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Debris free | VG residents rally to clean metallic dump

Authorities have followed through on its promise to clear a field in North Sound, Virgin Gorda, which was being used as a de facto dump for metallic waste and other debris that had scattered around the island during the 2017 hurricanes.

The cleanup followed a BVI News article in which residents raised concern about the dump.

During the cleanup effort on Saturday (June 2), residents reportedly rallied behind Sister Islands Coordinator Vincent Wheatley, members of the Department of Waste Management, and other community leaders to clear the location.

Giving a report on the cleanup, well-known Virgin Gorda resident Allington ‘Gumption’ Creque said Saturday’s cleanup demonstrated true community spirit.

“Thank you, Sandra, for cooking food and bring for the people. Those who brought juice, water and ice — I don’t know what would have happened without a bit of sugar and water,” Creque said as he acknowledged all residents who participated in the cleanup.

“A village is where people live, a community is how people act. Having a community mindset only makes the village stronger,” added Creque as he recalled the community effort on the island.

Meanwhile, the Gorda Peak dump is said to be the designated area for metallic waste on Virgin Gorda. And according to sister islands administrator Wheatley, those types of waste are secured beneath rocks to prevent them from becoming projectiles whenever there are strong gusts.

Below is a video clip of the cleanup. By Allington ‘Gumption’ Creque:

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  1. Very.fond says:

    Thats how we live in VG no waiting on GOVT.

  2. yes says:

    Any news of what happened to the govt? Has anyone in VG seen them? It has been mostly volunteers and private donations.

  3. Vgman says:

    Government has abandoned us so we have to fend for ourselves or die

  4. Just wondering says:

    Where did you guys dump the waste from that site?

  5. duck1951 says:

    Great teamwork ! We need more of this in all the territories .

  6. Amazing says:

    You will see them when they need your vote.

  7. Curious says:

    Need to check your facts BVI News….there are not now nor have there ever been any “rocks” securing any debris at the dump on VG….sad that community activist choose a lie over allowing a proper disposal contract, that had been approved, to be completed….hurricane this season or any other season (metal doesn’t burn) will hopefully blow it all somewhere other than back down on the same folks who thought they were cleaning it up….

  8. WTF says:

    Did everyone miss the point that this was done in collaboration with Solid Waste Department.. The last time I checked Solid Waste was Government. Moreso, as the sister Island coordinator isnt this exactly what Vincent’s job is? Isnt he also Government. Why can we not celebrate the collaboration of private sector, the community and private sector and make this the norm instead of keep bashing the Government.

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