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Donovan appointed Interim Director of BVI London Office

Elise Donovan

Elise Donovan has been appointed as Interim Director of the BVI London Office.

Donovan, who is Director of the BVI House Asia (Hong Kong Office), will be transitioning into the post as Director of the BVI London Office from August 20 to December 31, government announced on Monday.

When her four-month stint as Interim Director is concluded, Donovan will then return to the BVI where she will take up the role of Chief Executive Officer of BVI Finance. Lorna Smith will retain the post until that time,” government said.

Government has already begun its search for new and permanent directors of the BVI House Asia and the BVI London Office.

Meanwhile, Donovan’s appointment as Interim Director of the BVI London Office follows the departure of Benito Wheatley, who just concluded his tenure in the post.

“It has been a privilege to serve as the BVI’s UK and EU Representative. There has been no greater honour in my life, with the exception of becoming the father of my sons, than to represent our country,” Wheatley said in a farewell address.

Premier Dr D Orlando Smith described Wheatley as ‘a fine public servant’ who will be missed. However, he said Donovan is a welcomed successor.

“Elise will be a strong addition to the team in London while we identify a permanent successor and I look forward to working closely with her on the many priorities the London Office has including support for our economic pillars of financial services and the tourism sector and ensuring that the BVI is well represented to all key stakeholders in the UK as well as the wider European arena,” Dr Smith said.

Government said responsibilities of the Director of BVI London Office include advising the Premier on matters for implementation and making recommendations to ministries, international agencies, the private sector and other agencies as appropriate.

The Director of BVI London Office is also responsible for ‘strengthening BVI’s voice with Her Majesty’s Government and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’; monitoring political, legislative and diplomatic developments in the UK and EU; and providing timely analysis of issues affecting or potentially impacting the BVI.

Deputy Director in London, Dr Sandra Besson, will be in charge of the BVI London Office until Donovan takes up the post next month.

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  1. the rock says:

    come home strategy let’s put a party together. bvi needs a new party.

  2. ok NOW says:

    allen wheatley will be a perfect candidate for one of these positions

    • NPolitico says:

      Undoubtedly, Allen Wheatley, the former Finacial Secretary, is smart and a great talent and would performed effectively in any position in any area in which he has the experience, education and training and expertise. Yes, Allen made a mistake(s) and suffered and is still suffering the consequences.

      Yes, laws, regulations, policies……..etc must be adhered to. Many of us make mistakes and given the opportunity for redemption. The Bible says he without sin cast the first stone. If given the chance for redemption, Allen I’m confident knows that he will be closely monitored and be on a tight leash. All eyes will be on him with strict internal control. As an example, TV judge, Judge Mathis ( invited to the BVI once as a motivational speaker) had some legal issues, paid the price and got redemption. Ok. I’m off the soap box and ready to be put on blast.

    • Really says:

      cat And dog will be running for political office come next year. Even mongoose will throw he hat in the ring. People have this thing for a joke.

  3. Chief says:

    So with all the people in financial services, only the first lady qualified? Give somebody else a chance

  4. Hmmm says:

    The Premiere gets his advice from the First Lady she makes all the decisions

  5. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Let’s give a warm welcome to Ms. Donovan as the interim Director of the London Office. Thanks also to Benito Wheatley for a difficult job extremely well done. However, what is the real tory on Benito. Was he ready to go? Did he jump on his own? Was he pushed overboard? Will we ever know the real tory? By the way, why are there so many actors (interim) in the BVI? Are there no succession planning? Is it the practice to observe someone for years to see if they are the right fit? Actors are limited in making the changes that are needed, for they don’t know if they will be around. They are just place holders.

  6. Caribbean365 says:

    Congratulations young lady. Stay focused on your international strategy- The Most High Willing. It will payoff for our country in the long run.

  7. Guy Hill says:

    Always continue to do your very best Nubian Princess.

  8. LOL says:


  9. Smh says:

    Look at the comments but we pretend to love locals.

  10. CW says:

    I can’t decide which is worse in the BVI
    (b*tchy Virgin islands): the blatent racism towards outsiders or the hating on the locals by other locals. I guess it doesn’t matter- neither of those actions does anything besides hurt the islands you claim to love. Actions speak louder than words BVI. MUCH LOUDER.

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