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Debates needed for all districts, seats

A section of the main island of Tortola.

Following a successfully staged political debate for the electoral candidates of the Ninth District, several members of the public, including debate organiser Sasha Flax, is calling for more debates to happen in the other eight electoral districts.

“We look forward to seeing more debates popping up throughout the whole territory,” Flax said.

Asked if she and her debate organising partners would be willing to assist other districts to orchestrate similar debates, Flax said: “We have no issues with assisting anyone, but we would like to see young persons throughout the district take ownership of this initiative.”

Chairman of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Andrew Fahie commended the group for organising the debate which he described as “very balanced and very in-depth in terms of contents and preparation”.

He said their move to orchestrate the debate in their district is a sign that the BVI is “maturing to the level that more people are interested in the solutions”.

He, too, encouraged others to follow.

“The debate can be held by districts and challenge each At-Large [candidate]. That’s the way it is supposed to be,” Fahie said.

Similar sentiments came from Education Minister and National Democratic Party (NDP) Chairman Myron Walwyn, recently. Walwyn said: “I congratulate the young people who came forward and organise this. I want to commend the participants for sticking with it and not backing down,” he said.

Debates don’t necessarily determine the best candidate

Walwyn said while debates are ‘good for the community’, and allow voters to make informed decisions on polling day, he said they “don’t say everything about a person.”

“So, sometimes you cannot necessarily determine the best candidate [via debate],” he added.

The NDP’s contender for the Ninth District Dr Hubert O’Neal had what could be described as one of the weaker performances during the debates last week.


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  1. shame shame says:


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  2. vip heckler says:

    Vincent was allowed to read from a paper and answered last thus giving him the advantage…Rigged by the brown bomber again like how — rigged both the delegates list and candidate selection process

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  3. Me says:

    This just shows VG is not in any more bs from any Govt./or represtative even though all 3 didn’t impress

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  4. Crap says:

    Debates for each district and election is in 6 weeks? Let’s get the leaders to debate, let each one of them articulate their plans for the Territory should their Government win the elections. We need to know how the prospective leaders of the Territory intend to move us out of this mess. Stop with the games and let us get serious. Set up a proper official debate with all the leaders and let the chips fall where they may.

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    • All in says:

      We need to hear from each candidate!

      Just two simple questions.

      1) what are their unique ideas and how should their achievements be measured?

      2) will they support the whistleblower law?

  5. YES...100% agreed says:

    Yes, this time the politicians need to work for their seats. There needs to be debates for all districts and ALSO the AT-Large candidates.

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  6. WOW says:

    Why these VIP people don’t go sit down

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  7. Hmm says:

    I would never fall for it let the poles tell she think she going to win she sure not getting my X

  8. Want to see says:

    I want Archie the behind scene R.T in the HOT SEAT, come on Archie, let the public see if you have a backbone. I dare you Archie,say something so the public can Roast your behind like a P.g on a roaster at a back yard cook out. Head plotter/s..tch of the ship jumpers.

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  9. The Light says:

    We need each candidate to clearly state his/her view on the whistleblower law. Will they commit to supporting it? Will the commit to eliminating payola and misspending of our hard earned money?

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  10. Anonymous says:

    Pleasing that some have taken the idea mentioned before seriously.

    It is simply the right thing to do at this juncture and development of our politics.

    There are too many who have become motivated to enter politics solely for economic gain and green greed, but who are totally politically inept and intellectually unsound and unfit.

    At this point in our political journey, our country needs sound developed minds, preferably in economics international and world affairs and the natural and learned ability to communicate effectively on the local and world stage.

    Frankly, the candidates type of the 1960’s, through necessary then, through 2014,15 should be rendered extinct today.

    Further, every good paying job in all the professions require one to possess qualifications relative to job skills requirement, teachers, doctors, lawyers and or all areas of business management, etc..

    Therefore, the time, given the complexity of our and international politics and economics, has come to demand and require our potential leaders to be also qualified.

    Hence, public debates would be one such measuring tool as regards to being qualified to lead with the requisite intellect to navigate the country through the local and international political an economic landscape.

    No one should be elected based solely on favouritism, name recognition or societal class prominence or party affiliation any more, but by who is best, through demonstrated understanding of the requirements of the job, to get it effectively done with results..

    Lastly, there should also be a test or an oath of sorts for the successful candidate with regards to being uncomfortable and or forbidden to engage in any corruptible dealings while serving the country.

    Because, indeed, the latter has become a concern and the greatest fear among many these day.

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  11. Oh really? says:

    A debate can tell you how someone thinks, how articulate they are, how intelligent they are… their demeanor, and confidence etc., this will tell us if our representative can represent us on an international stage. What nonsense are you talking Myron?

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  12. Anonymous says:

    Suffice one for now as the growing and organising logistics are worked out, but ultimately, there should be two debates at minimum for the entire political landscape.

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  13. Agree 100% says:

    I agree that the debates should happen district by district then At-Large at At-Large. The reasons is our system is not just about the leaders of each group like in America. The Leaders of some or all political parites can lose their seats and the government will have to be formed by the other district candidates and At-Large members so we should see if each person running for a seat can lead.

  14. Real Debates says:

    I agree we need debates in all the districts, this will weed out those that lack the necessary competencies. And the questions should not be known before hand, otherwise it is a take home test, not a debate.

  15. Yes says:

    They work for us. Just set a date and demand they show up. If one of them does not show then we know how they really feel about us. #LetsDoItNOW!!!

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