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District 6 stood by me when everyone wrote me off!


Myron Walwyn has hailed his constituents of District 6, saying they stood by his side when everyone else wrote him off. As such, Walwyn vowed to advocate for his district’s interest with the same passion they’ve shown in supporting him.

“The people of D6 stood by me regardless of what they were trying to do to me and I am grateful for their support. The same way they stuck by me, I will stick by them and I will fight for them like I’ve been doing every single day since I got elected,” Walwyn said recently in the House of Assembly.

The outspoken representative who is currently facing a breach of public trust charge in relation to the controversial perimeter wall project at the Elmore Stoutt High School (ESHS), also took the opportunity to throw a quick jab at his detractors and added that at a later date, he will speak candidly about those who were against him.

“A lot of people wrote me off politically and I will talk more about the writing off at the appropriate time and I will speak and speak loudly,” Walwyn added.

Walwyn, a seasoned politician and attorney, has maintained his innocence in the matter involving the construction of the perimeter wall that he commissioned at the ESHS. The matter was brought up in the recent Commission of Inquiry.

There are some who still hold the belief that he shouldn’t have been allowed to sit in the House of Assembly, while others believe the breach of trust charge is frivolous and that Walwyn will walk free in the end.



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  1. "I am says:

    not a crook”-Richard Nixon

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    • @I am says:

      I have known Myron from childhood and he is no crook. Whatever he says he will do he will do and that has been the person I have known up to now. Regardless of what smear campaign those people are on they will not change my views of Myron. Nothing but a silly witch hunt. God is in the midst.

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  2. Resident says:

    Hon. Walwyn Believe me a lot of people support you. You were one minister to be admired. You’re a lawyer by training but you went into that education ministry and you made waves in there. They said you were the hardest working education minister in the OECS and they weren’t lying. You made so many policies in your tenure as minister. I truly admire you and so do many others.

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  3. Becoming the statesman says:

    The man is showing growth and leadership, watching from the other side I’m impressed!

    I think we can count on MW to sit in the highest seat of government next time round.

    MW is proving he is relatable and he is working for the people. Any help in these times is appreciated, and that’s how I feel as a VIP.

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  4. Not so fast. says:

    People were tired of alvera and theres alot of long resideing expatriot residents that would support him, as hes obviously better than the previous representative.# demographics. He won like 60/40.everyone doesnt support him.

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    • @not so fast. says:

      Does everyone ever support anyone in anything? Myron won in both polling stations and with the early voting. I think he got 700 plus votes to Alvera’s 300 plus votes. That’s almost double not 60/40. Not so fast.

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  5. Self Promotion says:

    The man is an expert at self- promotion: I can’t stand him- sorry!

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    • @self promotion says:

      I see an expert at getting things done. That’s what I see.

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    • @self promotion says:

      Hater alert here. You could feel that you feeling the man. Let go of those bottled up feelings. For the kind of venom I read in your post he can’t depend on you to promote him.

  6. Akon says:

    The Vip bash Myron for his Vincy wife causing him a great lost of votes and Sl**ande has a Vincy wife to. We need back Myron as leader of the NDP lets see what Vip would say now.

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  7. Should not be in the house says:

    Arrested and charged

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  8. BADMINDNESS says:

    This is what is killing the BVI
    We talk about the white man as slave masters but we are our worst enemies
    Sickening against out own

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  9. Berger King says:

    Boys don’t ask the fu**y Minister what he is good at.

    It’s a shame that many hide behind family until the truth comes out the dark to light.

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  10. Required says:

    Hon Myron is the people’s of district 6 ears ,ayo want to talk about crook check ayo two primiers the 1 in the USA serving charges and the other one who don’t know his head from is foot .what about all the millions them take from social security and give out to them friends and families wa ayo don’t talk about that eh leave Myron alone please. This man call Hon Myron he should’ve been in 6th a long time things getting done in the 6th we want to see progress ayo stop hating on the man ,yeah Myron the old District with you that his wa killing these Haters

  11. @Required says:

    So yo think dem gie all to dem frens? Bouy no, dem sn most ah dat through ctber space to personal accounts in Europe, Asia and other.

    Doubt this opinion will be read by the public though.

    The people need to stop calling their leader slow===nde, as he is not slow.

    Have anyone noticed that since hie ascension to the to political job that there have been some actions in journalism and free speech occuring similar to the old USSR, Cuba and old dynsatic Communist China, where free speech, ideas and opinion are stiffled by a news site BVI News. appear they have acquired the IPand ceremoniously placed a Building on it. Those who know,know.

  12. Sad state says:

    This is an example of why BVI people will always be manipulated and held in mental captivity by the UK. The whites do not have to kill the blacks because the blacks do the killing of themselves all on their own. While the blacks kill each other the whites subtly inherit and get a stronger foot hole in the country. But the blacks wouldn’t mind this once it’s not one of their own getting it. We are properly screwed up with no mental recovery in sight.


    Is saying )>this is from my heart ♥ so no matter what blondie and other haters throws at me , it’s just shows whats in their vindictive and dirty minds , it’s in their DNA so they need spiritual help. unfortunately I cannot help them , so they will have to try (praying ) not preying

  14. Observer says:

    Hon Walwyn is one of the most astute ,decent and hardworking politician in the BVI.

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  15. @observer says:

    I wish I could like this a million times. This is facts.

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