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UPDATE: BVIPA retracts announcement of Dean Fahie as Acting Managing Director

The BVI Port Authority (BVIPA) has retracted its Friday, May 29 statement announcing Dean Fahie as the new Acting Managing Director of the organisation.

According to the BVIPA’s Marketing Director, Natasha Chalwell, the announcement was “prematurely” made.

“The full process for appointment was not yet completed at time of [media] release. Therefore, it is possible that it’s contents might not be accurate and as such a retraction was required,” she explained following inquires from our news centre on Monday, June 1.

It is now unclear whether Fahie is still poised to get the post, which would have seen him take over leadership from Acting Deputy Managing Director of the BVIPA, Oleanvine Maynard.

The BVIPA, in the meantime, said an update on the matter will be provided “in due course”.

Previously-Published story

Operations Manager at the BVI Port Authority (BVIPA), Dean Fahie has been appointed Acting Managing Director of the organisation.

Fahie — who unsuccessfully contested the Eighth District seat for the Andrew Fahie-led Virgin Islands Party during the February 2019 General Elections — has been appointed to act in the post for an initial three months starting June 1.

In a statement on Friday, Deputy Chairperson for the BVIPA, Roxane Sylvester, described the appointment as “a strategic move” that will provide the Authority with “welcomed high-level leadership”.

“His solid reputation, his in-depth knowledge of port operations, and his commitment to the success of the cargo and cruise operations are all major assets that will help us get the Ports Authority’s expansion plans and initiatives completed,” Sylvester said.

Fahie’s new role now supersedes the authority of Acting Deputy Managing Director Oleanvine Maynard, whose leadership has faced some level of public criticism in recent times.

Among other things, Fahie served a seven-year tenure as Deputy Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Customs and is said to have grown what the BVIPA describes as a successful charter yacht operation that makes him “knowledgeable in the sector”.


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  1. Bisa says:

    This a travesty, I think that the premier is trying very hard for the governor to seriously exercise his powers under the VI Constitution, Chapter 60 , articles 6, 7, and 8…it appears to me from outside that the Virgin Island Party is running a criminal enterprise in a public space. All the hero worshiping is going to get them in trouble.

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    • Hmmm says:

      What happen to their candidate from the 6th District that who was acting?

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      • lol says:

        he resign and the public will soon no why…one thing Teacher Joyce aint raise no fool…wish dean all the best

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        • Teacher Joyce student says:

          Certainly Teacher Joyce did teach you much. The correct word ‘Know’ not ‘No’ why.


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          • Smh says:

            When you are correcting someone, you should ensure that your grammar is also on point. Your first sentence is definitely not gramatically correct

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          • Correction says:

            In addition, the second sentence is also grammatically flawed. It has no verb, capital letters improperly used in the middle of the sentence, and the sentence ends with the word why for no reason. The entire sentence structure is flawed. I cringed reading it. If you’re going to correct someone’s grammar, yours better be on point.


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  2. All I would say says:

    Is good luck, you are going to need it Sir.

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  3. A Local Story to tell the Queen says:

    Cronyism and Nepotism at its finest, removed one government only to return one who eventually does the same thing which is get all it’s unsuccessful candidates some high paying consultancy or high paying job.
    Qualified you say, but we say the only qualification used here to fill this vacancy is being a former VIP candidate.
    Oh and correction neither the Deputy Manage Director or managing director job is higher right now! They are two former unsuccessful VIP candidates plain and simple!

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  4. For true. says:

    Especially with them sharks up there. Mister Dean dont fall for the sweet talking woman from long look and the other money man from SCB. Stay far away from them.

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  5. Time says:

    It’s time to send in the Royal Marines and place an interim British government in place. This corruption and racism needs to be halted. Enough is enough. The people are suffering

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    • @Time says:

      Your post is pure foolishness and it implies that once you are british then can never be corrupt. People like you are a disgrace.

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  6. Julia says:


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  7. B says:

    Well saw he need to watch who space he taking up first. It need a Minister up there to rebuke those ton loads of bad words them up there cursing. Them doing tired putting people to act. One by one they going that seat aint going cool. When thing done the right way The same God that party always calling on dont slumber nor sleep. BARRY SAY YOU WILL HEAR!.

  8. vip heckler says:

    Here we go again…Well sah…This government is blatant with cronyism

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  9. Watching. says:

    How come aryou was not bawling cronyism whdn the NDP was in pesef

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  10. Local girl says:

    Damn he is the most beautifullest guy I ever behold, maybe it’s my glaucoma or my cataract let’s hope not. Damn face like that BVI is sure to go places.

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  11. Competition says:

    The switching and twitching of this Government in stiff competition with Trump….Ayo going soon run out of twitchers. Seems like some heads can’t make up their minds.

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  12. Expatriate says:

    Nepotism at the highest level barefaced corruption

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  13. Nationalist says:

    Corruption nepotism call it what you will they dont just like the immigration authority … if you can grease palm anything goes

  14. Hmm says:


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    • umm... says:

      It’s almost too late. Do you think all the families this board has affected are sleeping?

      You should not monkey around with people’s livelihood.

      At some point we will release the Kracken!

      • 5573Estabrook says:

        Yes, the treatment of the young BVI Islanders is disrespectful in this place.

        Please speak with your votes next election and also remind your families to do so regardless of district.

        “The power of the people is stronger than the people in power”

        NEVER FORGET……

  15. VI says:

    I wish Dean Fahie much success in his new post, I know he will do a good job.

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  16. Yikes says:

    There is no problem with hiring someone that is qualified for the job and having experience in the same field. The problem is when people that have no background in the field are hired simply because of political affiliation (cronyism) like when CSC was hired to run the ports. What people dont seem to consider is the BVI is a small place, small population with only 2 parties naturally you will either be for one or the other. Disqualifying someone that is qualified because of political affiliation makes no sense when every party has committed to empowering locals. Should they move to China to avoid any possible appearance of cronyism.

    NDP has hired or given contracts to several people that ran for the party or related to the party.
    L B***k was hired, First Lady had contract, S***a had contracts, OJ contracts and hired, SC had contracts and hired so if you are going to complain that Lorna shouldn’t be given a contract by her husband when she is highly qualified in financial services and was a part of Lavity Stoutt’s administration then something is wrong with our mindset. Now if Lorna is hired as chief medical office or head of surveyor or something then sound the alarm that’s pure cronyism.

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  17. At ITS BEST says:

    I read this article and the scripture came to my mind “A house divided among itself will fall.”

    What I have to say some might call it rubbish and I will receive many thumbs down but I will say it anyway. I am of the inclination that there are unseen forces more than what meets the eye into this situation at the Port. Something is not right.

    You see the way you all treated that caribbean man by booting him before the end of his term? I will say no more except to say “Barry say you will hear.”

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    • LOL says:

      The only force at play their is pure ignorance and putting a set of ill-prepared people to act in the posts of board executives. Why would a deputy chair release a statement of that magnitude without connecting all the dots first?

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      • Sad says:

        People who are yet to write out the alphabet correctly should not be leading Boards.

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      • Pretty much says:

        Someone who can’t even construct a sentence properly should not be leading anyone or giving statements on behalf of any organization.

    • @At it’s best says:

      You got a thumbs up from me.

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  18. What a joke! says:

    The Directors strike again. Not one know what they doing. Why Andrew allowing this mayhem to happen at the ports. These political appointments just to give people a job continue to cripple the country…

  19. Diaspora says:

    Hon Premier A.A. Fahie (R1), MoF, take charge of the dysfunctional BVIPA situation. It is an unstable, dysfunctional and on the verge of being a failed organization. It is now a joke; it is comedy hour at the Port. It seems like a game of musical chairs.

    Since the departure of former MD Magaret Penn either late 1990 or early 2000s, here is a list of players and actors as Managing Director:
    1. Gene Creque (Acting)
    2. Ray George
    3. V. Victor O’Neal
    4. Claude Skelton-Cline
    5. Lenius Lendor
    6. John Samuel (Acting)
    7. A. Pickering (Acting)
    7. Oleanvine Maynard (Acting)
    8. Dean Fahie (Acting?)

    If Oleanvine Maynard is the Deputy Managing Director, why appoint someone else as Acting Managing Director? Is the BVIPA saying that Ms. Maynard cannot lead the day-to-day operations even temporarily or there are other forces at work.

    IMO the dysfunctional SNAFU (Situational Normal All F….d Up) situation at the Port is a symptom of wholesale revamping of boards. You cannot “can” all the corporate history at once. All statutory and other board members need to be on staggered terms. Will any thing change? No. Boards are rewards for political cronies. In any event, the VI is too tiny for all these political statutory bodies.

    See that the MEC wants to make Agriculture and Fishery a statutory body. No. The functions don’t belong under MEC but a statutory no. Make it a department under a another ministry, ie, MNRL.

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    • Agenda21 says:

      Should be….
      1. Gene Creque (Acting)
      2. Ray George
      3. V. Victor O’Neal
      4. Claude Skelton-Cline
      5. Al Henley
      6. A. Pickering (Acting)
      7. Lenius Lendor
      8. John Samuel (Acting)
      9. Oleanvine Maynard (Acting)
      10.Dean Fahie (Acting?)

      It’s obvious the Premier doesnt have a grip on this situation. Governor you are our only hope. Why are the Directors facilitating raises for themselves during a time when they are cutting hours for the staff. What metrics were employed to determine which Directors receive a raise?

      Governor please note these persons are operating like this is their personal piggy bank. Can you please audit these outrageous salaries?

      We are begging, please rescue us from the absent Premier, Board and upper management of the BVIPA.

    • Hmm says:

      This behavior is within the tourist board and airport. This is ridiculous.

  20. Sad says:

    This entire board needs to go

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    • Whelp says:

      I totally agree. What has this board done for the port besides terminate a set of managers and frustrated some to leave. Their focus is to breakdown rather than build up. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Meeting after meeting all these people want to do us terminate or frustrate the hard working employees on the port, nothing with sense. Then they have the nerve to have a whole campaign going about we keep the BVI moving.

  21. Rubber Duck says:

    Doesn’t matter who has lead it. The whole thing is an embarrassing third world snafu that needs professional experienced management to sort it out. Not the latest crony climbing aboard on the gravy train.

  22. Musa says:

    Go back to mr o neal he did a good job before.

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  23. Reepa says:

    Why is there so much direct recruitment at that entity. How are you certain you are getting the best talent if you are running a friends and family club?

    Every we show up there is a new face for a post we did not even know we had! Why aren’t they advertised so that everyone has an equal opportunity?

    Some housecleaning needs to be done. What are the qualifications of these board members, how are they so easily bamboozled. i guess they have already received their serving of the pie.

    • @Reepa says:

      Now are you beginning to understand why most of the students leave for College and refuse to return after Graduation? There is no opportunities nor are they given a chance. Get mad if you like but, I already instructed my child who is away studying Biological Science to not come back after Graduation because she might get overlooked for a job.

  24. Set ah Jokers says:

    All i want to know….ayo think it’ll have a MD of Port before next election?

  25. Keep telling..... says:

    The board is made up of a bunch of INEPT UNPROFESSIONAL people. I just have to laugh when they open their mouths to speak. There is nothing wrong with having a accent but, you have to be able to pronounce your words properly. That’s what happens when you put a bunch of clucking hens and roosters to sit on boards. CLUCK, CLUCK.

    • Totally Agreed says:

      Time to dismantle the Board and start fresh with members that is professional. One can’t continue to send a plumber to do a surgeon’s job. I would agree, the board is made up of Inept unprofessional members. What is the duty of the board, gossiping, sitting back eating and cutting each other’s throats for top billing?

  26. N*E*V*E*R* says:

    Never send a person to a gun battle with a plastic disposable knife. That is all I will say for know. Continue to carry on in the unprofessional behavior which is the normal in the BVI.

  27. 11. says:

    11. Mickey Mouse ??

    What an embarrassment!

  28. ........... says:

    Which Ministry does the Port fall under?

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