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Dominican Republic native accused of buggering, raping woman on boat

Pedro Antonio Brown de la Cruz

A Dominican Republic man, who allegedly held a woman at knifepoint and had non-consensual anal and vaginal sex with her on a cargo boat last week, has been charged with rape.

Pedro Antonio Brown de la Cruz, a 32-year-old cargo boat employee, allegedly committed the offence on December 7 this year.

He was denied bail when he appeared before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards on Thursday.  The unrepresented man was not required to plead as the offence is ‘indictable’; meaning it is triable before a judge and jury at the High Court.


The court heard that in the small hours of the morning on the day in question, the reported rape victim — who is also employed on a cargo boat docked at Port Purcell on Tortola — was asleep in her cabin when she heard the door open.

Assuming that her relative, who also worked on the boat, had come to check up on her, she spoke to him in their native tongue. She, however, got no response and became alarmed so turned on the cabin lights, the court heard. She then allegedly saw the accused rapist standing in the room with a knife in his hand.

He allegedly placed the knife to her throat and demanded that she follow his orders. He threatened to kill her and her relative then switched off the light, the court heard.

It is alleged that the accused Hispanic man then proceeded to remove her clothes and sexually assault her. It is further alleged that the man forced her to perform oral sex on him. He then buggered and had vaginal sex with her for hours, it is alleged.

During the process, he allegedly tugged her hair and repeatedly bit her on the cheeks and lips; causing scars.

Alleged identification

During the ordeal, the victim allegedly left scratch and bite marks of her own on the alleged rapist’s back and chest.

The victim was also able to see two distinctive moles on his body – one behind his ear and one on his back, the court heard. It is also reported that she had a good look at him while he was dressing to leave. The police were summoned sometime after.

The court also heard that a security guard stationed in the area allegedly saw the accused man leaving the boat approximated 5 am.

It is alleged that, a few days later, the victim came within a few feet of the accused man while shopping at a popular supermarket in Port Purcell. Police were later alerted and the accused man was apprehended.

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

During the police interview, Brown de la Cruz claimed that the bite and scratch marks on his body was as a result of loose wires in his mattress.

He also denied the victim’s claims that he raped her, saying that she made up the incident.

Used condom left behind

He reportedly told police that on the night in question, he was at a bar in Road Town and he walked to Baugher’s Bay where the vessel that he worked on was docked. He said he did not make any stops at Port Purcell along the way.

Meanwhile, the court heard that the woman’s alleged attacker had left a used condom behind. Police have since recovered the condom and have sent it to be tested against a fresh sample of the accused man’s DNA.

The court heard that the victim and the accused had made contact once before when he came to her boat to conduct business with a crew member.

He returns to court on January 30.

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  1. Wowww says:

    These d**m island people deport them all coming in our country with them nonsense

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    • WHAT!? says:

      “Island people” smh so the bvi is a mainland?

      ignorant set of people

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      • You see says:

        When BVI landers use the word “Island People” they are referring to people not from the BVI but are from other Caribbean Islands . Don’t take so literal . ???????? A**????

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    • As if says:

      this has never been done by a BVI ‘Island’er before.

      please just punish rapists no matter where they are from! Abusive behavior towards women and children must stop. Most rapists are abused victims themselves so keep that in mind, rehab is a bit part of solving these issues!

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      • As if yah muddask**t says:

        You sound stupid a** f**k plenty f**king BVI man done do this but since is a who you know island it got sweeped under the rug. But you’re right BVI man love do it to little girls and boys

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        • you missed the point says:

          If you took the time to read this…As if it has never been done by BVI ‘islander’ you would note that the point is that it has and its not about where you are from its about punishment for all those that do these horrible acts and ending the cycle of rapists and abusers.

          People in the VI need to stop blaming outsiders because their very own do the same things too.

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      • Lol says:

        You sound stupid. Just last month and bvi slander rape his own 13 years daughter. He got convicted in high court. Read read

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      • East side says:

        U all been raping u all own for so long, but it will all come out one day.

    • hats says:

      Island people? so Tortola is a continent? what you fall to realized is the most people living in the BVI are not from the BVI and I sure if you check closely you will find out that your grandparents are not from the BVI

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    • Internet Trolls says:

      This type of divisive comment is probably made by internet trolls to create disunity among the BVI population. Please don’t give them credence by commenting, just ignore them. You will note they find their way into every story. Discuss and be outraged by the issue at hand – a heinous crime committed by one human being against another human.

    • Jam down says:

      So aren’t u an island person too?

    • We'll sa says:

      He is not from an Island, our Island can go into his Island how many times. And by the the way, The BVI IS SMALLER than all the other Island. You think it is a Continent. Is because nobody not reporting all all you incest

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  3. lol says:

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  4. God don't Sleep says:

    Lock his a** Up! he came to sus out the woman while he went there to work..! nastiness !! tola full of so much h– house!!!!!

  5. 2 Grand says:

    Ask and maybe it will be given if not leave it alone. laws of the jungle donot apply to humankind. the thirst is really real still no excuse to violate.self control is the order of the day. we all get thirsty but without consent it’s a sin and violation of the law which is punishable.

  6. Dog says:

    She had to endure this dog for hours? She should have bite his d**k off when he demanded a b— j–. Set of devils walking around seeking who they could devour. Miss I pray that you will be able to move on and get over this.

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  7. Jus Saying says:

    Some thing fishy about that story, he was there for hours sounds like he asleep. Cousin checking up at you at that time of the morning, maybe the payment wasn’t enough for all the services rendered.

  8. fool says:

    tola got all kinda thirsty woman he wasting time on boat

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    • Nonsense says:

      No self control, just like an animal. Since he can’t control himself he must be caged at the prison for a long time. With all the W houses and loose women around, he chose to do this.

  9. maybe says:

    She probably didn’t get paid and decided to call rape. A set of DEMONS. Y’all need to know what is happening in your country.

  10. small island says:

    I have been haunted by this post for hours. We do know that rapists do this as an act of aggression and that there is no rehabilitation programs that are effective. ( sexual register in the US for a reason).
    This woman will not be able to “move on” and he will not stop his aggressive behavior. I am sincerely hoping that the court sees this as a serious crime and sentences him appropriately.

  11. Oh dear says:

    This is a terrible case and my thoughts are with the victim.

    Now BVI news. What the f#£k have you done. That man is to face a jury trial and you have posted in detail the offence . Any good defender will just refer to this article and say my client now can not have a fair trial and must go free. You stupid stupid people !!!!!

  12. Da juice says:

    They are just a set of waste she sits there writes and post what — thinks but without any knowledge of certain reactions.
    Guess its mostly to post pictures of accused is there best thing and the magistrate should not allowed reporters in the court room..

  13. Hmmm says:

    why are they allowing pictures to be taken in the courthouse. I hope he get a good lawyer because even though he might be guilty he can claim “no fair trial”

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