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David Archer is Acting Governor

David Archer, Jr

Deputy Governor, David Archer, Jr will be acting in the position of Governor of the British Virgin Islands until Thursday, a government-commissioned release said.

The release said his acting post commenced on Friday, February 14.

“Mr Archer is acting in the absence of His Excellency the Governor Mr Augustus JU Jaspert who is away from the territory on official business,” the release stated.

It continued: “Mr Archer’s appointment is in accordance with section 37 (1) (a) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007 which states, “During any period when the office of Governor is vacant, or the Governor is absent from the Virgin Islands or is for any other reason unable to perform the functions of his or her office, the Deputy Governor shall, during Her Majesty’s pleasure, act in the office of Governor and shall perform the functions of that office accordingly.”

Notably, the release did not indicate where Governor Jaspert is travelling or the extent of his official business abroad.

The governor has oversight for external affairs, defence and internal security, administration of the courts, and the terms and conditions of public officers, among other things.

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    All the best, Acting Gov. Archer…a much deserving Person and Leader and Human Being.

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  2. Real says:

    Time for him to go as deputy governor. Give someone else a chance. Tired tired tired.

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    • @Real says:

      Please leave the man so he can live. Tired what? No one is good enough for you people. What the hell is the Deputy, now Acting Governor doing you? Lord Savior.

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    • People says:

      Jealous, jealous, jealous!! Apply nah!

      • Puppet says:

        Deputy Archer should be transferred…

        • Encourage says:

          The other day it dawned on me that the only reason slavery was so successful was because our own worked against us in delivering us up to the enemy.

          We are our worst enemy. Stop the hate and envy. Offer yourselves to serve if you think that you have it in you. He offered himself, and is making his mark. Stop tearing him down and offer a word of encouragement. But then again, these comments are just projections from people who do not love themselves.

  3. Eagle eye says:

    It amazes me how the minority on this earth is keeping the majority humble.that’s because the majority is not thinking on the system the minority put in place to keep the majority blind.

  4. @Real says:

    Please leave the man so he can live. Tired what? No one is good enough for you people. What the hell is the Deputy, now Acting Governor doing you? Lord Savior.

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  5. Public servant says:

    This guy has done nothing to transform the service, only helping … some people.

  6. Quiet Rebel says:

    When will a Virgin Islander be appointed Governor? Or the Governor has to be a Briton? When will a person of African descent be appointed Governor? Is it a place to hide people just before retirement?

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  7. FEO Gomez says:

    Ever watch the movie D’Jango Unchained? Which character you think this man is? If this same person with same mindset lived in Nat Turner”s time.

    • Blessed says:

      Do you know that envy is a dangerous thing? It can kill you! People living in the BVI it’s time to be serious about life, who you are as a people and where you want to go. Don’t you see this man has been serious about his future? Why not try to emulate him and stop trying to tear him down. Be happy for the local man nor. For every stumbling block, he will rise! There is more for him than against him so, just stop the negativity and cool out. Keep your envy to yourself and ask God to help you, as you certainly need help. He has just begun so get used to it!

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