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‘Do we lockdown every time we have increased COVID cases?’

Former legislator Myron Walwyn is questioning whether the British Virgin Islands will go into a lockdown every time there is an increase of COVID-19 cases locally.

Premier Andrew Fahie recently advised residents to prepare for a possible lockdown since the territory now has more than three dozen active cases of the virus and the majority of legislators were supporting the move.

Following that statement from Fahie Sunday night, Walwyn said “research shows that lockdowns assist with cutting the rate of transmission of COVID-19 but also usher in a myriad of economic, social and health problems for the community”. 

“We have to find the balance. We must learn how to live with this virus. It is not going anywhere now. After 14 or 21 days of lockdown, it will still be around. Do we lock down every time we have cases?” he questioned in a post on social media site Facebook on Monday.

Need for a plan

Meanwhile, the former legislator called on government to produce a “well-developed” plan for the territory.

He said the emphasis on any such plan should be on the social behavioural modification that entails constant education on how to live with the virus.

The former Chairman of the National Democratic Party said emphasis should also be placed on proper monitoring and enforcement mechanisms for medium to high-risk businesses/activities. He said this would be in addition to safety protocols government has already implemented such as limiting the size of gatherings, proper border protection, quarantining, contact tracing, etcetera.

These, he said, could be viable when done collectively and done efficiently. 

“I know emotions are high right now, but these decisions cannot be made on emotions. The stakes are too high! Let us think this situation through because we could do immense damage to our livelihood which we will be grappling with long after the virus has retreated,” Walwyn stated.

Delayed announcement

In the statement issued late Sunday night, Premier Andrew Fahie promised residents that an announcement on whether the lockdown would be implemented would have been made on Monday.

However, shortly after 9 pm, a government-issued bulletin indicated that the announcement would instead be made at 11 am on Tuesday.

No reason for the delay was provided.


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  1. 45rrt says:

    Yes we should acknowledge the limitations and try to find a way to deal with the situation. Not shut down every time there is an outbreak. This is nonsense.

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  2. vip heckler says:

    VIP….Visionless Inept Party

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  3. tug of war says:

    They are in the cabinet bickering and fighting that’s why they cant come to a decision yet

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  4. Sound says:

    Sounds like good advice to me.

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  5. Silly politics says:

    I noticed that the discussion over lock down or stay open on Facebook like almost everything else in our country is divided along political lines. I believe we have to learn to be more objective people and not be led by politics. Vip and NDP supporters can catch coronavirus. VIP and NDP business owners could be destroyed by policies surrounding corona virus. Let us demand the best for our country from the government and stop putting these important things in a political light. We owe it our country to be objective.

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  6. waylox says:

    Where was this man for the first 2 weeks after hurricane irma? Why didn’t he fix our schools? Why did he built that million dollar wall around the high school? Why isn’t he still at the moorings?

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  7. blind man says:


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  8. w221 says:

    yes. it is sense-able, sound and logical. the thinking is not chocked

  9. VIP says:

    Would BVI have USVI Covid numbers if Myron were in power?

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  10. why the recent outbreak says:

    Purely because of people not following best practices under the covid guidelines and uncontrolled entry of the virus via illegal immigration (supposedly). Both can be prevented it takes all of us to work together and it can be beat returning things to near normal including tourism with the right controls and practices in place.

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  11. oh boy says:

    They are playing with our lives and have us shopping like fools.

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  12. The Truth says:

    When you’re not in power and free from the weight of responsibility, you have all the answers.

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  13. fgdfg says:

    This is not a time about blame. Certain things cannot be avoided. Stop looking persons to blame. The damage is already done and let us look for ways to deal with the situation.

    I seriously hate commenting on these boards because the chat is very toxic.

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  14. Pat says:

    was hoping by now he would have been lockup he there talking bout lockdown

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  15. ccc says:

    good thing the people have spoken loud and clear in 2019 so he can jump high and low he not getting back in power to go thief we hard own covid dollars so let he say right on social media where he belongs

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  16. 7th says:

    I blame the deputy for allowing those wet fetes and lifting the 12’o clock curfew for august festivities

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  17. ndp heckler says:

    The NDP is not in power today because of greed and lust for power

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  18. Togetherness says:

    Good job assistant Premier Walwyn.Nice to see we are living together and giving good advice instead of criticizing only. We are all in this thing together.
    Can someone give advise for my co worker on what to do because he is making $1100 now on shift salary and house rent is $1200 per month and J.Todman is planning on increasing the rent.We got fooled by Government about stimulus even if you work part time but now Social Security is saying once you make $1000 per month you are not entitled to anything.Because he has to but food and pay electricity he is unable to be up to date with rent so he has fallen behind.With these pending lockdown its going to create more hard ship for people like him because there is no money to buy food for the lock down period.Question to the government is “what should people like these do?”
    Thank God that things are not that bad for me but at least I help out a friend of mind who is unemployed a few times with groceries. This situation is real and those who have a heart and can help please help. As for millionaire J.Todman , now is not the time to increase rent on struggling people,do what you can to help because you have lots of appartments and money is not your issue.This is the season to help.

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  19. local says:

    GO SIT DOWN….TEAM VIP DOING AN AWESOME JOB.. If it was you in power the BVI would of have over 1000 case and numerous of death! You wont ever get vote back in … just allow the government to continue to do the best for the country.

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  20. @waylox says:

    You need to move on and stop your nonsense. It’s togetherness now no time to talk crap we have to come together and find ways to move on. Thank you Myron for your input I hope the government will do what them need to do because this virus not going anywhere now.

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  21. @oh boy says:

    No one hav u like fools u hav ur self like fool ni one told u to go shoping did any vip member tell u to go shopping

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  22. finally says:

    somebody with sense. For once i agree with you myron.

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  23. 343 says:

    I just watched a video online. That made me realize how poor services are in the B.V.I.

    Someone reported a fire and in 5 minutes the fire department was on the scene.

    I mean stuff like this doesn’t happen often but it just goes to show the level of efficiency other countries have compared to my own.

    Service here be it government or private is very appalling. Most of the times. I wish the apathy wasn’t there.

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  24. Yoyo says:

    Those who ever don’t like lockdown, pls explain wa living with virus mean! Mask, distance, sanitize? Then why the present situation arise? When you don’t learn how to live with virus then lock down is inevitable! Our idiotic behavior lead to this, you can’t blame any one for your idiocy! Listen ! Living with virus doesn’t mean that you get infected!

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  25. two cents says:

    When the VIP office it seems as nobody can say anything. Is this how we want our country to be? There should be freedom of speech and Myron is talking sense. Learn to debate issues and not personalities and politics.

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  26. Laughing says:

    Those talking about best practices for COVID, stop talking nonsense! You can take precautions yes, but you CANNOT hide from a virus by wearing mask and keeping far from people. When we have the annual flu season we boost our vitamin intake and we take care of our bodies because we know eventually we will get it. Why is COVID any different? We always have to wait for the mainstream media to say do something before we do it? The way to deal with any virus is to safeguard the most vulnerable, boost immune system, build up health facilities to deal with severe instances. You cannot lockdown or mask down from a virus and that should be simple common sense. If we can’t run from the flu how can we run from COVID?

  27. good points says:

    Great points Myron. Thanks for weighing in. Happy to hear from you

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  28. To f man says:

    He better talk about our wall money and our BVI Airways money instead he on fb talking p**s looking attention

    He think we forget he and the NDP empty our treasury? Bouy go back Antigua …

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  29. oh boy says:

    The premier told us to prepare for possible lock-down…Were were you?

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  30. lol says:

    can you imagine that this is the first time we are all going through parenting all children are diff, so you can teach and others want to learn the hard way. the gov of the B.V.I like ourselves are trying to figure things out but all we are doing is making noise with every decision they make. If we shut down may face homelessness n hunger because we don’t care for our neighbor n if we open up some will face death because some ppl rather break the laws put in place to protect us.. you see no matter the choice it is us the ppl who are causing the problem…. give ideas from just trying to hang the gov who have never been in this mess before. they are trying and so should we.

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  31. Thank you says:

    Very good contribution Myron.

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  32. @ Local says:

    Your comment exemply and amplify the the psychological and political issues facing the people and territory. The division along political and undeveloped opinions.

    Indeed, it would be most advantageous to everyone, all political supporetes and the territory, if the abled, capable, knowledgable and experienced minds were combined to solve major issues confronting the territory.

    However, we have a serious problem with such an idea or putting it into practice. Imagine how much better all would be if that was so.

  33. @Pat says:

    Is this truly the level of your contribution to such a life changing matter? Since you work for the police why don’t you go to lock him up?

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  34. @Pat says:

    Myron is a real threat to you all.

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  35. 2cents says:

    I keep saying. Virus is not going away. Need to learn to “live” with it. Need to practice good hygiene, protect the elderly and vulnerable. Crashing the economy will not stop the virus. Virus is survived by 99% of the people. Make sure the hospital has appropriate supplies and treatments and keep on living or we will be dying slowly (or quickly) for years to come.

  36. The Governor has the answer says:

    The Governor said it best….To lock down every time then open, then lock down, then open, is not a good lookor a good plan…We have to enforce the safety measures seriously

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  37. Meh Son says:

    Myron is right. While initially when the virus arrived in the BVI a lock down made sense, even if its was to buy time to decide what to do next, the solution cannot be a lock-down if and when there is an increase in cases. Lock down cannot be the go to strategy every time. Announce a lock down and there is a stampede to Rite Way. How does that help contain the virus?

    Proper testing, quarantining and contract tracing works together with proper protocols. We have to learn to live with Covid. Its not going anywhere and to keep locking down the place is damaging to the economy and the people livelihood. Time for some sensible policy making.

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  38. * says:

    Myron, not listening to you. Go put your head in your wall.

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  39. reply says:

    just read the Auditor General Report

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  40. Respect says:

    If he was in power I think there would have more cases … But god is good

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  41. Rat says:

    Wow myron you still in the dark or you jus wake and have no solutions please help the govt. Beg the residents of these islands to be more responsible cause we living carelessly

  42. Facts says:

    We waiting on the crook in the 6 district licks like rain

  43. appreciated says:

    Thanks for your views Myron. Very sensible suggestions. Those with the negative comments are only concerned about politics. The thought of you running again makes the VIP nervous.

  44. That BVI for you says:

    Myron made a very valuable contribution on facebook which a lot of people agreed with and many shared their views. Those persons who are writing some these tasteless blogs would not dare comment under their right names on facebook. Like cowards they resort to false names to make meaningless contributions which are irrelevant to the topic.

  45. No island man says:

    He not going to get another chance to empty our public money again go home you will never be premier

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  46. down2earth says:

    @Togetherness. I empathize with the situation presented. Maybe the person should cut their losses as rent everywhere seems high. An appeal could also be made to the assistant premier Walwyn for assistance.

  47. Foot Soldier says:

    Hate Myron all you want , what he says make sense . Now is not time for divisiveness. Look at all the ideas and extrapolate what is best for the economic growth, mental health ..,,,etc for the benefit of the society. Covid will be with us until
    A vaccine is found . Too many people are hungry and cannot pay their rent … this is a boomerang Effect

  48. cpd says:

    What advice will you give if not lock down? Let us hear it….

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