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District allocations could be abolished under PVIM gov’t

Wade Smith

Financial allocations to electoral districts could be abolished under a Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) government, PVIM candidate for the Fifth District, Wade Smith, has suggested.

Smith said if elected, those funds would be utilised ‘more wisely’ and diverted to areas of need.

He gave that indication during a PVIM rally in Purcell Estate on Tuesday. He said: “Over the last 24 years, all 13 of our legislators has been given what is called a district allocation; basically funds at their disposal. Each representative has received approximately $125,000 annually, totalling $1.625 million combined for all representatives.”

“And over [the course of] 24 years, you have a total of over $40 million — monies that could be used to benefit the entire Virgin Islands and not just individual persons and families.”

Other areas in need of those funds

Smith said the funds would be better spent in several other areas such as natural disaster preparation and recovery, assisting local fisherfolk, and subsidising the agriculture industry.

He said those monies could also be channelled to purchase teaching materials, pay annual salary increments, and put an end to government employees — particularly in law enforcement agencies — using their own finances to ensure that government operations continue.

“Fellow Virgin Islanders, this must stop,” the former Commissioner of Customs said. “At this time, when our economy is at risk and we are not generating revenues at the rate that we are accustomed, maybe it is time to re-evaluate the district allocation and distribute those funds to the government departments that require it to carry out their functions.”

He said too often heads of government departments are heard crying for more human and other resources.

“In recent times, government have been unable to provide the needed resources … Now is the time for us to be wise about the use of government funds and it is time to allocate the resources to the areas where they are most needed. A priority reallocation will be done under the PVIM government,” he said.

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  1. Please says:

    Oh please. Go back in your crab hole or beg for your job back. Backbenchers and some district reps hands are tied and this is the only smart a$$ thing to come up with. The representatives and candidates that sit on this money ought to be sent home. The only funds to assist in district or any capacity you want to abolish. For god sake siddung….

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    • Hello says:

      Help me to understand.
      What the heck are you trying to say? What’s your point?

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    • Agreed! says:

      For real go siddung you just come and want to take monies allocated to the Districts away. Monies over the years that has been used to help the Seniors and those in need etc. Mehson cart your long lanky a** into oblivion

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    • Jackie says:

      This is a good point Mr.Smith. This country needs to clamp down on these parties. No district should be left behind. We must put politics on the back bench and represent the entire BVI district by district. We should not have to depend on the allocation to help our people..

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    • We'll Sah says:

      Look how the news and Myron took the point the man was making out of content. SMH the man was pointing out some of the funds are not getting to the people who really are in need and it’s been given to people to take vacations ect. But that’s how the political cycle is sometimes and how the media’s makes their money’s

    • @Please says:

      It appears you are one of those people who think the district fund should be there as a hand out and not concerned about people who really needs the help? Listen there are people taking advantage of the district rep while many out there are in dying need and crying for help. I’m sure the man was pointing out we need to come up with the best way to reach those who truly are in need vs those who think they should get money from their district rep because they are their supporters.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Could be a good idea. The only question now is, would those funds now be reallocated from one set of pockets to another set?

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  3. RayunI says:

    Thanks for revealing that district reps are given allocation.i don’t agree that allocation to districts should be abolished. These reps must be asked to account for how the money is spent.I am not surprised because the govt could not account for tax payers money and other money collected from the residents .Your
    party, PVIM contribute to the woes of the country which impoverish the residents .Is it the allocation to the district that prevented you from accounting for taxpayers money?
    where IS THE 7.2M,money in reserve and others?

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  4. Might not be a bad idea..... says:

    This may not be a bad idea, because if we look at each district pre-Irmaria we have to wonder if the amounts allocated are reflected in the infrastructure and overall development of the districts.

    For this to work the party in power would have to have a clear plan as to what projects would be carried out in each district, over the term of their election. Voters can then vote for parties based on the best plan for how monies will develop each district.

    The problem is the constituents of the districts may not be in favour of their district not being a priority in a particular election cycle. However, if the elected party has perhaps a 10-15 year plan, and constituents can see development in their respective districts overtime, this may be able to work.

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  5. ThinkTank says:

    this doesn’t make a drop of sense. Each district can continue getting the monies all you guys need to do is ensure the money is being utilized wisely and more accountability. When each rep wants to carry out a project or even spend money from their vote just make sure they can give an account on what the money is spent on, monthly updates(reports) on districts. Example if you gave my district 125000 and I needed to repair the community center $25000, when and before that job is started or done the proper paperwork are shown to prove job started job done minus that from the total and so forth. Each District rep should have a district manager to take care of the low-level needs of the people prioritize fairly what needs to be done and make sure it is done. This family thing has to stop also works being done needs to be distributed fairly through districts including major government contracts once that person has the qualification to do so. another thing with people going directly to politicians begging and bawling that definitely have to go through some better channels again trusted people who can be fair and impartial to deal with low-level needs of people if not satisfied then pass it on to another channel. Going directly to a minister because you need $5000 dollars to go santo or pay a credit card bill while the minister can be addressing serious matters you’re holding up his time talking piss about you need help. Set up a proper welfare or low-interest loan plans for this sort of mess. So Wade go SID DUNG!!!

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  6. Don’t Stop There says:

    There is no need for 9 elected district officials. There should instead be 9 ministries that focus on the needs across all islands in the territory, and a premier. The voters should be allowed to vote for the premier and the minister of each ministry. Each ministry should have investigators and data collection mechanisms in place to monitor the needs and concerns throughout the territory. Ministers would then be responsible for policy making and enforcement by ensuring staff is trained and qualified to carry out the mandate of each ministry.

    A National Plan would be better protected if politicians no longer could hold favour for loyalty when they do something special for a few versus for the many in the territory. We say we want transparency, accountability, equity, honesty and a better quality of life, but we don’t want to let go of the privilege of saying how a politician has personally helped us. Are we looking for leaders or parents, spouses and financiers?

    Our testimonials should be that we were assisted by an efficient system rather than a politician who will lose favour when they can no longer give specialized favour and attention.

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  7. Voter says:

    Did i hear an echo out there in the wilderness.

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  8. Wow, did not know that! says:

    Yet so many persons still suffering. Sounds like these funds of past years went straight into the pockets of close family members and friends in exchange for votes. Now I understand how some persons on a menial salary were able to take cruises every year. That is why some will kill for certain politicians. I think if there is no clear accountability on how such monies are spent, it needs to be abolished indeed or otherwise allocated.

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  9. JK says:

    Rather than abolish “distributions” to districts through their elected representatives – simply require accurate/complete accounting of the distributions. Surely, a district rep. “WHO ACTUALLY LIVES IN HER/HIS District” is of great value when a crisis/need/emergency arises. As far as TV’s, Walls (ask Trump), driveways, etc. FORFGET IT. (no I can’t vote after 23 years living here….BUT, I chose the BVI as my home when I could have moved anywhere. Love the BVI and want only the BEST FOR YOUR territory and inhabitants.

  10. LB says:

    He may have just cost them some votes. Simply because he either didn’t think it through or didn’t explain his alternative.

    The district allocations need to stay but be better accounted for based on set targets for that year.

  11. Voter says:

    This guy and his team cannot be given a chance. Our seniors and poor ppl will suffer. Please do not vote for them. Nonsense

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