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Despite his contract, CSC was a Political Advisor in my mind

Premier Andrew Fahie

Despite being labelled as a ‘consultant’ on paper, Pastor Claude Skelton Cline was always deemed to be a ‘Ministerial Political Advisor’ in the eyes of the Premier.

This is what Premier Andrew Fahie told the Commission of Inquiry (COI) when he was called to give evidence recently.

“There is a role that Mr Skelton Cline played which was always clear to me from the time he came in … The role was similar to what is now the Ministerial Political Advisor. At that time, I wouldn’t have had the name [but] that idea is what was the sole intention,” The Premier stated.

Premier Fahie further explained that Skelton Cline’s role was primarily one of advising on policy based on the government’s agenda and what he said advisors in a Policy Unit would usually do.

However, the contention with treating Skelton Cline as a political advisor is that his contracts never reflected that. Instead, he was contracted as a “consultant” whose responsibilities differs from that of an advisor.

For example, government consultants are required to produce deliverables and regular reports while an advisor would not have such requirements since their duties are more intangible.

So why did the Premier’s Office contract Skelton Cline as a consultant if that’s not what it actually wanted?

Well, Premier Fahie indicated to the COI that the only things the public service appeared to have in place were ‘consultancy contracts’.

“So, the BVI system did not formally recognise the role of ministerial advisors, but the system does recognise this role and the need by ministers. So, because the system recognises that public officers are not allowed to make political calculations and policy development, this came to be clear that this would have to be where this contract would go,” Premier Fahie reasoned.

Disparity because of a lack of contract template

Premier Fahie further said that any likely disparity between Skelton Cline’s contract and the duties he was actually performing was largely due to the ‘lack of a suitable contract template’ that could be used as a basis to properly explain Skelton Cline’s role in government.

Premier Fahie told the commission that, in the absence of a suitable template for the contract, his staff set out to “try to craft it as best they could”.

In the process, he said technical staff told him they needed to include ‘deliverables’ in the contract. The Premier said this was despite the knowledge and understanding in his mind that there was no need for any to be included.

“For their (the technical staff’s) edification, they wanted to structure it along those lines, so I guess that’s why they made this proposal to include that. But in my mind it was always clear that he would be a Ministerial Advisor,” Premier Fahie said.

We figured it out for the third contract

He told the Commission that it was not until after Skelton Cline’s third engagement with the government, that a contract was created to reflect no deliverables for ministerial advisors.

According to revelations made before the COI recently, Skelton Cline’s contract carried the stipulation that he present at least three initiatives to government that would yield at least $5 million.

Financial Secretary Jeremiah Frett said Skelton Cline managed to exceed this requirement. Frett said he holds this belief despite the fact that Skelton Cline did not actually execute any initiatives. Only the executive branch of government has the power to implement initiatives that Skelton Cline proposed.


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  1. Chosen says:

    People are still refering to this cr**ks as pastor

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  2. @ BIRDS says:


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  3. Come on Andrew says:

    Go tell it on the mountain……….please don’t take us for complete idiots. What qualifies CSC to be a political advisor ?
    Oh yes now I remember……….his time working for the cr**ked politician in Detroit who was jailed for corruption.

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  4. What? says:

    So here we have a Premier that has been at the Governor and UK’s throat since being elected and he is sitting here saying that they had issues because of a CONTRACT TEMPLATE FOR 2 YEARS? You have PS, AG Office and so many other resources available and this is your defense? I’m shocked that none of his party have left him, that says a whole lot.

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  5. Blank says:

    So years ago as Min of Education, Hon. Fahie advised that the contract with CSC for the youth program be discontinued for lack of proper reporting etc. The same CSC was on the rostrum for VIP during their elections making the most noise. After winning the elections and being sworn in as Premier, this is the same man that the Premier trusted to be his political adviser but based on what? He is a Pastor, he failed at the initial program under Hon. Fahie’s watch but still managed to be paid $16K per month on a so called trial contract. Who gets a trial at $16k per month? The chips are falling, thanks COI.

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  6. heckler says:

    I dont want to hear no lies so early this morning

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  7. Coi says:

    But why bvi news not reporting the part of the coi about how the UK gave billions of pounds contracts to friends and party supporters? Bvi news looking bias.

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  8. lol says:

    lol so Government breached its own contract

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  9. The great fall says:

    I guess you felt that way because the contracts were only given as pay back for him being your political mouth piece before, during and after the elections.

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    • More than that says:

      Looks like he was more than a mouthpiece. Something extra going on behind the scenes. Till now, Premier cannot resoundingly deny that he knew CSC prior to the arrangements with the deceased Hon R T Oneal. He could only repeat a written statement on a paper. It’s either a yes or no. Too many lies.

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    • Contradictory says:

      The premier in one breath stated that everyone knows everyone in the BVI. That’s the way it is. Then in another breath denies knowing of CSC before the contract under Mr Oneal’s administration. L**s and more l**s.

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  10. Chosen says:

    He was adviseing them how to rob poor people money and give to their friends and family

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  11. PT9 says:

    @Coi, BVI news reports BVI news Not UK news like Virgin Island News ON Line.

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  12. PT9 says:

    Commissioner, You said that you were miss led by the Premier with his long speech when he said it will be short, Sir Gary Hickinbottom I think you will do the BVI and yourself a big favor by not putting the Premier on the Witness stand again his behavior is not going to change and I am sure by now you know where he is coming from, we are sick of his behavior and his campaign speeches I am sure by now you know what he is all about.

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  13. Ohh says:

    Soo back in July you announced you would be hiring Political Mr Cline on the payroll? Cline Willock and Fahie the 3 all are a piece of work!

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  14. A question.. says:

    Why didn’t the Hon Oneal trust the now premier to manage the arrangement with CSC that fell under his education portfolio at the time. Premier said himself he was making recommendations to Hon Oneal on whether to pull the plug on the “neighbourhood” project so there is no doubt it obviously fell under education, mr i-cant-be-too-sure-if-it-did. Is it because from since that time, the now premier could not be trusted by Hon Oneal? Through all the lies, it is amazing that the truth is still coming out.

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  15. nutmeg says:

    “He told the Commission that it was not until after Skelton Cline’s third engagement with the government, that a contract was created to reflect NO DELIVERABLES for ministerial advisors”

    There you have it folks Foy just confirmed/admitted that taxpayers $ were used to pay for nothing!!!

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  16. @ PT 9 says:

    we all know who that spoiled child 😏 IS , he just using a different name , now it’s (coi) but the real( COI ) is taking you and your corrupt colleagues to SCHOOL

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  17. Relax says:

    You are too defensive about everything and everyone…No one, or no system is perfect..

  18. To catch an eel ! says:

    Trying to pin down the Premier on all his dubious transactions with Bev*s, CSC, P*tsy is not as difficult as it may seem.
    Alway remember that one needs their gloves on to hold an eel……….as they try to slip slide away !

  19. Chosen says:

    You were benefiting from what was given away haha

  20. Reason says:

    Ckc AF a bunch of wolves in sheep’s clothing

  21. ??? says:

    That amount of money and no deliverables??? SMH.

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