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‘Disorderly’ teen freed after improved behaviour

Mervin Flaherty, Jr during a previous court appearance.

After noting significant improvements in Mervin Flaherty’s behaviour, Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards ordered the young offender’s release from prison.

The 19-year-old has had a number of reported run-ins with the law; and among them are reports of theft, assaulting police officers, and behaving disorderly at a police station.

“The person standing before me is different from the person I met in May [last year],” said Magistrate Richards on Friday when Flaherty appeared before her for disorderly conduct at a police station and criminal damage.

She sentenced the teen to ‘time served’ and put him on a bond to keep the peace for two years.

That means Flaherty must keep out of trouble for two years or he will be fined.

“If you fail to control yourself, you will pay $3,000,” Magistrate Richards told the young offender.

Flaherty was charged after losing his temper and punching through a glass door at the Road Town Police Station last May.

He has been ordered to compensate the station for damaging the door.


Meanwhile, Flaherty’s release means he is now on bail for other cases he has before the court.

In one of those cases, Flaherty allegedly stole a phone from a motorist who had offered him a ride.

Flaherty reportedly made off with the phone then attempted to sell the device online.

He is also accused of stealing from a female friend’s bank account. However, the youngster claims that incident was a misunderstanding.

He is scheduled to return to court on June 6.

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  1. lol says:

    he shoulda crack that p— man 3 fist in he nose

  2. Law officer says:

    why don’t set them all free because they are such good children..

  3. Butter cream says:

    Let’s see. They say people change but he is a ? Mark. And some people in not saying him play that game.

  4. Devon says:

    A name to look out for in the future ! A shame.

  5. Saddened from afar says:

    Clearly, by the actions of Mr. Flaherty behavior there is a crying out for help. Are there any viable and effective counseling professionals on the island that can help him deal with any inner conflicts?

  6. See says:

    Big mistake . Not surprised though

  7. A friend says:

    If I am correct this child is t——..:his father went back home to bury his mom and got killed by his b—– arguing over p—-. This child is crying out for help.

    • @ A friend says:

      Who Ask you?

    • @ A friend says:

      PLEASE MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!, we’re you there? If people in this place would learn to mind their own business trust me Tortola would’ve been a better place.

      • Concerned citizen says:

        No, if we would be our brother’s keeper and mind each other’s business more as we did long ago perhaps he would not have reached where he is at today. Someone would have already been concerned enough to get him the help he needed, whether he would let them or you would let them is something else, since you seem to be an obstacle for him right now. If you care soo much step up to the plate and stop ranting at every comment you deem negative. Sometimes who you think is your enemy is your friend and who you think is your friend is your enemy. Go reflect on this statement. As a “friend” GO seek help for him before it is too late, because something obviously has gone array.

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