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Donald Trump is impeached! Now faces trial in US Senate

US President Donald Trump. (Associated Press photo)

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC): Donald Trump has become the third US president in history to be impeached by the House of Representatives, setting up a trial in the Senate that will decide whether he remains in office.

The House voted on two charges – that the president had abused his power and that he had obstructed Congress.

Nearly all Democrats voted for the charges and every Republican against.

President Trump’s Republicans control the Senate so it is highly unlikely he will be removed from power.

Democrats are already unhappy at the way the trial could be held. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has now indicated it might delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate, in order to bargain on the terms of the proceedings.

This could put off the trial for an indefinite period, denying Mr Trump his expected acquittal.

Mr Trump remained defiant as the voting took place, telling a campaign rally in Battle Creek, Michigan: “While we’re creating jobs and fighting for Michigan, the radical left in Congress is consumed with envy and hatred and rage.”

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  1. Hillary says:


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    • @Hillary says:

      Lock him up? LMAO. He’s the best President in modern times. Next year he will be re-elected and those that started the impeachment will implode. Best economy ever, highest employment rate including the highest for Black Americans ever, illegals crossing the borders at its lowest rate, no wars and best trade deals ever. Let’s see….hmmmm…what exactly did Obama do for 8 years. Oh I know. He made deals…for himself. Came into the White House broke. Now worth after leaving the White House $135 million in 3 years. It’s a frggin miracle.. If I didn’t know better you would think it was the BVI.

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      • Accra says:

        You sound very ignorant to the facts….. Obama is the reason why the folks are reaping now…. he put policies in place and made tough decisions to take the country out recession and it takes time to really the results of his decisions while in office so now the present president is seeing the results and wants to take the credit for it…. it was Obama who turned around the US Economy not Trump don’t get it twisted.

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        • Headless Chicken says:

          Can you state one example of how he did this for those of us that are less blessed than you, and ignorant to his apparent genius?

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        • @Accra says:

          A true black democrat. Did Obamy send you money and a free cell phone. Sooooo, Obama has 8 years and didn’t do s**t but what he did Trum is now reaping the benefits of. You are a true moron. I bet you just love the negro Muslim Somalian also. What a dimbass

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        • Richgdgy says:

          Obama was a racist!He almost destroyed our country.Look at the employment,stock market,wages and regulations imposed on our business owners to feed his give away programs.Don’t believe this Lib crap!!

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      • Well says:

        He getting what he was trying to give Mexico and the undocumented immigrants. As if some of his kind came from Euroasia legally

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      • Haha says:

        Stay off the meth!

      • gwen says:

        Wouldn’t you like to walk in his shoes? I would presume you are not a citizen of the USA.
        Why are you using all the energy to hate President Obama? He has left a Legacy, never been impeached and doesn’t even know you exist. What is your legacy?
        Vow! you did not benefit from SNAP?

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  2. granny says:

    “spit in the sky fall in your eye” “every dog has his day”

  3. LOL says:

    Put him behind the wall

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  4. hmmm says:

    All I am going to say is that the BVI needs a similar system to hold our government to account.

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  5. Accra says:

    You sound very ignorant to the facts….. Obama is the reason why the folks are reaping now…. he put policies in place and made tough decisions to take the country out recession and it takes time to really the results of his decisions while in office so now the present president is seeing the results and wants to take the credit for it…. it was Obama who turned around the US Economy not Trump don’t get it twisted.

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    • @Accra says:

      It appears that the negro has a very perverted and distorted conception of reality. Obama was and will go down in history as the first black president and the worst president. Obama was an opportunity to show Americans what the black man is like in a leadership position. That has cured Americans from having another black president. See any black candidates on the televised debate tonight. LMAO You people can’t figure out how the world works yet. Why do you go to the US for medical treatment? You have highly educated black doctors in the BVI. Don’t trust them? Speaking of education please list all of the wonderful things that has been invented or discovered by the black man that has benefited mankind. Please list the noble prize winners. Please list anything that your people have done other than complain that the white man enslaved you. Shut up and go dig a ditch if your capable

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  6. Esteemed says:

    Trump has turned around the failure of the Obama years and presided over a successful country. The impeachment is the last desperate act of the Democrats/Socialists before they implode at the next election.
    Am offering 1,000 to 1 that Trump is acquitted in the Senate.

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  7. @Accra says:

    You sound like a horrific, twisted person and I feel sorry for you.

    To those in about the economy, he could genuinely be the best pres ever for the economy and other things but it matters nothing. If he broke the law, he should faces consequences. This may be a concept wildly unfamiliar to BVI.

    Obama did some good and some bad things but neither because of his pigmentation.

    Obama was very firm on giving legal and law abiding immigrants proper rights; something the BVI has always done the opposite to. The politics of Trump are the most similar the US has been to the BVI with his race-issued, xenophobic rhetoric. American NASA scientists of Indian decent being treated like Middle Eastern terrorosits etc. in the US and telling expat mothers they have to leave the BVI and their families for unspecified time just to get a job that had been advertised and not taken. Disgusting policies. Waiting 15 years for the most basic rights.

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  8. Truth says:

    USA has a business friendly President that led to the best economic data we have seen in 50 years.He has also exposed corruption in our political system. He beat two political dynasties and spent near zero on media coverage. No wonder they are after him everyday.
    Obama doubled the national debt, kept the USA in war for 8 years, and forced an un-affordable insurance plan on the people. He will go down as one of the most likable yet least accomplished President of modern times. Odd that he went in with nothing and finished a multi millionaire.
    Obama told everyone what they wanted to hear, like a politician.
    Trump gets things done, like a boss.
    Bush and Clintons were corrupt, which is why an outsider won the election.

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    • Rubbish says:

      The economy does not shut down and re-start after a change of the guard. It often takes years for policy decisions to manifest their results. DJT’s economic policies have nothing to do with the state of the current economy (other than the damage wreaked by asinine efforts to “win” trade wars with countries than own your debt). He’s the lucky beneficiary of people that came before him. Just like he’ll be the lucky beneficiary when his policies do come to roost eventually, leaving behind a broke and broken country lead by a bunch of ignorant racists. But whatever, you are entitled to be duped.

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  9. @rubbish says:

    lol stay off the fake news cnn. you must be stoned!

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  10. Nah says:

    Impeachment means nothing when Republicans control the senate. He was bound to be impeached with the House being led by the democrats. The vote will fail easily as the vote will be close to straight down the party line. Trump is an idiot and is far from presidential but the Democrats have been looking for a reason to get rid of him since failing to win the presidency. The media also has an agenda against him since before he won the presidency. Everyday they were interviewing the 20 or so women that alleged sexual crimes that Trump committed but where are they now? Were the crimes erased once elected? Why aren’t CNN etc not sticking to the story? The answer is they were only trying to sway the election by focusing heavily on the negative news. Trump is an idiot and is far from presidential, he talks like a racist and a bigot but in a liberal World where its ok for guys to wear dresses, people get upset for drinking with plastic straws they’ll make him seem like Hitler.

  11. Gwen says:

    What will history remember about YOU?

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