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District 6 looking like ‘dumping ground’ | DWM remove bins on request of business owners

This December 19 photograph shows garbage being piled along the roadway in Purcell Estate.

Residents residing at Free Bottom and Purcell Estate have resorted to dumping garbage on the ground since two public dumpster containers were removed from the communities, which comprise nearly 500 residents.

Representative for the Sixth Electoral District Alvera Maduro-Caines told BVI News that the dumpsters were removed after business owners in the area began complaining that they (the dumpsters) had become an eyesore.

The Department of Waste Management had them removed last Wednesday, Maduro-Caines said.

When BVI News visited the location at Purcell Estate, a small mountain of garbage was already beginning to pile along the community’s public roadway.

“The situation has become a bit overbearing,” she said. “It’s making District 6 look like a dumping ground.”

Maduro-Caines said a bin is expected to be brought back to the community. However, she noted that authorities are now faced with another dilemma.

“Getting an area [to place the dumpsters] is the problem. We have looked at certain areas and persons don’t want the bin on their land and it’s an ongoing issue for years,” she explained.

The Sixth District Representative is now calling on members of the public who are aware of alternate locations where the dumpster can be placed to contact her or the Department of Waste Management.

She is also calling on residents to refrain from dumping garbage on the ground. She is further advising residents to seek out other dumpsters to dispose of their garbage.

This BVI News photograph shows garbage being piled along the roadway in Purcell Estate.

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  1. Eagle eye says:

    Put back a longer bin rite there,what eye sore they speaking everyone in that area should suffer because the new business owners want to terrorize the place with dirt from those two cement yards.they dont live in the district and those kinds of business shouldn’t be allow in a residential area.

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  2. Eagle eye says:

    The bins was on government property.that is now 3 cement yards in Purcell that causes dirt pollution to homes and residence.they are the bigger eye sore so please put the bins back Alvera.those people cannot vote for you.

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  3. Devon says:

    “Not my problem!” The new saying for the BVI !

  4. observer says:

    Some people are just too nasty. If you don’t see a dumpster there why throw your garbage there, it’s just sickening.

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  5. Good says:

    The same area where the dumpsters were,
    Build a private lattace fence there with doors
    and use three of the small dumpsters in it
    so the sanitation men can push them out
    so the trucks can empty them .
    just an idea.

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  6. caring says:

    The same area where the dumpsters were,
    Build a private lattace fence there with doors
    and use three of the small dumpsters in it
    so the sanitation men can push them out
    so the trucks can empty them .
    just an idea.

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  7. ? says:

    Is just nasty and lazy people is you just can take a walk and dump the gargage in another bin.

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  8. Hmm says:

    They are too nasty. They had a right to remove them.

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  9. Diana says:

    I feel sorry for the people in this area. For years they have been suffering under this mess. Hope they have a solutions that works for everyone.

    Now for those of you who dump in the area and do not live there. PLEASE STOP IT. You know who you are.

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    • hmmm says:

      surely they are permitted to dump wherever there is a bin? Is there a restriction on where people can take their waste?

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      • Diana says:


        I posted the last part because I have witness for myself someone from my neighbor hood dumping their old bedding and other garbage in Purcell and they do not live there. They could have easily taken it to the dump on the western end on the island after all they have a truck that can do the trip.

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  10. Standards says:

    Kudos to Ms. Maduro Caines for recognizing this problem. But unfortunately, this is an island wide issue and not just plaguing the 6th District. This has been going on for years. Derelict vehicles, garbage along the roads. I’m from East End Long Look, and you don’t want to see all the garbage that piles up there! Its shameful that for such a small island, we can’t seem to manage our garbage yet when you go to big countries, you can eat off their sidewalks! How can we expect to grow our tourism if we can’t even manage to keep the island clean? How we gonna find $$ to expand the airport when we can’t control our garbage? There have to be Litter Laws that the police can enforce and FINE people for dumping. The only way to improve our communities is by hitting people in their pockets. Its a matter of pride.

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    • Yes says:

      @standards I live in the west and the same problem esists. Mattresses, old car parts, old washers and driers, old stoves and refrigerator. This list can go on. And all these bins lined our streets where everyone can see especially the tourists. PLEASE DO SOMETHING MINISTER FOR HEALTH.

    • I agree says:

      Don’t you see how people keep their private properties like a dump site. Old cars boats, furniture. So I am not surprised what they dump stuff in the streets. It makes you wonder what are the condition inside their homes. When bodies like the RDA try to clean up people then talking oh this is private property. We need a change in mindset. Cleanliness is next to godliness. For a small island this place stinks and is unclean.

  11. Eagle and Buffalo says:

    Really, WTF! So when the garbage bins are taken away, where are residents suppose to deposit their waste? Garbage bins removed, garbage will be deposited on the ground. No surprise there (not condoning littering). Did anyone believe that removing the bins would solve the problem? Removing the bins did not make the area more aesthetically pleasing; it made a bad situation worse. Removing the bins was a non solution. MHSS or whomever made that bone head decision should be ashame of itself. Face the problem and find a workable solution. Finding a solution may entail some behavioral changes.

    Let’s lead like eagle, not careen off the cliff buffaloes.

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    • Too late says:

      I agree with the aphorism but alas, we’ve been careening off the cliff like buffaloes for far too long.

      As far as the waste management issue, the issues are symptomatic of an antiquated approach that may have worked 30 years ago, but now fails miserably. The Territory desperately needs to scrap the old plan (collect at landfills and burn) as we just don’t have unlimited land for this use. Everything that comes here is packaged, on pallets, in polystyrene, wrapped in plastic or in bottles. Appliances routinely fail (poor electricity supply), cars, boats etc reach the end of their service life at some point but there is no systematic approach to deal with this. And then we have hurricanes that create huge amounts of waste. These are serious long term issues. The public needs to buy in, literally and figuratively, into improved waste management practices. We cannot have meaningful waste management practices if we are not willing to pay for it. We pay for electricity, internet, cable TV, propane but not for waste disposal, like most people do elsewhere. We theoretically want recycling but we think it should be free, which is absurd. If the public does not want to pay, then the public is basically saying we’re happy living with and around trash. Is that what we want?

    • Hawk says:

      Let’s hear your ideas, eagle. You believe it is right to have a dumpster in front of someone’s house or business? You sound crazy.

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  12. To the business owners says:

    Since you complained about dumpsters being an eye sore, you should be the ones responsible for the garbage removal. I would prefer to see a dumpster full of garbage rather than it sitting out like that.

  13. Leroy says:

    Garbage solutions require an alternate plan of action. For example, if we planning on banning plastic bags we need to source an alternative bag to put groceries in before banning plastic bags. If we plan to move the dumpster we need to make an alternative plan and have it well publicized in the district. I am tired of this lack of leadership in our country.

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  14. Mind you own business says:

    Purcell shouldn’t have bins allow them to put their garbage out on certain nights and let solid waste pick it up in the small trucks let start a recycling campaign in that area because we have been putting bins there for years yet the put the garbage around the bins lets change that for better Purcell estate. Thk U

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  15. voiceofthevoiceless says:

    Shame on Ms. Caines and the Solid Watse Department for removing the dumpsters without first finding an alternative solution. The least you could have done was to leave one of the dumpsters. A couple business men over 300-500 residents? Really?

    Shame on those in the community who dump there still knowing fully well that it would not only be an eyesore but that the garbage would be easily accessible to stray dogs, cats and other animals who would make a bigger mess. I went there with my garbage and when I realized there was no dumpster I took a cool walk to Johnson Ghut to deposit. That is not a long term solution as that one small dumpster cannot adequately serve the two areas. There is also one where Purcell merges with freebottom.

    People too nasty. Just wait when Christmas roll around and all them old mattress, fridge and stove start piling up there. What we need also is litter wardens in that area to start fining some people as there is too much lawlessness in this place. Couple Christmases ago they had a litter warden regularly around the freebottom/purcell dumpster. Can we afford litter wardens now?

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    • hmmmm says:

      Did Hon Caines have a part of the decision?

      You must know the facts before you cast blame on ppl. How do you know, she wasn’t told of what happened after she inquired hence she can intelligently speak about it.

      Yall like to blame people for things they were clueless before it was done.

      • voiceofthevoiceless says:

        “Representative for the Sixth Electoral District Alvera Maduro-Caines told BVI News that the dumpsters were removed after business owners in the area began complaining that they (the dumpsters) had become an eyesore.

        The Department of Waste Management had them removed last Wednesday, Maduro-Caines said.”

        They were removed after business owners complained to whom? They complained to Solid waste or Ms. Maduro Caines or both? Well if you are saying she was told about it after the action was taken it shows how weak a Rep she really is that even Solid waste refused to consult her about something that could affect her constituents.

        Am i hearing right?

  16. Seriously says:

    People we have a serious problem. And I know it was there before but not to this extent. People don’t care anymore. Their nastiness is putting all of us at risk. To let you know how serious it is people are now dumping their trash right in front of the dumpsite. It is almost out to the road.

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  17. I BORN HERE says:

    too bad WE are going to continue dumping our garbage there until the Selfish Business owners put back a bin there!!

  18. ..... says:

    dumpsters removed yet the people still throwing their trash on the ground for the government to deal. Yes, let’s throw our trash on the floor while complaining that this looks nasty and says someone needs to do something about all this trash………

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  19. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! says:

    Maybe it’s time to look into alternative solutions to reducing the trash, community wide!

  20. z says:

    Alvera has a lot of garbage on her plate

  21. National pride says:

    Have a home owner & business tax for this purpose. Solid Waste Department will then have regular scheduled days for waste removal. Home owners and businesses will then put waste out in covered containers on scheduled dates of collection.

    • hmm says:

      that would be way too much common sense. Almost first world thought processes there!

    • LoveMyBVI says:

      I agree with National Pride. We need tax for the purpose of Waste disposal. When you travel to the other Caribbean island it is inclusive in your departure or arrival fees. A a disposal fee should Also be added to the licencing of vehicles which will go towards disposal of derelict vehicles.Some how there should be a tax for the disposal of everyday waste. Too many persons in these Islands are too irresponsible careless, and down right nasty. May we need to pay VAT. Also we need to report persons who toss carry their garbage on the hood or the roof their cars. They should be ticketed because when the garbage fall off they do not bother to retrieve and it left on the road. Too much nonsense going on in this country.

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