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Dangerous chase through town -Scooter rider guilty

A section of the BVI capital, Road Town

A section of the BVI capital, Road Town

A scooter rider who led police on one of the most dangerous chases around Road Town was fined $1,375 when he was eventually nabbed and brought before the Magistrate’s Court.

Akeem Forbes, who is a resident of Purcell Estate on Tortola, pleaded guilty to a plethora of charges.

He was charged with:

Failing to stop at the sound of the siren

2. Failing to stop at the stop light

3. Exceeding the speed limit

4. Reckless driving

5. Driving an unlicensed motor vehicle

6. Failing to comply with a no-right-turn sign

7. Driving in the contravention of the direction of traffic

8. Driving a motorcycle without crash helmet

9. And driving without insurance

Reports are that a police officer saw Forbes on a scooter in Road Town on the morning of March 22.

He was signaled to stop, but he instead sped away.

The police officer chased the offender on various streets in Road Town.

While that was happening, the scooter rider reportedly broke traffic lights and took illegal turns.

Other motorists who were in early morning traffic, as well as pedestrians, were forced to take evasive action.

The police officer eventually stopped pursuing the offender, who was arrested some time later.

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