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Deciding Belongership should stay with local gov’t, Premier tells UK

Premier Andrew Fahie

Premier Andrew Fahie has made it clear to the United Kingdom that issues such as Belongership should not be abolished or taken out of the hands of the local government.

Fahie said he shared that position at the recent Overseas Territories (OT) Joint Ministerial Council meeting with the UK government.

Fahie also noted at the two-day meeting that happened earlier this month that no immigration or electoral changes that will change the political landscape and upset the social balance of the Virgin Islands should be imposed on the territory.

The issue of Belongership has been a major topic in recent weeks and Fahie said it was a main talking point during the OTs meeting; not only with the Virgin Islands but among other British Overseas Territories.

“One of the questions that the OT ministers had across the board was the concern about Belongership status. It was hinged on concerns from a foreign affairs committee report a few years ago which stated that one of the recommendations is for British citizens to be able to have status in all OTs and be able to become a Belonger of that OT because they are British. They would be able to vote and even hold office,” the Premier stated.

Fahie said this concerned OT leaders because the UK’s population is approximately 66 million people and this might pose a threat to the individuality of the OTs.

“You don’t even need 66 million people. You just need one million to come and absorb all the OTs and then if that happens you wouldn’t have any more Anguilla, anymore Bermuda, anymore Virgin Islands. Wherever there is an OT, that ethnic background which makes up the indigenous people wouldn’t be there anymore,” Fahie added.

He said there were questions on whether the recommendations on Belongership in the report were an indication of Britain’s Global Strategy. However, the Premier said the UK government has since said they would clarify the information provided to alleviate the concerns of the various leaders.

He further said there was no clear indication that the recommendations in the report would be followed through.

“We just want them to know that is a concern we are having and people of Anguilla, Montserrat and the Virgin Islands are concerned about that. This was a holistic concern by the OTs. Another concern was how do we continue to keep our ethnicity as a people of these territories while still adhering to what we need to adhere to by the UK being that we are still an Overseas Territory for now,” the Premier said.

“That is what precipitated the discussion into how we look at our future relationship with the UK. We have had fruitful and positive discussions about that. However, I’m going to wait on the information to be provided to the Governor which they promised to me as the Premier. Then we are going to be able to come to the people and say this is definitely something off the table or what direction they are going to take. That is what the Belomgership discussion came to,” Fahie added.


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  1. kim jung foy says:

    Mayson nobody no longer trust the VIP government

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    • @ the fool Kim jung says:

      You sound so stupid. Fahie is talking sense. We have every confidence in the VIP but this is larger than the VIP and Fahie. Fools like you will never understand.

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      • emperor with no clothes says:

        After the COI hearings stripped this administration of credibility, we still have their toadying parasites mouthing fealty. The fact is the FCO has never proposed this, nor would they. This is another Fahie red herring designed to further the personality cult of his morally bankrupt VIP government and comedy acts. The lipstick is rubbing off the pig.

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    • Please explain says:

      Why is it that in the UK and US the Negro scream for equality. More negro politicians, mo negro teachers, mo free money, mo everything. The comes the BVI and they say no whites, only negro and if you let whites in it will destroy the fabric of the Territory. Very racist of the Belonger. However, we do see that the negro of the UK and the US have destroyed both countries so perhaps all the negros need to be all moved to the BVI

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    • Sooo says:

      So in the USVI any American can enter, no passport and can stay, live and do as they want for as long as they want. The same for Puerto Rico.

      Then comes the BVI and everyone needs a passport, can only stay specific lengths of time and if they want to open a business, they need to find a Belonger to be a crooked partner.

      I don’t see anything that has occurred in the USVI that has disturbed the life of the locals. In fact, you all go shopping there because the crooks who own the businesses here treat the customer as piranha.

      It’s time for a change and hopefully it will come. The Belonger has done enough damage to this Territory. Enough is Enough!!

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  2. Paw Greasing says:

    Let the victimization continue…

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  3. Nathaniel says:

    Who else can decide Belonership other than those elected by the people of the BVI?

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    • Bermuda Man says:

      The UK Parliament can. Westminster has the power to impose its will at any time. The only way to ensure it does not have this power is for BVI and the other OTS to become independent.

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  4. Jokes says:

    And the discrimination will continue

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  5. WEW says:

    $$$$$ = belongership

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  6. Common sense says:

    I think this raises the important question, of, do the Islanders wish to remain British, if so, become fully British and scrap the racist Belongership nonsense that the Parliamentary Advisory Committee condemned. Now, if the locals want to become independent, then, have the UK cut you loose and then call yourselves exactly what you want. But, when the next hurricane, earthquake, pandemic or such like strikes, don’t expect UK tax payers to come to your rescue. The US does not entertain such discriminatory practices, and, the USVI benefits accordingly when disaster strikes.

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  7. Pinocio says:

    Plz we are so so tired and fed up with hearing Albert he makes us sick , we do not want to here nothing from you. You only tell l**s bring up old stories and chat a bunch a nonsense want us to sorry for you we sick a you

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  8. Resident says:

    Otherwise the corrupt cabal won’t be able to control everything and syphon tax revenue and the social security fund to their friends.

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    • Secret Bear says:

      Racist, xenophobic nonsense. This will never happen here and is just Foy desperately trying to scare up votes from naive, ignorant belongers.

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  9. Clearly says:

    We need to detach ourselves from this colonial power.

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  10. People says:

    BVI people wake up. The Premier is talking sense.

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  11. FACTS says:

    The UK think all of us in the islands are stupid.

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    • Hmmm says:

      @Facts: What would anyone conclude from reading the online media over the years. Every project the BVI touches goes over budget and is never done on time, let alone satisfactorily. Most would consider a person who does not learn from their mistakes as stupid. We’re not even smart enough to invest in education unless you count building a wall around a school.

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  12. BuzzBvi says:

    Definitely should not rest with the BVI Government as they have not even properly applied the legal criteria for the last 30 years.
    Need to fix this and start dealing straight, legal, decent, honest and truthful. Not happening in the VI for a long time.

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  13. BVI to the bone says:

    Crab in a barrel mentality. Stupid people don’t realize you can’t trust the Brits.

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  14. A People Without Foresight Will Perish. says:

    “You don’t even need 66 million people. You just need one million to come and absorb all the OTs and then if that happens you wouldn’t have any more Anguilla, anymore Bermuda, anymore Virgin Islands. Wherever there is an OT, that ethnic background which makes up the indigenous people wouldn’t be there anymore,” Fahie added…..

    This is a clear and ominous fact, and thus a very real and existential threat facing the Black population of the OT’s.

    Believe it or not, in one hundred years time, that population would be reduced to the current status of the original people, the Caribs and Arawaks, supposedly…

    Hence, he who fails to secure his historical future today, will become a historical relic tomorrow.

    Therefore, the Black people of these OT regions must wake up, gain the necessary fore sight and vision, as the silent wave of recolonialism and imperialism began many, many years ago.

    Look around you. How many people live on your island and surrounding smaller islands and Cays who never make contact with or mingle with you, who you know hates you, and who you know wants these beauties, the weather, sun, sand and fun for themselves….

    Unfortunately though, the majority of Black people in the OT’s are ignorant to the realities of existing in a world dominated by a colonial mentality, that will not only theaten and or eradicate their control of their political and financial apparatuses, but will also threaten their very existence a people.. They had better wake up soon. They are fast asleep………

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  15. WATER BOY says:

    30+ years still waiting for status if its not victimization what is it.

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  16. ? says:

    ‘They would be able to vote and even hold office,” the Premier stated.’

    That is a lie. Belongers cannot hold office, only born Virgin Islanders. That legislation was slipped in some years ago last time they got scared.

    • recommendation says:

      it was recommended by the uk, if you read correctly.

      one of the recommendations is for British citizens to be able to have status in all OTs and be able to become a Belonger of that OT because they are British. They would be able to vote and even hold office,” the Premier stated.

      • question says:

        So they are stating we BVIslanders would have rights in all OTs therefore, they will also have rights to BVI?

        • I stand with the premiere says:

          In principle yes. However the OT’s won’t go for another overseas territory just coming in and having rights to their country just because they are under the UK’s umbrella.

          What the Premiere is really talking about is Indigenous UK Citizens and those who live in the UK and have acquired British citizenship being able to come from the UK with a fraction of their 66 million person population and be able to have rights, vote and hold office in an OT’s.

          That would put the BVI with its 30k population, and even smaller population that are allowed to vote at a disadvantage.

          If the UK citizens ever decide to come together and form a political party in the BVI or any other OT’s territory, common sense alone will tell you that based on population they could easily win an election in the OT’s with their sheer population numbers.

          Simple! Men lie women lie numbers don’t lie.

          That is why belongership has to be protected at all cost. I stand with the premiere!

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          • FINALLY says:

            Finally someone with sense! The premier is wrong on many other topics but not this one This is modern day colonialism!!

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  17. simple observation says:

    its just disappointing to see the outcome of the decisions made.

    abusing the human rights of people that are trying to straighten out their status.
    people that have their rights.

    its not a favor its a right!!

    people that have applied various times, it is not a cheap process especially in these times with the economy and even more so when you have to apply more than once

    at the same time Visa’s are still being Sold and no one wants to shed light on that.

    corruption everywhere.

    how are we suppose to push forward as a country when the first enemy is the government.

  18. For the last time.... says:

    You’re not indigenous!

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  19. LR says:

    The USVI is a territory of the US and the USVI Government is ran an controlled by the locals. The white people can come there and run for the senate and try and take over but that will never happen because the people will stand up and fight. Their have been white people who have been in the senate and has represented the people with no issues or problems. So tell Fahie to stop talking nonsense and trying to cause problems.

  20. Yank says:

    Get all your thankless Bvi blooded leeches sucking off the UK and the United States especially the US VI out of my goddamn country if you think you’re gonna pull this sort of apartheid sht if you want to concentrate on the people you have now you’re gonna be starting with a median IQ of 90 a.k.a. a destroyed society of fools that’s where we are so diversify
    Strip all the US citizenship of anybody that has a belonger card get them out of any tax advantages they have through that duality and just shut off the Bvi from the Usvi because we shouldn’t be supporting an apartheid society then let’s see how you guys do heck I can just tell the people in the United States not to come there because you hate them
    Will also tell them to stop putting money in your domicile we can pick some other offshore then you’re broke and you guys can kill each other then will come down in 20 years bvi will be empty
    United States is here because it let people in
    F off Fat fake pastor

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  21. @yank says:

    We do not hate we are afraid that history will repeat itself.

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  22. Styles. says:

    Fahie, look up the meaning of indigenous. There are no indigenous people in the BVI.

  23. Nope. Disagree. says:

    Local Government and their cronies Will victimize some and favour some base on relationship, that’s what’s happening presently, they corrupt everything they are in control of..Britain incharge it will be a fairer and more transparent process..

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    • Sigh... says:

      I acknowledge the clear need for a fair and transparent process for Belonger Status, but I stand with the OTs on this one! It is not just the VI but in virtually every OT the sentiment is the same. Interestingly, a huge driver of Brexit was similar sentiments. Thus, the UK clearly feels very passionately about this issue as well (at least when it comes to the other 27 EU nations). Of course, in relation to the OTs the UK with a population of approx 66 million has little cause for concern.

      When full British Citizenship was being extended to the OTs, it was accepted on a non-reciprocal basis because of these said concerns and I also recall that those in the population that warned against accepting it also feared that the day would come when the this would happen.

      Ultimately, I think places like Bermuda maybe even Cayman Islands would rather go independent than accept wholesale the recommendations regarding Belonger Status. For places like VI, TCI and Anguilla it will certainly stir the passions of the Belonger population but ultimately whether real or imagined there’s still a fear about independence, so there’s little choice but to accept whatever comes. That’s just my opinion, we will see what happens.

  24. in time to come says:

    A. Fahie is correct protect this at all even if it means we draw blood the blind will never see until its too late keep fighting for our rights tell them to stand down

  25. BVI won't be wh*te says:

    I don’t think he is worried about 1m white Brits coming, but those down islanders.

  26. Truth says:

    The BVI is not remotely ready for independence. We simple do bit know how to manage our resources

  27. Down2earth says:

    It is rather sad to hear the premier speak about foreseen threats. It’s your irresponsible behaviour that has brought this topic to the table. Now all of a sudden you behaving as though your brain working. When you were giving belongership status you didn’t count the economic, health and social cost. Honestly, I suggest that all belonger status given under that cloud (criminal) be revoked.

    Without vision a people perish!!!

    Please feel free to get royally mad! I am a proud ‘born here’ Virgin Islander right back to the nth generation.

  28. I Am says:

    We are indigenous! I know it makes you green with envy. Poor you – you can neither swallow that fact nor spit it out.

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