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Donors get wall, urged to give more to hospital

The Donor Wall

The Donor Wall

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Staff

While thanking persons and entities who have donated to the state-owned Peebles Hospital, Minister of Health Ronnie Skelton is urging persons to continue helping to develop the medical facility.

“It is important for us to contribute to the [pledge programme] of Peebles Hospital. There are still some outfitting of facilities here. We want to open our oncology centre here. We continue to ask for donations to outfit Peebles so that, if anything happens to you, Peebles is your first stop… So it’s important to get stuff here so we can keep you [well cared for],” Skelton said today at a special ceremony for persons who have donated to Peebles.

Hospital donors gave more than $2 million to the medical facility since Skelton implemented the pledge programme in March 2014.

The contributors were honoured this morning with a ‘donor wall’, which was unveiled in the lobby area at Peebles Hospital.

Newly-appointed chairperson of the BVI Health Services Authority Ayana Liburd said the hospital has greatly benefited from the contributors’ generosity.

“This ceremony serves to thank the many families and friends who have supported the BVI Health Services Authority over the years… We recognise that we need the financial support of our family and friends, not only to acquire the necessary equipment for the hospital, but also to deliver on our services to the community clinics.”

Liburd also encouraged others to give so they too can have their names added to the prestigious wall.

“The donor wall is dynamic. Accordingly, as contributions are received, the list will be updated to recognise any additional giving. So those who have not given already, I encourage you to continue to do so. And those who have not yet given, I will encourage you to do so also,” she said.

Meanwhile, during the ceremony, Scotiabank donated a $$98,357 cheque to the paediatric ward of the state-owned facility.

Chief Executive Officer at the BVIHSA Paula Chester-Cumberbatch explained that Scotia’s donation is “based on their (Scotia’s) three-year commitment and their ongoing works for the expansion of our new paediatric ward”. As such, she stated that, over the last three years, a total of $98,357 was realised.

Chester-Cumberbatch also noted other donations.

“I am pleased to state that, since 2014 to now, the pledge programme has realised $2,373,247.09. These donations were of course pretty good news to complete infrastructural works and purchase major equipment. I am therefore indeed overjoyed that through the foresight of the minister of health and through your collective, unprecedented support and cooperation, and the overall kindness of our donors, we are here today to witness and to be part of this historic unveiling ceremony,” added Chester-Cumberbatch.

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