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Did you see any ‘angry scooter riders’ when 11yo was killed last year?

Armed members of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force.

Investigations into the fatal shooting of 11-year-old Trinity Moses Thomas and Franklyn Penn, Jr exactly one year ago are still open and police said they are yet to establish a motive for the murders.

Detectives are now asking for information on any scooter riders who may have been seen “acting suspiciously or, particularly, quarrelsome or angry” in the West End area on the night of the murders.

Police have reiterated that any information is welcomed, adding that the $100,000 reward attached to the case is still active.

A portion of that reward money may be given to persons with information that is considered valuable to the investigation, police added.

Commenting on the course of the year-long investigation, Lead Detective Inspector Joe Goff said in a media release: “We have spoken to several persons and have pursued several lines of inquiry and there appears to be no clear motive for the murders. We have families still so broken and unable to make sense of what has happened. My hope is that a member of the public would point us in the right direction or at least help us to connect the dots.”

Trinity and 41-year-old Penn were gunned down by motor scooter riders on November 22, 2017.

Reports indicate that about 9:30 pm on the night in question, the murder victims were travelling along the West End public road in the area of the graveyard when at least two scooter riders rode up beside the vehicle.

The scooter riders reportedly fired several shots inside the vehicle before speeding off. Trinity’s mother was also in the vehicle and received non-fatal injuries.

Meanwhile, persons with information are asked contact Detective Inspector Joe Goff directly at (284)368-9342 or the Major Crime Team at (284)368-5682.

Police have assured that all information will be held in the strictest confidence.

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  1. RAToftheBEVI says:

    ask k—– f—– he snitches for free lmao

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  2. Fool says:

    You think this is a f’ing joke? You are disgusting!

    Now a year later police asking assistance? That’s just as disgusting as the post above!

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  3. Friend of a Friend says:

    It have a lot of those young boys who have sex for Money and/or anything as valuable such as phones and such. But the moment you denied them that luxury they would take your. Franky sorry that happened but I told u keep from certain people in tola

    • Um says:

      So since you seem to know so much. Why didn’t you go to the police instead of coming on here posting crap knowing today marks a year since the murder of Mr.Penn and you want to call yourself a friend.

    • @friend of a Friend says:

      If you know something tell the police. An innocent man and child were killed. Not injured – killed. Be serious. You’re no friend. speak out. Stand up for the one you called friend. Every clue will help the police to find the person who committed or is behind that shooting. Please. Frankie was a good guy. He did not deserve to die that way. If you were his friend speak out. To the police not here. That is all I ask.

  4. Judgement Day says:

    From some of these comments it’s clear some of you have no heart nor consideration for the victims nor their families. And like I’ve said before even the death of an innocent child couldn’t bring some of you to show your humanity and share what information you know about the killers. I hope wherever those HEARTLESS a$$holes are who killed Trinity and Franklin are haunted by their cowardly act and can never live a peaceful life. To Trinity’s classmates,friends,family,teachers and others who knew her – please stay strong and continue to pray that God will take justice into his own hands and bring justice to both Trinity’s family and Franklin’s family. TODAY IS A YEAR since the murder of the 2 victims,may they both rest in peace and I pray that justice WILL PREVAIL.

  5. Nonsense says:

    The police knows, but they protect the criminals more than anything. To much crookedness in the RVIPF. They need to do better because if you can’t get help from the police, citizens will start taking matters into their own hands.

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  6. CJ says:

    Dear BVI many people will know who did this and should be ashamed of themselves for not speaking to the police . Then the next ring of people who know who holds important information but don’t say anything your just as bad. Your comments nonsense that the police are curupt is unfounded and is so often banded around as an excuse not to talk to the police. BVI moans about corruption in gov , childish political in fighting, nothing getting done, well BVI if you can’t as a community help to find the murderer of a child then BVI you don’t deserve progress in you community because your all bereft of morality .

  7. Hmm says:

    Why do the police not share information with the public.

    All we knew at the time was two people died.

    Now they say it was two people on scooters. Two people.

    How many people were involved in the home invasion murder of Mr.Eittiene?

    Still no statement, no public information from police availible. And likely another case going cold.

    How can the public figure anything out when the police keep all details to themselves????

  8. Thou shall not kill says:

    Tbh fhe ppl need to be happy that The place small

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