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Disaster Management Bill rides to Governor’s Office for assent

Governor Jaspert

The House of Assembly met briefly yesterday January 13 and passed the Disaster Management Act (2021), which essentially means the approved bill will be moving to the Governor’s Office for assent.

All eyes will be on the Governor’s Office once the bill is sent there as Governor Augustus Jaspert didn’t assent the last two bills before him — the Cannabis Licensing Bill and the Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Amendment Act 2020.

However, Governor Jaspert’s term is set to end early this year, so it’s unclear whether he will be the one to give assent to the law.

The Disaster Management Bill proposes to shift the power of control from the governor to the territory’s Premier and his government during times of disaster.

In 2020, it took centre stage in local politics when different factions of the government debated whether the governor or Minister of Health should lead the territory’s response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Funding? says:

    I hope the Premier realizes that if this Bill is passed, no one from outside the territory will provide any financial support in the event of another disaster.

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  2. Rubber Duck says:

    I think Mr Fahie’s government has convincingly demonstrated that it couldn’t organise a fry up in a chip shop never mind take charge of disasters.

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  3. Tom says:

    I do not believe that this goverment should be in charge of disaster management.

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  4. 1st district says:


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  5. Robin says:

    You all realize the government handled COVID because PANDEMICS are the responsibility of the health minister.

    Ask your self if the UK handled our COVID response how many more cases and deaths we would have.

    Hands down they did a excellent job with that responsibility and keeping us safe. Thank god they stood up instead of bending backwards.

    Many doubted their motives but they did a good job locking down quickly.

    Travel from the UK is banned.

    Do you want the prospect of UK imposed mandatory vaccines? Or BVI style voluntary vaccination? that is what is at stake complete loss of control in any ‘disaster’.

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  6. Nope says:

    Please do not assent this ridiculous bill. This government is out of control. Passing all these new bills with absolutely no input from the public who placed them there. Power hungry and c****pt. They need to go.

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  7. YOUTH says:

    It is time the local government take charge of the Department of Disaster Management.

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  8. People wake up says:

    The Government handled Covid better than the UK and the Governor so I trust them with handling the Disaster Management

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  9. atourist says:

    People wake up, you fail to point out that the UK provided the BVI with the equipment (testing as well as medical) to fight COVID let alone a vaccine in the very near future. Comparing how the UK has managed the pandemic vs BVI is something to analyse after this pandemic has subsided, alas I don’t want to be the prophet of doom but unless the BVI severely restricts international movement you could well end up with an R rate similar to the UK (and the consequences).

    It may well be worth looking back through history to why the governors office is involved in the management of disasters along side the BVI government (immediate mutual large scale aid beyond the resources of the BVI when needed, as demonstrated by Irma), the thinking behind this is well explained in this outline frame work policy

    Have a read of this first before deciding if you want to go it alone “when the poo hits the fan”!

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    • To atourist says:

      The reason why the governor wants to hold on to the Disaster management is to control us in the BVI. This was the first step and then they would want Customs. Then they would want Health. It is clear that the UK intends to try to hold on to us and try to never let us grow. This Governor needs to do better.

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