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Dancia Penn running At-Large in February 25 elections

Dancia Penn

Former legislator Dancia Penn has officially announced her candidacy for the 2019 General Elections that are scheduled for February 25.

Penn will be contesting one of the four Territorial At-Large seats.

She did not state what political party she has aligned with.

“In the coming days, I will share more and more on the platform of which I am running,” she said.

The Progressive Virgin Islands Movement, the Virgin Islands Party, and the National Democratic Party all already have their full slate of At-Large candidates.

However, the Julian Fraser-led Progressives United is still without a single At-Large contender.

Penn, in the meantime, said she decided to contest the upcoming elections after noting, among other things, that the territory has been steered ‘off course’.

And in offering herself up as a candidate, she said: “I believe that my character, my personality, my qualities as a woman, my life’s work and experiences, my professional skills, and my training equip me well to play a unifying role in our country at this critical time.”

Penn will host her first political meet-and-greet in Red Bay, East End on Tortola on February 2. She said she plans to have subsequent public interactions on other sections of Tortola and on all the sister islands.

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  1. A Voter says:

    She will lose again. She needs to just give it up and find something else to do.

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  2. wow says:

    she feel that if she run at-large she will win so if any party need her she will call the shot I call that badmindness.

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  3. It's time says:

    She need to be an adviser for the BVI. They need to a page out of Lorna book.

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    • @ It's time says:

      Whose book? That woman did unimaginable damage to the BVI. Glad to see the last of her.

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      • Lornarama!!! says:

        You haven’t seen the last of me yet if my son, Hen^y Cr@qui wins on the NDP=at large slate. I am like Hillary Clinton, I will keep coming back until the fat lady sings!!!!! Hallelujaaaaah!!

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  4. james gialni says:

    we need her in the house

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  5. Political Intelligence says:

    Dancia!? you had so much time to think about this. Why not form your own party with credible people?

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    • WEll says:

      she did the right thing. Assess, examine, look, review, consult and then decide. She did the right thing in this critical time. She has a lot of our votes old young and in between, A lady of integrity and transparency,

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      • @well says:

        That is what she is saying she did. She has no more integrity and transparency than any of the other candidates who are running. I recognize her contributions to the territory but this pedestal that some of you are placing her on is laughable. She is a politician- like the others who possess both positive and negative qualities.

        I will agree that she may have good ideas, but her execution has been poor. Her track record in the Ministry of Health supports this.

  6. Eclipse says:

    I think she missed the boat. Trying to ride the wave at the last minute can’t cut it. She now looking like to an opportunist. Unless she has a serious campaign strategy with professional advisors sad to say I don’t think she will make it. She got to reach out to the youth just like Myron did. Not feeling positive about how this will play out at all.

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  7. Seriously says:

    WE need her in the HOA.

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  8. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The territory is in crisis and at a crossroad, needing knowledgeable, experienced and talented people to come forward and lend a helping hand to address the territory’s many challenges. Without talented, experienced and knowledgeable people coming forward to help, the territory will sputter and its future uncertain.

    Excited to see Dancia Penn-Sallah, former Deputy Premier, D-8 Rep, Attorney General, and Deputy Governor, joining the battle to help rescue the territory and put it back on a steady sustainable course. Perused Dancia’s plan of action in her 2015 independence bid and it was worthy of debate and consideration. It was on line and only perhaps a few saw it . The masses needed more ready access to it, to feel it, to touch it, breath it, smell it and embrace it.

    This time around Dancia needs to launch an aggressive retail politics campaign through the length and breath of the territory. Looking forward to hearing from Dancia on the priority solutions for the myriad of problems facing the territory. Further, Dancia has had time to reflect on her on-the-job-training (OJT)tenure in HOA, make adjustments and ready to do things differently this time around to move the territory forward. There are few if any jobs in the private sector that fully prepares one to serve in the HOA. It is basically an OJT gig (it is more than a gig).

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    • Graphite says:

      Dancia is l— and f—–, we will not talk.

    • To PO says:

      As you have rightly stated, “The territory is in crisis and at a crossroad, needing knowledgeable, experienced and talented people to come forward and lend a helping hand to address the territory’s many challenges. Without talented, experienced and knowledgeable people coming forward to help, the territory will sputter and its future uncertain.”

      An accurate assessment of the lack of brain power available to the territory, but is not coming forward.

      However, there is one oversight in that analysis, and that is even if the smart and experienced persons were to come forward, would they bring on their sleeves the notion and or a mind of INCORRUPTIBILITY?

      In analysing the current prospective, it can be now be stated with much certainty that given their overwhelming greed for money, INCORRUPTIBILITY is not in their nature, will or political agenda.

      Sadly, because of the capitalist environment and its out growths, this and countries across the globe will never be free of potential minds of greed and corruption. It is a fact of life we will live with indefinitely.

      • PO says:

        @To PO, no doubt corruption must be rooted out root and branch. The territory must adopt a serious zero tolerance for corruption . There must be harsh penalties for proven corruption; the penalties must be harsher for politicians who are elected to represent the people. Elected office is not a passport for personal gain, enrichment. Corruption stagnates and escalates the cost of development. It deters external investments that is the life blood for growth and development of the territory.

  9. Poor we says:

    @ PO
    She will not 300 votes

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  10. Interesting says:

    Takes a lot for a woman to stand alone this day and age she has my vote.

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  11. BVI says:


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  12. limit says:

    she is good , I think dis is to much pressure for her judging from her pas, she runs under pressure u c das y.

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  13. ONE THING FOR SURE says:


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  14. Not Dancia for premier says:

    Unifier??? If only she would speak the truth. She cannot be trusted only loyal to herself and her cause “the 1st female premier”,that is her bargaining chip.

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  15. Devon says:

    I personally think she will run at large for the RAA..

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  16. hmm says:

    Dancia talks a good talk and that is it. I lost all confidence in this woman when she decided to p**p herself to all the parties (pretty much) to see who would be willing to give her Premiership.

    Dancia if you wanted to be head of a party you had enough time to start your own.

    So now you couldn’t get what you wanted and you wish to run at large. If you are successful which you will not be – you have already showed that you don’t work well with others – and your willing to s**l yourself to get what you want.

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    • Point says:

      If she wanted to head a party she would have done just that – start her own. This is about country; not being in charge. Get it right. She is going to be working with whomever. While the others chew up each other she will be working to build up. Issues identified; solutions brought. God’s will be done

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  17. Interesting says:

    If this was only true. Had the most incredible dream this morning that under the United Party
    Zoe Walcott won the seat for Premier position
    Sheila Anthony-Braithwaite Deputy Prem
    Anne Leonard third position and Sherene Flax 4th.
    Isn’t that interesting? They all ran as at large candidates.
    Mr Maduro was not in the mix.
    Zoe where you this time?

  18. tola says:

    Dancia come on …in this day and age we want certainty. A vote for you is a wasted vote. …cause I don’t know where you stand. I will give my vote for someone else…. you should have joined or started a party… Don’t spend too much on the campaign trail… you would only end up losing all…

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  19. Timimg says:

    Had she committed herself a few months ago she would have had stronger support. The other candidates also had to make a difficult decision whether to run or not. She waited too late.

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