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Destra delivers | Another entertaining night at festival

Destra Garcia on stage inside the Road Town festival village Tuesday night. (Photo by Davion Smith/BVI News)

Destra Garcia – a familiar act at the BVI’s emancipation festivities each year – pulled off yet another enthralling performance when she graced the stage at the festival village in Road Town Tuesday night.

Within seconds of starting her set, patrons inside the village became hooked as she reeled off soca hits such as Lucy, Just A Little Bit, I Dare You, and a host of other songs.

The acclaimed ‘Queen of Bacchanal’ had patrons singing along to her tunes, jumping, and of course, coupling up to gyrate against each other. Destra also did not disappoint in treating patrons with a few dance moves of her own.

Half-way through her set, she invited fellow Trinidadian soca singer Farmer Nappy to join her in singing their 2017 hit, Technically.

The crowd erupted with cheers when the dreadlocked singer joined the bacchanal queen. Destra then yielded the stage for patrons to enjoy more of Farmer Nappy, who gave a captivating solo performance.

Destra then returned to deliver the second half of her set, which lasted till minutes before 3 o’clock in the morning.

The Trinidadian singers had performed just after local band ABM as well as co-winner of this year’s Road March – VIBE.

Meanwhile, officials such as Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and the BVI’s First Lady Lorna Smith were spotted inside the village, absorbing some of the night’s events.

Below are a few highlights:

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  1. Kenneth Dreger says:

    Somebody needs to get that woman a clothes designer who will cover up ALL that exposed areas that we really don’t need to see……..

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  2. dcd says:

    I missed the BVI festival for the 2nd time in over 40 years. From the pics, it seems like this year was a BLAST………

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  3. Concern says:

    How come the men have on all their clothes, and the ladies can’t find theirs. Just concern!

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  4. jokers says:

    can’t believe they let that woman dress like that thats why hurricanes have to wipe us out cause we don’t stand for nothing at all LORD SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND FORGIVE US PLEASE AMEN

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  5. strupes says:

    She makes most of her money here but chose antigua to get married

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  6. Hmm says:

    Ya’ll are annoying!! Let the woman wear what she wants!!!

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  7. hmm says:

    Maybe next time let us not take pictures for those who did not attend…

    such negativity in these comments, enough to attract a hurricane or two.

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  8. Youngin says:

    When Beyoncé, ReRe and other artists don’t have on clothes ayo does still worship them. I’m sure some of you dress worse than that or have daughters that dress worst than that too, so just hush!!! She is an Entertainer/performer for God’s sake. If ayo don’t like how she dress then either stay home or stop look at the pics. Ayo ain’t contributing but ALWAYS have ting to talk. #LuvUDestrafullydressedornot

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  9. Rubber Duck says:

    Everyone having a whale of a time.

  10. James says:

    She to big and outta shape buddy. Don’t find her attractive at all.

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  11. Tired of your judgement God knows relax nuh says:

    It is Carnival and you people acting like it is not okay to dress in short and in such clothes or cloths. Really stop being hypocrites some of you are the same people that were bras and panties on the beach full of strangers. Why does it matter what people wear it’s called being ‘Free’ with your choice of clothing. Everyone has different styles. And if you want to dance all day or night you dress accordingly. Stop judging people and learn to have fun that’s why the you g local are so damn stuck up and looking trouble. Some of you elders want to act like you are saints but the same ones that started the trends. Imagine the old styles just coming back in. The advancement of technology have you all judging us so harshly. If you are in a certain industry and you are more free spirited, these types of dress codes can damn well be expected. If you don’t like it closes you eyes and ears. Also stay off of social media out of the oooh so sinful activities the community hold. You want to see and judge so you attend and chat s**t. Some of us just want to have fun and watch no face and free up. People like yall make it hard to party and free up on my own island. Next morning you hearing how you dress, look or behave. Yall need to stop and do like Americans since some of you want to be like then and act like we walking among strangers everyday. It’s like I have to always party away to have a stress and gossip free evening. Everytime I go out you people standing up and dress up till they can’t even dance then look wrong when they try a thing. Carnival is one time you don’t always have to dress formal but can relax, gather your own swag and turn up. You elders tell people to be themselves then have the most to say. Sometimes, honestly dress codes don’t always have a thing to do with looking man or anything negative. But self confidence for some that are over weight. Knowing the thick is the in thing what do you think destra was trying to say with her dress code. Some people really struggle with weight and showing whatever may just be a way of saying hey I can dress classy but today this is me freeing up and ready to dance. Does it really matter I am slim and very well toned I wear shorts and sleeveless mostly or tights does it mean something. Honestly NOO some of us just comfortable with our shape, size and dress code leave us alone. Dont look and if you see just mind you own business. Man wah party dont mind how the artist dress she name adult. Your children in the parade in panty and bra that ain’t vex yuh but you judging adults you paying her bills. Must be. Vex you vex me till nah. Strupesss????????

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