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Digicel appoints new CEO

Kevin Smith

Digicel British Virgin Islands has appointed Kevin Smith as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Smith, who worked as a Commercial and Operations Director for Digicel from 2013 to 2015, said he was happy to return to continue the business of the company.

“I am delighted to be coming back to the Digicel family at a time when the company is forging ahead on its journey to becoming a digital lifestyle partner for customers,” he stated.

“With telecommunications and technology central to the continued growth and development of the BVI, I am committed to ensuring that our customers and communicates always benefit from their association with Digicel,” Smith further said.

Smith boasts 25 years of commercial and management experience across many government and non-government organisations across the territory, including his recent post of Chief Operating Officer of the Telecoms Regulatory Commission in July 2018.

He was also a Managing Director of New Direction Business Consulting and held other senior posts at the BVI Post Office and Citco BVI Limited.

Digicel’s Group CEO Jean-Yves Charlier congratulated Smith on his appointment to lead Digicel BVI.

“Along with his strong grasp of the Digicel DNA based on his previous experience with us, he brings the right mix of commercial and customer understanding coupled with a deep passion for technology and development which can only be of benefit to our customers in the BVI,” Charlier said.

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  1. Thats cool says:

    But does he have the authority to change the value proposition of Digicel’s offering. Better, more reliable mobile and internet at lower cost would be great. If not, at least we get top up specials and giveaways.

  2. Ausar says:

    Congrats, OJ!!!

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  3. yeah says:

    7 more years for fraser

  4. Gentleman says:

    Congrats.. well deserve

  5. Anonymous says:

    !. Bring relief to the customers of the BVI with lower rates and costs comparable to those of the Eastern and Southern Caribbean and the rest of the world.

    2. Bring back the customers that left due exorbitant ridiculous costs.

    3. Some policy changes need to be inacted for returnig customers, as many currently on the books are punitive,discriminatory and draconian.

    The cost of basic internet conecctivity . service in the BVI is a huge scam, enabled by lack of govermnent controls and or encouraged by its complicity. It should not be costing so much. It is basically robbing of the public meager salary for baby’s milk, food and other life’s necessities.

    Last, it is also beleived that consumers need protection from a real threat, not a perceivd one costing $87, 000.00 per month.

    Consumers need protection from price inceases and the increasing cost of living by the initiation a mandatory piece of legislation that requires a mandatory salary incremental salary increase, the details to worked out by the labour and economic specialists.

    What is clear is, the current state of high and rising prices and cost of living, food, rent, transportation, medicine and others are totally unsustainable.

    People will not continue to work for low to slave wages, take home and or save less and less, be unable to eat, take care of loved ones, illnesses or take a vacation and remain contented or happy, while businesses owners continue to suck their strenght, blood, sweat and energy.

    Moreover, along with the adverse effects such will have on health, emotions and family structure, will culminate into the final demise and erosion of a society constructed on greed, greed, selfishness and accumulation of money, but not with the intention if shaing, but to hoard and hoard and hoard till the day they die, while the masses toil and toil and toil to satify their addiction.

    At some point, at some time, in some year, time and space, some thing will spark and all hell will break loose and jerico will come tumbling down. As, exploitation of the masses will never last forever. History teaches that.

  6. One eye fowl cock says:

    Why is this new?

  7. Rubber Duck says:

    New King of the Rip Off merchants. Make the most of it because satellite internet is about to put you all on the unemployment heap where you belong. And folks will rejoice.

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  8. Not2Sure says:

    Little bit surprised that someone can go straight from a job working for the telecoms regulator to a high paying position for a telecoms company. Most countries have conflict of interest rules which prevent that.

    Otherwise what is to prevent telecoms companies offering up lucrative deals to TRC staff members in exchange for favourable treatment?

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  9. Hmph says:

    This is great news. Not get rid of the L**ian lady who is causing a muck to loyal customers and staff. No people skills what so ever.

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