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D6 needs better representation — Walwyn

Former Education Minister Myron Walwyn has argued that residents of the Sixth Electoral District need better representation.

Walwyn made the claim during a political launch for the National Democratic Party (NDP) where he was announced as the party’s District 6 candidate for the upcoming general elections.

Walwyn said he was running in the district because he was passionate about it at this point in his life, and wanted to lend his talent and skills to the area that raised him.

Walwyn’s former party colleague, Alvera Maduro-Caines currently represents that district and will be campaigning to retain her seat under the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) banner after crossing the political aisle in 2019.

But Walwyn said the last four years of representation have not been ‘sufficient’ and argued that he can provide a quality of representation that he knows that they’re yearning for.

He further suggested that Maduro-Caines joined a team that was incapable of doing the job properly. “The team that the incumbent joined, is a team that I’m sure we can all look objectively and say that they were not necessarily up to the task at hand,” Walwyn said.

He added: “I am now putting myself forward with a team that I know has the experience, the knowledge, the ideas, a team that can represent this country any place in the world. A team that I know respects me, and respects the people of District 6.”

But he also hinted that his opponent should not be taken lightly given that she is a three-term incumbent.

Walwyn, who previously served as a Territorial At-Large Member in the House of Assembly, further suggested that he has a reduced likelihood of winning by running in a district versus running At-Large as he previously did.

“When you run At-Large, you have four chances to win. You can come first, second, third, fourth — four chances to win. When you run in a district, you have one chance to win. Nobody can come second place in a district. So it says that running in a district, perhaps could be more difficult than it is running At-Large.


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  1. Agreed says:

    Handing out money is not all. Work needs to be done in the district.

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  2. says:

    …I am not voting for anyone before the courts for mismanagement of public funds and could end up in jail

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  3. Not says:

    We don’t need another wall in the 6th this time it might cost much more.

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  4. The facts says:

    The Hon lady is no doubt a nice person. Dist 6 has to make a determination whether they want to employ a nice representative or a strong, knowledgeable and capable rep. The problem over the years is that we have been voting people that we like. Be truthful how many time have you heard the lady contribute to debates in the hoa. And when she does how much substance does she give. This political term was really a poor term for the bvi. Instead of putting sheep in a pen we put them in a house. I think it was Hon Malone don’t remember who saw VW in the waiting room of the coi with a bed sheet wiping the sweat from his face. They said when he got up to go in he was walking funny. As if he was squeezing in his butt cheeks from shit..g himself. Come in we can do better at least send these three out to pasture.

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  5. Licher and Sticher Good says:

    A snail moving in the morning dew in the hills of BelleVue can win the 6th but it doesn’t help if the snail has been charged for leaving slime in his wake. But then again you never know. I am just sayin

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  6. Kit Kat says:

    I will vote for Myron Walwyn.

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  7. @…. says:

    You will vote for the one who had to answer in court for federal cheques in St. Thomas?

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  8. Ugh says:

    This is one person who needs to retire from plotitricks. He, Ronnie, Pickering all need to go sit down. They had their time and they didn’t do right by the country. They just want to come back and empty the cookie jar.

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  9. Panna says:

    Myron will represent way better than Alvera. Myron they will come with this wall story but anybody with sense could see right through that. Let those who are talking explain about the child support cheques that she was allegedly collected in St. Thomas that had her in federal court there.

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  10. D6 help is on the way says:

    Hurry up and get rid of that short lady with the bag of seasoning.

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  11. Pure facts says:

    The district need better representation. It have some who getting what they want from Alvera so they would do anything to keep her there so she could feed them alone. The one who work tourist board who is her mouth piece is the biggest financial beneficiary from her so he would sell his soul to keep her in government.

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  12. For Real says:

    I watch this guy move in the district with Big Daddy them and all I see is Greed leading major greed.
    I hope they know they cant steal government funds anymore.

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  13. Fam says:

    Alvera has not done anything for district 6 except for her chosen few. We want change

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  14. For Real; says:

    Greed leading greed once Big Daddy involved.

    All the others following him are just greedy.

    Your representation as an at large have you by the Cell Door.

    District might get you to the gallows.

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  15. @Not says:

    The assistant grants that Alvera gave out of over 1.2 million dollars cost more than the wall. We could see the wall. It down there now till dem painting it. Where the money from the assistant grants? Only cronies got it? Over a million dollars she got and the place still a mess. Where is the money?

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  16. She got to go says:

    I want Myron to whip her tail. She does nothing. She promises and never delivers. You call her she wouldn’t answer her phone. She think only Kareem alone vote in the district.

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  17. Question says:

    Could we send Alvera to England to represent us? Could we send her anywhere to represent us? That’s my one question

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  18. Serious says:

    Leave Alvera and her 2 minutes speeches in the House that make no sense. LOL. Jokes aside tho… district could do better than this. She can’t represent

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  19. Future says:

    Alvera is a nice lady but we need more than that right now in the district. I voting for Walwyn because I know things will happen.

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  20. What a shame says:

    Alvera made a promise to me 12 years ago and never pass back to do it. When she see me she ducking. For 12 years now this woman ducking from me.

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  21. the watch dog says:

    myron trying to get his hands back on we money, look who behind him greedy Genies and big daddy he DOA with that crew

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  22. For real says:

    I prefer them than the opportunists K and T. They are the ones who get everything from Alvera. Why you think they up and down with her. Anybody who love district 6 would see the place needs better representation. Unemployment high. The roads are awful. Old cars all over the place. That place got problems can’t done. Why would anyone who love their community follow behind Alvera for re-election unless they were benefitting personally. They think people stupid. Where is assistant grants money?

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  23. Fool me once says:

    Fool me once, fool me twice not fooling me a third time. I am voting base on track record and my grading of politicians from 1 to 10. No cunning brainwashing won’t work this time!!

  24. Think country says:

    With all the heavy issues that confront this country now district 6 would be crazy to put back Alvera to represent them. That just would make no sense. This thing gone way above Alvera now. We need brilliant minds that could represent this country and defend us. I like Alvera but her time gone. Anybody pushing Alvera at this time is doing it for their own benefit and not country.

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  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi What was District 6 getting when he was a minister. The answer Nothing and she was a part of their party,where was his complaints then. I don’t depend on government for nothing and I will not allow myself to be bribed by these corrupt politicians.Integrity matters to me.Alvera over Myron any day.

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  26. The watch dog says:

    I never hear anyone say Myron take any money for any where. I hear about somebody who collected federal checks for child support falsely.

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  27. Twinning says:

    I would trust Myron with my future far more than Alvera. I like them both but these times call for a different level of representation and Myron is the better person in my opinion.

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  28. Axe says:

    People trying everything to keep Myron down. That tells me that something good is inside this man. I wish you were running at large so I could vote for you but I encourage everyone in that district to support Myron. He will make a big difference in that district.

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  29. @ Anonymous says:

    Do you know where the Tech…School is located.?

  30. Sound contradicting says:

    But you will vote for a lady that sat on her seat while her party spend social security money on fishermen and farmers and didn’t help you for one bit. The man organized his department to make petty contractors eat for the wall, tell me how many people or contracts was awarded to help small man under this VIP? Look at the man’s track record of taking care of the education system, that the teachers in Power now haven’t made any changes to it since Myron left it. I’m sure if he was there still, no teacher strike or they would have been more staying. But you ready to defend a lady that only installed a fence and statue for 4yrs.

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  31. wow says:

    Lots of paid ads for Myron. If we had any ethics in this place, this opportunist would not be allowed to run. But God is good and still on his throne.

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  32. Deh Watcha says:

    @The facts…..this has been an issue for many years and not just with Ms Caines. I agree we need better representation across the board.

    An added issue to the situation is that parties select persons based on their connections to a district. However once elected and helping to fill the quota of house seats, these ‘nice’ persons are seldom supported. I have noticed this from both NDP and VIP. You need only look at the leaked document and see how the party support was distributed.

    What does Ms. Caines even have to campaign on as far as real serious achievements. Yet for 12yrs she was re-elected.

    I have heard such good things about the way this lady treated persons before being elected even within her own home, but for whatever reason she was unable to carry this into her political career. She should have been the champion for social services even if she did not hold the portfolio.

    I am closely watching Mr Mather. Excellent job at YEP.

    But can he push this territory wide?

    If elected to the winning team, will he be supported in youth initiatives that he would like to move forward with?

  33. @wow says:

    You speak of ethics while supporting someone who was collecting federal checks from St. Thomas and had to go to court for it? Check your own backyard.

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  34. z6ne says:

    Hon. Maduro-Caines needs to do more, I’m not confident that she can. However, I do NOT trust Myron in this district.

    Why is he running for district rep? His interests seem insincere. It’s just a strategy to be elected since he probably won’t be successful running as an at-large candidate like the last election.

    The options are poor but I will choose Hon. Maduro-Caines over Myron any day. I don’t trust him.

    P.s. all these comments in favour of Myron seem fake as well. Rest.

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  35. Exactly says:

    It would be very foolish! He needs to go sit down.

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  36. Kamala says:

    And Myron can! Be careful what you ask for. A vote for him is a vote for a c**vict who cannot help you from a jail cell.

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  37. @@not says:

    You should know and I bet you collected quite a bit of it.

  38. WoW says:

    Yuh sound so stupid.

  39. Point blank says:

    The BVI needs good representation now. We need our best talent to deal with our economy and the myriad of other issues that we confront. I love Alvera. She is a nice woman but for right now I cannot choose her over someone like Myron. Myron is competent, productive and he could represent this country anywhere in the world. This is no time to joke around and vote for somebody because you get some favor from them. If the vote is about country then the only choice in district 6 is Myron. Simple as that.

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  40. Hearsay says:

    Take your hear-say to court then.

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  41. @What a Shame says:

    I believe I know who you are, you spoke to me about this issue. I duck you too because you begggg toooo much. Other people duck you too.

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  42. Stupes says:

    Stop looking personal favours. Government is to look after the entire territory and make sure everyone is comfortable.

  43. Big belly laugh says:


  44. Senior says:

    I am reading these comments and I am disheartened by the level of nastiness I see coming out. Let the elections be about issues and the forward movement of our country and the people. I know both individuals well. They are both honest and decent persons. Those of you calling for Myron to go to prison fully well know that that he is not a dishonest person so stop it. Those who are talking about Alvera with some situation in St. Thomas should stop it. Let the election be about who is the best person for the country and the district at this time.

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  45. Self serving says:

    K and T getting everything that why they so aggressive. They know what they going to miss. T telling people to take money from Myron and vote for Alvera. They know that the baughers bay court electrical mess was a lie that k created by they still push it out. Everybody trying to protect their pocket. This aint about no country.

  46. It needs better says:

    I don’t see nothing wrong with what Myron said. Who in their right mind could disagree with that statement?

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  47. Straight up no chaser says:

    The person that the best equipped to move district 6 forward is Myron. Alvera did her best and we thank her for that. But we need a doer right now. No disrespect. Just stating the facts.

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  48. Baugher’s Bay Banmer says:

    OK. Not you ma boy.

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  49. Two opportunists says:

    K and T are two opportunist who got most of that assistant grant money to give out to cronies. Only a few people benefit from Alvera in the district.


    We thought the last election was nasty , well this one is coming straight out of (HOLLYWOOD) , AND THOSE WITH SKELTONS IN THEIR CLOSETS WILL BE EXPOSED , AND WE ALL WILL SEE WHO IS WHO / ALSO WE HAVE A PROPAGANDA EXPERT ON THE LOOSE , blondie D wigged one , is getting his chance to flex off his stress , since he got dropped kicked out of the HOA / seems like he stuck on racism and colonialism and certain politicians 🤔

  51. Opportunist says:

    K* is with PVIM and VIP. What an opportunist! Double dipping for his own benefit.

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  52. Tamarind says:

    Could we have a map of Tortola showing the districts and their boundaries?

  53. WELL WELL WELL says:

    So when she was with you it was all find and you all give her nothing and it was all fine. Now all of a sudden it need better representation because she is not with you. With you is Fine, Not with you it need Better Representation. Schuuups with your nonsense. The D6 people better than that. You want a runway model who just stand there and look pretty, can’t cook or no good for nothing or a regular person who check on you and make sure you get what is needed amd have a hot meal waiting when you come home. When we were all on lockdown, where was pretty boy? Did his restaurant cook food and deliver to the helpless? The Lady with the bag make sure those who live paycheck to paycheck were able to live. I mean it will have those who would curse her for delivering Niagra Water and not Kirkland but over all they work. Let tall and pretty go someplace else.

  54. Hmmmm says:

    The Country

  55. WELL WELL WELL says:


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  56. @UGH says:

    Please stop it! Just Stop! The VIP is the most currupt government on the planet!!! Point blank.. Stop trying to play games with the minds of our people. And don’t think your plans to split votes with the NDP and PVIM while you and your team will vote party as you did in the previous election. We will punish everyone this election and choose people who are worthy.

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  57. hmm says:

    K and T too greedy behind Alvera chase them away you been helping them to much its time to let go guys.

    Alvera should of done more in the whole district 6th , my glad to see Myron running against her…. he got my vote this aint no joke…helping these set of users in the purcell and etc.

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  58. Don't forget says:

    The 2019 loser Wade Smith. He’s still in the political sideshow while living in administrative leave and other legal dramas.

    Perhaps all the politicians on life support due to arrests, admin. leave, etc. should join the D6 campaigns to give the big purse lady a real battle for that lone seat in the HOA!

  59. 30yearsAgo says:

    Was she convicted of doing what she was accused of? The answer is NO!

  60. MindOverMatter says:

    Mather is DOA

  61. @ @wow says:

    It seems like you are the same person commenting about child support and federal monies…is that all you have?

  62. Brad Boynes says:

    $40 Míster Minister….short memory. Stiffed neck fool humble the self.

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