

    I believe those whose organised this debate was trying to make Arlene looks good. This debate was a setup. Fraser is right to be undecided. Arlene is not a people person.

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  6. Oops says:

    It will be a good thing to see your representative in action. Having a debate does help the parties to showcase their wit, poise and plans for the district. D3 been having water issues for years and cleanliness seem an issue since Imamaria. I have not seen no plan to address the water issue only questions being put to MCW. While that is part of representation as a rep he is also responsible for coming up with plans or solution to alleviate the people’s burden. It would have been good that a schedule of days and the time in which water will be turned on but sadly no such plans has been offered by any of the party and the problem persist. So these and other issues can be debated in one place instead of having to go to a meeting hoping to hear something. Am certain people have their favorite and would not want to be seen around other parties to be perceived as a spy or sell out. All the candidates appears to be intelligent and personable so just agree on the format and parameters and come with your best display. Btw I fully suppor all party leaders debate also. Let he who want to be premier bring his A game.

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    • Facts says:

      We need a firm Premier to lead this Territory! Ministers responsible for various subjects should be fired for failures. Vanterpool should have been fired for the mess with the water, roads and sewage if he couldn’t handle them, simple. District reps deal with the minor district issues. Something like water, sewage, main roads etc. are the responsibility of the Government which is lead by the Premier. Let’s stop playing games and get serious about this Territory. We need a strong leader and the rest will fall into place. The former Premier should be blamed for all this mess that occurred under his leadership.

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      • Bishop says:

        Amen. Vanterpool should not stand for reelection until the sewage is fixed, the water fixed, the roads fixed. This has been the worst 4 years in our history. He should stand down.

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  7. Haha says:

    All of a sudden debates mean nothing all because of party politics. Each and every one of you that is saying that $h!t should be ashamed of yourselves because you know better. The people that are making this claim are the same people that want a debate with the potential Premiers but only because they feel like Myron would win. Nobody was saying a debate meant nothing until after the VG debate. Any civilised territory would welcome the chance at a debate between candidates. The funny thing is even if the candidates look like j@ck@$$3$ like Hubert there still are people that will vote for him without any hesitation. A loss in a debate doesn’t mean a loss at the polls. Some of these people know that their favorite candidates have little to offer but dont care. You think we would have stoplights by roundabouts, $7.2 million invisible planes,thousands wasted on overspending if we voted for people with a little sense and reward candidates that did well instead of playing favorites.

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  8. Political Intelligence says:

    Myron has a point here. Ultimately the Premier is the one to decide what goes where. Henceforth a Premiership debate is the most important. However, debates by at all levels should be welcomed and not be discouraged. Myron is wrong in that regard.

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  9. Musa says:

    That lady is a waste

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  10. My view says:

    Debate is very important in any election this is were the people see what they need to see. Just talking and Reading from a paper may not be written by the individual sometimes the people have questions that need a debate on it for example how many of us can trust Ndp with their tax Money after all that has happen in the last few month. There are so many unanswered questions from that party. Just putting up posters with smiling faces and given nice speech is not enough the people have been through so much in the last few years Money grew legs and walk through the door and no one can really give account of it. Debate helps to give the people further insight to what both Parties are planing to do for the country and also building a level of trust for their candidate I have never seen an election without a debate. This excuse is too shallow. I hope we make the right decision this time

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  11. Accra says:


  12. Process says:

    Really and truly the debate platform is not to show you where tp put your X. It is more stimulate everyone mind and leaving an open door for ideas. The debate is for everyone both people and the parties

  13. D3 Resident says:

    I’m disappointed too! I thoroughly enjoyed the VG debate… helped me to get to know the candidates a little better… was hoping that we’d get our turn… tired of the popularity contest with people bringing in boatloads of people to vote and go back home… let’s see where you guys stand in direct contact with your opponents

  14. Voiceofthevoiceless says:

    So much debate about debating.

    Voters should demand debates as it gives us a chance to see the candidates side by side giving their perspectives and opinions on the issues and concerns of the community. Also shows how one reacts under pressure and gives us some idea of personality. Arlene should have told the committee that she would gladly hold a town hall if the debate did not happen.

    We need to mature politically. Cannot expect our candidates to just make a set of empty promises without backing them up with sound logic.

    Disappointed in those candidates who refused to debate.

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