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Disrespectful! Walwyn breached protocol by publicising wall report

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith has publicly come out and reprimanded Education Minister Myron Walwyn for circumventing protocol and publicising the Auditor General’s ‘special report’ on the construction of the perimeter wall around the Elmore Stoutt High School campus.

“Due to Walwyn’s actions, it breaches long established guidelines and I cannot support him with this,” Dr Smith said.

The report should have first been passed through Cabinet and the House of Assembly before reaching the public and, based Dr Smith’s timeline, Walwyn preempted the process by at least three months.

Premier Smith, who received an email from Governor Augustus Jaspert on the matter, suggested that Walwyn undermined authority, especially that of the governor.

“Minister Walwyn’s actions were disrespectful to the governor who, in this case, should have been the person to bring the document to the attention of the public. I hereby call on Minister Walwyn to make a public apology for his actions … and [an assurance] that his actions will not repeat itself in the future,” the premier said.

I had my reasons

Walwyn subsequently submitted to the request of the Premier.

While speaking on radio on Friday, Walwyn said: “I have my reasons why l made the report public. That is beside the point at this time.”

“The Premier is someone I’ve worked with and have worked for, for the last seven years. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the Premier and I know the Premier would not have called upon me to apologise on a matter unless he knew I was wrong,” he said.

Walwyn released the report during an independent press conference that he called earlier this month.

His actions came amid increasing pressure and criticism of overspending on the wall project, among other things.

The report

The Auditor General’s report concluded that the manner in which the project was executed gives the ‘appearance’ that the ministry sought to “avoid procurement requirements that have been established to secure value for money on government projects”.

Walwyn, however, fired back during his press conference stating that he is concerned about the operations of the Office of the Auditor General, whose report on the perimeter wall around Elmore Stoutt High School, he said, is vastly deficient and unbalanced.

Roughly 70 contractors and 15 petty contracts were used to construct the wall, which is about 1,562 feet long and about eight to 10 feet high.

The project had a cost overrun of a little more than $157,000.

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  1. Sooooo says:

    Apparently this Minister has a history of not following protocols and procedures. First with circumventing procedures to build the ESHS wall and now by breaching protocols by disclosing the audit contents of the same wall. Hmmm… and he is supposedly well versed in law.

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    • james gialni says:

      this minister seemms to be a boss y himself terrible guy. all long he is acting stupidy stupidier using his oratorial skills he should be kicked out of the caabinet. doc–you have been very kind . but pl. don’t force him on people any more

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      The Wall, an ugly piece of badly built nonsense cost over 6 times what a competent contractor would have charged to do it properly.

      And this guy wants his hands on the whole country’s big cookie jar?


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    • Da Truth says:

      Da man got hisself in a big pickle.

  2. Brad Boynes says:

    This man is too d*m arrogant and it’s showing in his speech and actions.

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  3. Lord Ahmad says:

    It’s not good enough that he has to apologize to the U.K. governor, he was slanderous to the office of the Auditor General, and this is unacceptable!

    He publicly demeaned Ms Webster and called into question her trust and fairness for the law. It’s is her first that he needs to seek forgiveness from. She works on behalf of the people of the Virgin Islands and her role should not be politicized.

    This minister for education has hurt the NDP and has shown little regards for law and order. He is unbecoming of a legislator.

    He responds to dissent and criticism with vile scathing retribution that only serves to weaken the democratic process and foster wide ranging confusion.

    2019 election must address these incompetence in or government and remedy the problems they cause! No more hostility, vote for unity, vote for the VIP!

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    • Meli says:

      I was hoping the Premier would have mentioned the Minister’s disrespect towards the AG as well. She still deserves an apology.

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  4. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Wat ah ting! Haste make waste. In the world of tennis, the MEC’s performance would be viewed as an unenforced error. The MEC is a lawyer and know the import of adhering to laws; he knows that violating laws come with consequences; he knows that adhering to laws is the bedrock of good order and discipline in the community. Following laws is a healthy societal norm. This same principle applies to government policies, processes and procedures. All the MEC had to do was follow the procurement procedures. Instead, he went rogue.

    Now, the MEC is working overtime to rationalize his actions. He is raging and hopping mad that the Auditor General didn’t include his reasons for not abiding with the procurement procedures in her report. Apparently, he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the procedures; it is ALL about his agenda. Rules are for other people. The Auditor General’s job was to determine if the procurement procedures were followed or not followed. The Auditor General should not give a rat’s ass why one didn’t follow procedures. That is a problem for the person, his/her boss, the agency and the people. In this case, it is the Premier, Premier……etc; Doc must stand up and take responsibility. And he did by publicly rebuking the MEC. The usual best management practice is to rebuke in private and praise in public. What happened here and why?

    Moreover, this is not the MEC’s finest hour; he violated long standing protocol, dissed the Premier, cohorts, Governor and the people. It was about self. The MEC is vying to lead the territory. A leader must lead by personal example, take blame when things go off the rail and share top performance. It is challenging for a leader to get followers to adhere to protocol(s) when he/she looks at them with disdain. This is a teachable moment.

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      Should the minister in question step down as NDP Chairman as a result of his misjudgment? His decisions must have consequences when they hurt country and people.

      I don’t see how he remains a credible option to head the party all the while creating doubt as to his abilities and inflicting damage to the reputation of the party!

      The right thing to do in such a situation is to step aside as chairman for the sake of 2019 general elections. Perhaps the decision to allow his lead was too soon, premature.

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  5. Sam the Man says:

    I see that Dr Smith criticises for releasing reports too soon before due process….that charge may well be appropriate. However I just wish the Premier would get his own act together and catch up with all the annual audited financial reports he should have issued as Finance Minister. This is the main reason the country is in the mess that it is in, nobody in the banking/finance field trusts the No Direction Party as they resist transparency and openness in their hidden deals.

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  6. james gialni says:

    this minister seemms to be a boss y himself t—— guy. all long he is acting stupidy stupidier using his oratorial skills he should be kicked out of the caabinet. doc–you have been very kind . but pl. don’t force him on people any more

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  7. Sigh says:

    Heads should roll for this disrespectful action. The apology, if you can call it that, was an embarrassment to the Governor, Premier, NDP and all the people of the BVI. In essence it said, “As far as I am concerned I did nothing wrong. But if the Premier said I did something wrong and wants an apology, I will do it for so.“

    We are not to forget the independent audit that was also way out of line. Can anyone be allowed to do one when improprieties are observed within the government? I doubt it.

    I cry for my country. What type of example are we setting for our young people with this type of behavior?

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  8. What!!! says:

    NDP is dead in the water if this minister is to be its head, No one os voting fot this arrogant man to be Premier same as Frasser.

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  9. Electric Shock! says:

    I have no respect for Orlando and anything he has to say. He is just a big F%^&king hypocrite. He just burn that the NDP fire his backside, so now he looking to make cheap political punches against his boss MVW. Bossman, go and correct all the ill decisions you have made before you criticize others.

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    • @Electric says:

      NDP fired Dr. Smith? When did this happen? If NDP fired Dr Smith and the same Dr. Smith told Walwyn who is the new NDP leader to apologize and he did, how does that work? From what I understand there was an internal election for NDP leader and Dr. Smith decided not to contest. Nowhere have I heard he was fired.

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  10. Not so ...... says:

    Not to make light of this in this current time but the Premier and all the other clowns that run in lock and step with him have no foundation whatsoever to ask anyone for apologies. The whole lot of them need to stand up and apologize to us (the voting people) for all their disgraceful behavior, lack of transparency, squandering of funds, zero accountability. The list could go on and on! I personally couldn’t care less if Walwyn broke protocol. At least I get to see some document on something rather than having the entire thing hid away. Could not give a damn if the Premier or the Governor is offended.

    Whole thing is pathetic what these guys get away with! Then you come to the press and cry for respect when not one of you have done a damn thing to earn it!

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    • Cuba Gooding Jr says:

      “Show me the audit.” “Show me the audit.” Come on y’all, join me in asking doc Smith and singing “Show me the audit.”

  11. Narsistic says:

    He does something wrong and then practically says

    “its already done, lets move on”

    No way. No respect for the law. Or procedure.

    Mr walwyn is law unto himself.

    It would be no surpise to me if he thinks he is superior to all other humans.

    He looks like a serpent in a suit, now he begins to behave as one.

    Overlook it he says.

    People with bad character always do bad and then ask for it to be overlooked.

    Lets pay attention.

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  12. Yawn says:

    How much thing this man got to breach before ayou send him the jail or release him from his duties?… yawn…

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  13. Yolo says:

    Well the man ain’t hiding nothing, think about it people nothing has been sugar coated…..I don’t trust the A.G…. the point is we know the truth and it didn’t waste time a long process…. next I want to know money on the pier park and the brandy wine bay beach….. let it rip

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    • Huh? says:

      How can you NOT trust the AG and in the same breath/statement say we know the truth? Isn’t that a contradicting statement? Then you go on to ask about Brandywine Bay and TPPL (Tortola Pier Park)? Make up your mind. Either you have confidence in the office of the AG and the findings of their reports/audits or not.

  14. Eagle eye says:

    Where is the apology for our 7.2 million?

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  15. Rex FeRaL says:

    This whole investigation was about the money not a dam wall. The people’s money was mishandled by The MOE&C. That is serions shiggidy. If he is only going to be reprimanded then Orlando Smith is a problem. I’m pretty sure there areally consequences for such breechave which in my opinion is a threat to society and national security.seize the time.

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  16. Really ! says:

    Apologise ??? no arrest him on charges of —–.

  17. Iconoclast says:

    The MEC sounds like another Trump disciple; Trump’s motto is to never apologize and to tell naked lies. Despite expressing his respect for ( does he really respect the Premier;) and support for the Premier, the MEC offered a non apology. You know the kind of statement that goes like this: I didn’t do anything wrong but if some people feel offended I’m sorry.

    The MEC arrogrance will not let him apologize. Walwyn kisses the ring of no one, for he is king of heap and always the smartest people in the room.

    The Premier created the monstrous environment; he let ministers run hog wild. You reap what you sow, for he should have bell those cats years ago. Instead, he let ministries operate like governments within a government. The Premier seems to like alternative governments, for he let the RDA in the door. He should have told the UK to take a freaking hike when it proposed the RDA, if it were the UK that came up with the RDA. If locals came up with it, they need a cut ass, do they not?

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    • Quiet Storm says:

      Premier is a decent man but soft; he was too trusting. He needed to trust but verify. In this case, a doctor’s bedside manner was ineffective. He needed to walk softly but carry a big guava tree stick. He should have fired some people and had a ministry reshuffle eons ago but he failed to pull the trigger. He still needs to fire someone; it is not too late. Is the Peter Principle at work here?

  18. Wendy says:

    I am reading hearing and listening but allyo pray for me please. Yours truly, in evaluating the perceived disrespect, I cannot get past the Windrush scandal. Try as I might, the Windrush scandal has me at the crossroads of Do Unto Others andno wind rushing through my heart brain or my mind could erase the disrespect and repugnancy of the Windrush scandal unapologetically perpetrated by the current representatives of the Queen on the peoples of Caribbean descent.

    • Political Observer (PO) says:

      Windrush, ah the racial scandal that the UK wish would go away. What is the Windrush generation and where did the name come from. The Emperor Windrush was the ship that brought hundred of thousands migrants to England to help it rebuild after the war (WW II). The migrants came from Caribbean countries between 1948- 1971. Many of the migrants were children who travelled on their parents passports and therefore had no documents of their own. The children (Windrush Generation) grew up, work in, and paid taxes in England for decades; they embraced the UK as their home.

      However, a 2012 rule change intended to reduce overstaying put the Windrush Generation in an almost no man’s land. The Home Secretary ( a current UK leader) demanded that they show documents, ie, passports…….etc or be deported. Remember that many of the Windrush Generation came to the UK on their parents’ passport and apparently didn’t have any other documents. The issue is causing a great divide in the UK. The Windrush Generation needs amnesty.

      PM Theresa May needs to lead on this issue. She supposedly refuse to meet with Caribbean leaders after the most recent Commonwealth meeting; further she supposedly held a token meeting with Jamaica PM Holness. Nonetheless, PM Theresa May needs to schedule and hold a meeting(s) with all applicable Caribbean countries in regards to the Windrush Generation isssue; it is time to bring closure and make these people whole.

      Moreover, the UK needed migrants to develop to develop its economy. Work completed, it is trying to kick migrants to the curb. The UK seemed to have a ting for migrants. The fear of migrants was the genesis for Brexit; it is having buyers remorse about Brexit. It fears Pakistanis, Africans……….etc. And the Windrush Generation too. The UK has a history of raping countries of their resources to build their economy and then kick them to the curb, ie, Caribbean countries, African countries, Far East countries and so on. The US was on the list but they protested, ie,…….Boston Tea Party….. and breakaway from Britannia.

      • BVi Diaspora/Enclave says:

        @PO, thanks for the Windrush Gen summary. Who knew. By the way, who is current UK and former Home Secretary who demanded that the chiren of the Windrush migrants show their papers? These people feel entitled and like to demand that people of African descent show their papers. Prez Obama is the only of the 45 US presidents that had to show papers. The Trumpster perpetrated the naked lie that Prez Obama was born in Kenya, for his father was a Kenyian. He knew it was a lie; he knew he born in Hawaii, one of the 50 states. Bunch ah racists, s….s.

  19. Brad Boynes says:

    If you are a guest worker for a period of time you need to exit and re-enter to further remain working. The whole windrush initiative was mismanaged. When you are dealing with desperation desperate mensures are taken. It was not those children’s fault.

  20. Madman says:

    Leave de man alone

  21. Superman says:

    Lock him up

  22. Anonymous says:

    Madman, did you read the report? MW is disrespectful and arrogant.

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