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‘Disorderly’ fireman fined after curfew breach, assaulting police

A local firefighter has been fined $1,950 in the Magistrate Court for offences stemming from a breach of curfew hours.

The 24-year-old fireman pleaded guilty to breach of curfew, disorderly conduct, assault on a police officer, failure to comply with police and use of abusive language during his court appearance last week.

The court was told that around 10 pm on June 13, 2020, a mobile police unit was patrolling when they received a call that an illegal gathering was happening on Crab Hill Road. The two officers on duty told the crowd to disperse and everyone reportedly complied except the fireman.

The two officers inquired if he was an essential worker and if he had permission to be out after curfew. Investigations show he was a firefighter but he was off duty and therefore, the essential worker exemption did not apply.

The court was told that he got disgruntled and started to complain about the officer’s interrogation. The two officers told the fireman if he did not comply, he would be charged for breach of curfew.

The court heard that the fireman reportedly walked off and mumbled that he was not afraid of the police. The prosecution said the officers drove after the firefighter and arrested him for breach of curfew.

Homophobic and misogynistic slurs

The court was informed while at the police station, the 24-year-old proceeded to assault the female officer on duty by shoving her in the chest and charged at the male officer. He threatened to assault them while hurling homophobic slurs at the male police officer and misogynistic comments at the female.

The court was told the female officer was involved in a car accident and the fireman told her he should have been on duty when the call was made to the fire department regarding the accident so he could watch her die.

He also accused her of stealing money from the government and having sexual relations with minors. The prosecution said after fireman was finished verbally abusing the officers, he was offered a phone call and he called his boss at the fire department to get him out of jail.

The 24-year said he was not intoxicated during the entire ordeal. However, he told the court he wished to apologise to the officers as his actions were ‘too much’.

He also asked Magistrate Khadeen Palmer for leniency in his punishment as he did not want to lose his job since he had to take care of his young child.


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  1. Real Macoy says:

    He is a very disrespectful young man. let him serve his time so he can learn a lesson. I can’t believe he is a fire fighter and behaving in that awful manner. Imagine the officers asked them to leave before he got charged, but I guess he too big too follow instructions like his friends.

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  2. Warner Brother says:

    Not doing island? A local younsay. 🤔
    That’s why the comments low.

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    • Anonymous says:

      Not trying to start this stupid talk but just to respond to your stupid allegations Bowens is not a local last name. Sounds like at least his father is an expat. So what’s your excuse now.

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  3. Windy says:

    Fire him.

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  4. God Blind Ya says:

    Respect those in authority, use that energy for the better good

    • Deeper problems says:

      There is a deeper issue in the community. There is a divide between the people and the authority and hopefully this can be addressed in a peaceful and wise manner.

  5. what? says:

    @ God Blind Ya

    Respect what authority; can you see authority is full of corruption.

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  6. 1st district original says:

    As a civil servant, he should be fired forthwith and set the prescience in our dolly house behaviour and attitude, period!!

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    • No says:

      No, he should not be fired. He made a mistake. Everyone is so judgemental in this forsaken society until it happens to them or someone close to them. And no,dont know anything about the young man. Just know a thing or two about showing mercy because no one is flawless.

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  7. Citizen says:

    Unfortunately this type of behavior seems to be the norm around here – a general lack of respect.

  8. Just Curious says:

    He should be fired forthwith when he uttered the comment that as fireman he was sorry he wasnt working the night so he could watch the officer died in a recent motor vehicle accident. That pronouncement allow is straight dismissal in my book.

  9. Do this says:

    Please sue for stress,,, defamation,,the works…Uttering the wish that someone should be burnt too death,,0n the job,,get a lawyer son..all video footage,,get it from the station..assault..Please get what’s owed to you.It will teach them too have respect.We all got kids,

  10. news truth says:

    the truth to this story is way more than what y’all are reading, who knows the officer would know why it ended up the way it did not saying is right but who also knows the officer and defendant relation will get an understanding.

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