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Dental industry granted pioneer status! Service providers can now import equipment duty-free

Inside the dental office. Devices and equipment

The House of Assembly has approved a motion that seeks to grant pioneer status to the local dentistry industry; thereby providing tax and Customs duty relief to service providers who import dental equipment.

The motion was moved in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, June 23.

“The equipment is very expensive so this is just a motion just to be able to add dental services to the list of services where we would allow for the pioneer status, which is a system that will assist with getting monies off duties for equipment when they come into the territory,” Fahie said.

He told the House of Assembly that granting pioneer status to dentistry will help to attract more persons to the industry locally.

He said the field is in “dire need” of more dental professionals.

“It (offering pioneer status) is considered necessary in the public interest to expand the list of pioneer services and pioneer enterprises … to accommodate new and emerging services and enterprises to further encourage investment and enhance the development of the Virgin Islands,” Fahie said.

“We just want to encourage more of our people to get into these niche areas … where we are few in numbers,” he added.

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  1. Import says:

    Just import the equipment from Senegal along with the ventilators. Equipment is cheap there.

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  2. LogicReason says:

    Wait for it……….

  3. Farmer says:

    What about duty free for the Agricultural sector to ?
    20% on Seeds and Hand Tools ,come on give us a break man !!!!!!!!

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  4. Hmm What a Thig says:

    So free tax and Customs duty relief to service providers who import dental equipment, those same dentist who rip us off to make the big bucks. And taxing the poor man for sending monies abroad. Does that sound okay to you.

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  5. Lily says:

    Money give breaks to ppl with Money

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  6. Curious Timing says:

    was this done so that a certain individual who is not in the Medical/Dental industry but is opening a Dental Practice can now bring in all his equipment Duty Free when all the other Practices paid their dues accordingly.
    This being done to initially primarily benefit an individual who has publicly stated his goal is to put existing Practices out of business.

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    • Ning says:

      Noooo! Not here! Not in the BVI.

      Maybe, just maybe, you might be onto something! 😉

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    • I was thinking something same.. says:

      Please dont let it apply to him – he done boast how he have everyone in his back pocket. Maybe he just add someone else…

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    • GREED says:

      same way he put the Ni$$s local family almost out of business who was in BVI since 1960 something

  7. Issue says:

    Tax breaks are given to the businesses but is not passed back to consumers. This needs to be addressed. What about the dental fees overall and the amount they charge to NHI? Who is going to regulate this?

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    • them that have want more says:

      After Irma duty removed from household rebuilding items and all the prices went up at [hardware store] and contractors discounts got lost along the way.

      It’s always the same, them that have money and influence want more, get given more and keep more. And we provide the more.

  8. Gingivitis says:

    Tola got a lot of rotten teeth and stinking mouth.


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  9. nutmeg says:

    I smell ah big RAT!! I hear de insurance man involved!! SMH

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    • Green Company... says:

      just a snake in the grass who foolin everybody. Thought VIP would stop all the favours NDP gave him, now they doin same?

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  10. Shark says:

    Them criminals from N****+ getting their wish once more

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